Library Board Members

The Library Board is composed of representatives appointed by the jurisdictions of Clarke County, Frederick County, and Winchester.

Handley Regional Library Board, 2021

Carole Fox 
Chairman, 2nd term expires November 2021, Frederick County

Carl Rush 
Treasurer, 2nd term expires November 2024, Frederick County

Lew Costello 
Vice-Chair, 1st term expires November 2022, Frederick County

Mary Margaret Wise
Secretary, Term expires May 2025, Winchester

Mark Gaylor
Interim, Term expires November 2023, Frederick County

Rives Bacon
Interim, Term Expires November 2021, Clarke

Mary Virginia Thure
1st term expires March 2025, Winchester

Keith Buzby
1st term expires March 2025, Winchester

Elise Stine-Dolinar
1st term expires April 2025, Winchester

Dave Stegmaier
Frederick County Supervisors Liaison

Meetings are held at 4:30 on the third Tuesday of each month (except July, August and December). Meeting locations typically alternate among the libraries, however due to COVID-19, Board Meetings are virtual through Zoom. 

Locations of Meetings, 2021

  • January: Meeting on Zoom
  • February: Meeting on Zoom
  • March: Meeting on Zoom
  • April: Meeting on Zoom
  • May: Handley Library Board Room
  • June: Handley Library Board Room
  • July: No meeting scheduled
  • August: No meeting scheduled
  • September: Handley Library Board Room
  • October: Handley Library Board Room
  • November: Handley Library Board Room
  • December: No meeting scheduled