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Manuscript Inventories - B

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Babb Family Association Collection, 1632 THL

Baetjer, Henry. Records Collection, 403 WFCHS

Bageant, Gertrude Over. Collection, 281 THL

Bageant, Mrs. Harold. Collection, 1430 WFCHS

Bailey Brothers Records Collection, 783 THL

Bailey, Tevious Cather. Collection, 1863 THL

Baker, Alfred Jackson Family Papers Collection, 1831 WFCHS

Baker, Gibson. Collection, 283 WFCHS

Baker, Henry. Family Papers, 1458 WFCHS

Baker, James. Collection, 888 THL

Baker, Julian W, Papers, 87 WFCHS

Baker, Norman. Papers. 1782 THL

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company Collection, 1140 WFCHS/THL

Bank of the Valley of Virginia Collection, 700 WFCHS/THL MMF

Bank of Winchester Records, 1148 THL 

Bantz Family Papers, 1835 THL

Barley, Floyd Allen. Collection, 1684 WFCHS

Barley, Kent. Collection, 265 WFCHS

Barley, Mary F. Collection, 908 THL

Barrett, Arthur. Records, 1397 THL

Barrett, David. Records, 1404 THL

Barrett and Jacobs Records, 1825 THL

Barrow, Thomas. Collection, Survey of West Run Plantation, 1831, 585 WFCHS MMF

Bartley, Prenith L. (Bob). Collection, 775 THL

Barton, Bolling. Family Collection, 1423 WFCHS

Barton, Lewis Neil. Collection, 485 WFCHS

Barton, Robert T. Family Papers, 1268 WFCHS

Barton, Thomas C., Jr. Papers, 309 WFCHS

Baughman, David L. Collection, 1635 THL

Bayliss, E. E. Collection, 126 WFCHS

Bayliss, Harrison T. Collection, 307 THL MMF

Belchic, Benjamin. Collection, 1 WFCHS

Bell, Leslie - Scrapbook Collection, 22 WFCHS MMF 

Bell, Louis. Collection, 272 THL

Bell, Stewart, Jr. Collection, 7 WFCHS

Belle Grove Collection, 890 THL

Benevolent Society of Winchester Records, 1317 THL MMF

Bergers, John Blake. Collection, 764 THL 

Bergst, Johann Adolph Papers, Account Book, 507 WFCHS MMF

Beta Sigma Phi Chapter Laureate Iota Records, 1805 THL

Beth El Congregation Collection, 723 WFCHS

Bicentennial of the Nation Collection, 731 THL

Billings Family Papers, 1498 WFCHS

Biser Family Collection, 762 THL

Black History Task Force Collection, 1786 THL

Blacksmith Account Book, 475 THL

Blum, Mary Bahlman. Collection, 977 THL

Bond Family Collection, 1847 THL

Bond, Walker. Family Papers, 163 WFCHS

Bookplate Collection, 1418 THL

Boppe, Margaret. Collection, 1487 THL

Bowman Family Collection, 249 THL

Bowman, Marie. Collection, 1080 WFCHS

Boxley, Mary F. Papers, 1727 WFCHS

Boyce, Joyce Gibbens. Collection, 1636 THL

Boyd, Belle. Collection, 216 THL

Boyd R. Richards & Company Records, 406 WFCHS

BPO Elks Records, Lodge No. 867, 973 THL

Braddock Street United Methodist Church Records, 925 THL

Bragg, George William. Records, 380 WFCHS

Brindle Family Papers, 651 THL MMF

Broadsides Collection, 1304 THL

Brooke, Benjamin. Papers, 165 WFCHS

Brookland Woolen Mills Records, 1347 THL

Brooks, Henry Moss. Collection, 599 THL

Brown, Elizabeth T. Collection, 1597 THL

Brown, John. Collection, 961 THL

Brown, Mary J. Collection, Scrapbook, 846 WFCHS MMF

Brown, Oliver M. Records, 381 WFCHS

Brown, Samuel. Records, 382 WFCHS

Brown, Stuart E., Jr. Collection, 1207 THL

Brown, W. D. - Bills and Receipts, 2001 WFCHS MMF

Brucetown Factory Records, 1512 WFCHS

Brucetown United Methodist Church Records, 1505 THL

Brumback, H. Lee. Collection, 537 THL

Burgner, Walter C., Jr. Collection, 606 WFCHS

Burton, James Henry. Papers, 1322 WFCHS

Bushong, Millard. Collection, 1603 THL

Business and Professional Women’s Club Records, 1638 WFCHS

Businesses of the Area Collection, 1598 WFCHS/THL

Byrd, Harry Flood, Sr. Collection, 848 WFCHS/THL

Byrd, Richard Evelyn. Collection, 28 WFCHS