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Manuscript Inventories - B

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Babb Family Association Collection, 1632 THL
Genealogical materials compiled by Jean A. Sargent on the Babb Family. 

Baetjer, Henry. Records Collection, 403 WFCHS
Account books of Henry Baetjer & Co. of Winchester, Virginia. The books include references to Miller Plantation Company, Baetjer’s Insurance, and other assets and investments.

Bageant, Gertrude Over. Collection, 281 THL
Scrapbooks containing newsclippings from World War II compiled by Gertrude Bageant, a Winchester, VA resident. 

Bageant, Mrs. Harold. Collection, 1430 WFCHS
Scrapbook with laminated newspaper photographs of Winchester, VA history, including a Winchester and Western Railroad coach and engine, Apple Blossom Festival fireman’s parade, and the Sarah Zane Volunteer Fire Company building. 

Bailey Brothers Records Collection, 783 THL
Two account books, an invoice book, and a sales book of Bailey Brothers’ General Merchandise in Winchester, VA, USA. Also included are correspondence and an IRS form belonging to W.A. Bailey. These materials span from 1920 to 1942.

Baker, Gibson. Collection, 283 WFCHS
Correspondence and memorabilia from three generations of the Baker family as well as items of interest about Winchester, VA, including a Russell account book and the minutes of the Grange #145 commencing with the organizational meeting on April 15, 1874 through March 2, 1878.

Baker, Henry. Family Papers, 1458 WFCHS
Genealogies, scrapbooks, and other personal papers of the Henry Baker family of Winchester, VA.

Baker, James. Collection, 888 THL
An account book kept by James Carr Baker (1811-1888) from his law practice in Winchester, VA, plus the memoirs of both James Carr Baker and his wide, Susan E. Baker. 

Baker, Julian W, Papers, 87 WFCHS
Genealogical materials on selected families collection by Julian W. Baker (1889-1949), the Revolutionary War records for Daniel Morgan and other soldiers, was well as some War of 1812 soldiers. 

Baker, Norman. Papers. 1782 THL
Publications and research by Norman Baker, mostly concerning the French and Indian War. 

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company Collection, 1140 WFCHS/THL
A cash book kept by a freight agent in 1866, and a shipping book from 1868. Also included is an exhibit catalog from 1927 entitled, "The Catalogue of the Centenary Exhibition of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad."

Bank of Winchester Records, 1148 THL 
This collection contains account statements, individual notes, receipts, stock statements and general bank records of the Bank of Winchester, a private and unchartered Bank which opened in Winchester in 1815 and closed in 1862. 

Barley, Floyd Allen. Collection, 1684 WFCHS
Bible records of the Barley family, news articles about the family, and information about Stephens City United Methodist Church and Trinity Evangelical Church collected by Floyd Allen Barley (1933-2013). 

Barley, Kent. Collection, 265 WFCHS
A variety of items associated with the Barley family of Stephens City, Va, and allied families, including correspondence, funeral programs, receipts, wedding invitations, and other items associated with the family from 1808 to the present.

Barley, Mary F. Collection, 908 THL
Genealogical materials for the Spears family and allied families including Cooper, Tucker, Pickett, Holman, Welch, Keller, Kerr, and Frye, compiled by Mary Frye Barley (b. 1888). 

Barrett, Arthur. Records, 1397 THL
Account book of Arthur Barrett (1680?-1745), a tailor who moved to Frederick County, Va. in 1739. Contains family information for the Barrett family.

Barrett, David. Records, 1404 THL
An account book of a general mercantile business operating in Winchester, VA business and owned by David Barrett. The book covers January 1839 to October 1843. 

Bartley, Prenith L. (Bob). Collection, 775 THL
Materials detailing to the life and work of Prenith L. (Bob) Bartley (b. 1931), primarily concerning his community service with Optimist International and as a 32nd degree Mason in Winchester, VA. 

Barton, Bolling. Family Collection, 1423 WFCHS
Correspondence between members of the Barton family. The bulk of correspondence is to Bolling W. Barton while he was a student at Virginia Military Institute in 1862 and 1863. Additional items include an abbreviated genealogy, memorial service programs, and Major Randolph Barton’s reminiscences written during the Civil War. Of particular note are two handwritten letters from enslaved persons belonging to the Barton household and a note from Mrs. Robert E. Lee dated December 22, 1869 regretting that her daughters were not able to attend a wedding. 

Barton, Lewis Neil. Collection, 485 WFCHS
Scrapbooks, diaries, genealogical material, news articles, and photos, covering both local (Winchester, VA, USA) and national figures and events collection by Lewis Neil Barton (1894-1982). 

Barton, Robert T. Family Papers, 1268 WFCHS
Notebooks, brochures, and club rosters from educational and fraternal organizations of Winchester, VA, genealogical materials from the Barton family, journals and a ledger kept by Robert T. Barton of Winchester, VA (1842-1917). Barton served in the Civil War, became a leading lawyer in the State of Virginia, was a member of the Virginia House of Delegates (1884-85), mayor of Winchester in 1896, and sat as chair or president on several state and local organizations. 

Barton, Thomas C., Jr. Papers, 309 WFCHS
Materials pertaining to World War I (1914-1918). The first folder contains souvenir postcards, cartoons, and photos. The second folder contains detailed military maps used for operational maneuvers in France. The third folder has the roster of Co. M, 317th Infantry (1919) commanded by Capt. Thomas C. Barton, Jr.

Baughman, David L. Collection, 1635 THL
Materials written and collection by David L. Baughman of Hardy County, WV and Winchester, VA. Baughman was an engineer, receiving several patents during his career. He also wrote a genealogy entitled  “The Baughmans of Baughman Settlement, Hardy County, WV”. 

Bayliss, E. E. Collection, 126 WFCHS
Material on Frederick County schools, Gainesboro Post Office and, Fire Hall information, three five dollar bills from the Bank of the Valley of Virginia, 1847, and miscellaneous Bayliss and Fries family materials collection by E. E. Bayliss Jr. (1924-2009). 

Belchic, Benjamin. Collection, 1 WFCHS
Certificates of appreciation from B’nai B’rith, Junior Chamber of Commerce, and Selective Service Committee presented to Mr. Benjamin Belchic (1908-1977). 

Bell, Louis. Collection, 272 THL
Song books, text books, and religious titles published between 1866 and 1950, genealogical information for Bell family, and a needlepoint.

Bell, Stewart, Jr. Collection, 7 WFCHS
Various memorabilia collected throughout the life of Stewart Bell Jr. (1910-2001), a life-long resident of Winchester, and includes the history of the Bell Family and their neighbors. There is also material about Winchester and Frederick County, as well as the Handley Regional Library and Handley High School.

Belle Grove Collection, 890 THL
Personal and business papers from Belle Grove Plantation in Middletown, VA and the Hite family, including legal, financial and real estate documents, tax records, newspapers, magazine clippings, architectural records, archaeological records, and photographic materials. In addition to documenting the lives of the Hite family, this collection includes information on eighteenth and nineteenth-century agricultural practices, the Civil War, and the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.

Beta Sigma Phi Chapter Laureate Iota Records, 1805 THL
The Beta Sigma Phi Chapter Laureate Iota Records includes excerpts from Beta Sigma Phi sorority scrapbooks, as well as minutes and by-laws from the organization. 

Beth El Congregation Collection, 723 WFCHS
This collection contains a program from the Cornerstone Laying and Dedication Service and Rededication Service with a history of the Beth El Congregation 1954-1974 and a history of the Jewish Community in Winchester, VA.

Bicentennial of the Nation Collection, 731 THL
Correspondence, news articles, and events produced by the Clarke-Frederick-Winchester Bicentennial Commission. Included is a folder of the chronology of events in America in 1776. Materials cover celebrations for the Fourth of July in the years 1976 through 1980. 

Billings Family Papers, 1498 WFCHS
Information about the Billings family, including a Confederate States of America (CSA) pension application for E.S. Billings (1846-1926), Thomas Billings’ family group sheet covering 1481 to 1863, a biographical sketch of Edgar Josiah Hailey, and a few letters and photographs.

Biser Family Collection, 762 THL
Biser family materials including Bible records, deeds, indentures, receipts, a will, and other miscellaneous papers. The Biser family lived in Hampshire County, Virginia, between 1709 and 1883.

Blacksmith Account Book, 475 THL
Account book from an unnamed blacksmith dated 1815 to 1820.

Blum, Mary Bahlman. Collection, 977 THL
This collection contains the memoir Three Generations in Winchester, Virginia by Mary Bahlman Blum (1906-1988). The collection also contains news clippings, and other material relating to the Bahlman family and others mentioned in her reminiscences.

Bond, Walker. Family Papers, 163 WFCHS
Account books, school notes, and photo albums of the Bond Family of Frederick County, Virginia.

Bookplate Collection, 1418 THL
This collection consists of books with interesting and unique bookplates, as well as loose book plates. Bookplates were, and are still, used as a form of identifying the owner of the book.

Boppe, Margaret. Collection, 1487 THL
This collection contains the James Bean Bible records, 1770-1819, a manuscript on the life and family of John Bean, and Henry Secrest’s Revolutionary War service record. It also contains an essay on educational opportunities at Douglas School of Winchester, Virginia written by Sara Boppe, and a Frederick County, Virginia Property Tax list from 1783. 

Bowman Family Collection, 249 THL
Extensive genealogical materials of the Bowman family, covering the mid-eighteenth through the mid-twentieth centuries. The Bowman family settled in the Shenandoah Valley in the 1730s and have been part of the Valley's history ever since.

Bowman, Marie. Collection, 1080 WFCHS
Information about the Civil War in the state of Virginia and the Winchester-Frederick County area. It includes newspapers, pamphlets, United Daughters of the Confederacy information, and letters collected by Marie C. Bowman (1909-1988). 

Boxley, Mary F. Papers, 1727 WFCHS
A collection of miscellaneous news articles and photographs pertaining to the Apple Blossom Festival (1957-1959) and Dr. Garland Quarles compiled by Mary F. Boxley (1905-1999), a teacher in WInchester, VA and the Chairman of Costumes for the Apple Blosson Festival.  The collection also contains a handbook of Winchester Public Schools and a scrapbook of local events and news.

Boyce, Joyce Gibbens. Collection, 1636 THL
A variety of documents including business bill heads from the 1880s, two undated business broadsides, unnumbered receipts for teacher’s salaries for various semesters between January, 1889 and January, 1897, two printed, leaves, receipts to the Mary Taylor Estate for United States Direct Taxes, November 27, 1865, Green Hill, Clarke County, VA, a 56 page printed booklet Jacob Frymire, American Limmer, an exhibition organized by the Corcoran Gallery of Art, 1975, an account book dated March, 1886 – October, 1906, and the settlement of the estate of Samuel Larew, including a will dated, February 9, 1886. 

Boyd R. Richards & Company Records, 406 WFCHS
This collection contains a shipping ledger for Dan Wuille & Company, 1927-1932, by their agents Boyd R. Richards & Company of Winchester, Virginia. The ledger records the shipments of apples mostly by railroad and steamship to Europe.

BPO Elks Records, Lodge No. 867, 973 THL
Materials from the Winchester (VA) Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks-Lodge No. 867 newsletters for years 1948-1962, 1971-1978, and 1981-1983. Scrapbooks for years 1983, 1979, 1978, and 1965 are included with Question Book and Roll of Officers.

Braddock Street United Methodist Church Records, 925 THL
Records of Braddock Street United Methodist Church of WInchester, VA, including church registers (1778-1927); minutes and treasurers records (1879-1934),  items from the Woman’s Missionary Society, Braddock Street United Methodist Church Sewing Society records, quarterly conferences (1883-1989) records, and monographs relating to the history of Methodism and Braddock Street United Methodist Church. 

Bragg, George William. Records, 380 WFCHS
An account book from George William Bragg’s Organ and Piano Shop of Middletown, VA, from 1882 to 1884, as well as legal notes and political campaign notes.

Brindle Family Papers, 651 THL MMF
Correspondence, Civil War items, recipes, Bible verses, and poetry from the Daniel Brindle family of Stephens City, VA covering the years 1856 to 1935.

Broadsides Collection, 1304 THL
This collection is made up of broadsides on a variety of subjects for businesses in the Winchester and Frederick County area. Broadsides have been a popular form of advertising and for the announcement of important events since the sixteenth century in Britain and North America. 

Brooke, Benjamin. Papers, 165 WFCHS
The Journal of Rev. Benjamin Brooke (1837-1863), pastor of the Market Street Methodist Church, and a transcript of a sermon delivered by Rev. Brooke on February 3, 1861 entitled "Olive Branch: or The Conservatism of Christianity". 

Brookland Woolen Mills Records, 1347 THL
This collection contains records for Friendly Grove Woolen Mill, later named Brookland Woolen Mill located just outside of Winchester, VA, USA. Joseph C. Baldwin established Friendly Grove Woolen Factory in 1808. It later changed hands and became known as the Brookland Woolen Mill. Brookland finally closed in 1904.

Brooks, Henry Moss. Collection, 599 THL
Genealogical materials concerning the Moss, Quiett, Tokes, and other families. There is also material on the African-American community in Winchester, Virginia, and the new development, Orrick Commons Shopping Mall.

Brown, Elizabeth T. Collection, 1597 THL
Genealogical information for the Greenwalt/Greenawalt family of Winchester, Virginia, and the Yowell of Clarke County, Virginia.

Brown, John. Collection, 961 THL
The John Brown Collection contains material concerning the life of abolitionist John Brown (1800-1859). Most of the items concern his raid on Harpers Ferry and the subsequent trial. There is also information about his life in Kansas and centennial and sesquicentennial events.

Brown, Oliver M. Records, 381 WFCHS
This collection contains Account books of business conducted by Oliver M. Brown (1815-1885) dated from 1844 to 1849. Also included are miscellaneous notes concerning personal business, bank account notes, purchase notes, an account ledger, and a listing of who owed him money.

Brown, Samuel. Records, 382 WFCHS
This collection contains A memorandum book belonging to Samuel Brown (1783-1852) with entries listing notes owed to him by area residents. It includes a diary section with daily entries about the weather and some mention of local deaths. The collection also contains the marriage certificate of Samuel Brown and Hannah Matthews, December 12, 1805.

Brown, Stuart E., Jr. Collection, 1207 THL
This collection contains Political ephemera, genealogies, and miscellaneous items including a an auction catalog of the Fairfax Library and archival documents from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries collection by Stuart E. Brown Jr., a local lawyer and historian.

Brucetown Factory Records, 1512 WFCHS
This collection contains the records of the Brucetown Factory Woolen Mill including daybooks, ledgers and also property of William Jobe, one of the owners of the factory. The Brucetown Factory Woolen Mill was also known as Jobe Woolen Mill, Pine Grove Woolen Factory, Brucetown Factory Woolen Mill, Holmes Mill, and the Clearbrook Woolen Mill. It was an urban factory in Clear Brook, VA that had been moved from Brucetown, VA as a result of two fires in 1895 and 1896. It had been a rural woolen mill in Brucetown since the 1770s, making it the oldest woolen mill in Frederick County, VA.

Brucetown United Methodist Church Records, 1505 THL
This collection contains Information about the Brucetown United Methodist Church located in Frederick County, VA, including bulletins, registers, Sunday school roll books, histories and membership, covering 1850 to 2008.

Brumback, H. Lee. Collection, 537 THL
Civil War diary of H. Lee Brumback II (1839-1927) Civil War covering the period from April 21, 1863 to June 25, 1863, in daily entries. Brumback mentions participation in the Grand Review by J.E.B. Stuart (1833-1864) on June 5, 1863, as well as in the Battle of Brandy Station (VA), 1863, and the Battle of Upperville (VA) on June 21, 1863 as well as numerous skirmishes. Brumback served in Company C of the 12th Virginia Cavalry, Confederate States of America, as a private.

Burgner, Walter C., Jr. Collection, 606 WFCHS
Genealogical materials and correspondence concerning the Burgner, Cook/Koch, Hodgen/Hodgson, and Snapp families. 

Burton, James Henry. Papers, 1322 WFCHS
Papers and correspondence related to the life and career of  James Henry Burton (1823-1894). Burton trained as a master armorer and worked at in the Rifle Works of the Harper’s Ferry Arsenal and Armory (WV) and  as chief engineer of the Royal Small Arms Factory at Enfield, near London, England, where he introduced the concept of machine-made manufacture of rifles to England and Europe. He returned to Winchester, VA in 1873 and became a farmer and land developer.

Bushong, Millard. Collection, 1603 THL
The Millard Bushong Collection consists of a rough draft of the book Old Jube—A Bibliography of General Jubal A. Early, by Millard Bushong, author of Historic Jefferson County, as well as other history articles and books. Mr. Bushong was a faculty member at University of Richmond, Randolph-Macon College and Shepherd College.

Business and Professional Women’s Club Records, 1638 WFCHS
Yearbooks, calendars, minutes of meetings, annual reports, certificates of awards, news-clippings, programs and other items from the Business and Professional Woman’s Club which was chartered April 21, 1947.

Businesses of the Area Collection, 1598 WFCHS/THL
This collection contains assorted news articles, manuscripts, and ephemera of businesses of the Winchester-Frederick County, VA area listed alphabetically by name of business. Also included is a scrapbook of trade cards pasted on a book from the Health Department of the City of Baltimore and three legible death certificates for Austin Hedgson (1876), Henry Kinzel (1886), and Philipa M. Anderson (1884).

Byrd, Harry Flood, Sr. Collection, 848 WFCHS/THL
This collection is comprised of addresses, booklets, and other papers of Harry Flood Byrd from 1926, 1927, and 1930. These papers and booklets cover topics such as Byrd’s inauguration in 1926, addresses to the General Assembly of Virginia, and suggested changes in state amendments.

Byrd, Richard Evelyn. Collection, 28 WFCHS
This collection contains correspondence, photographs, news clippings, awards, newsletters, speeches and other materials relevant to Admiral Richard E. Byrd (1880-1979) and his expeditions to Antarctica. Also included is an atlas called Polar Regions, which provides an in-depth comparison of the two Polar Regions.