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Sacred Heart Catholic Church Collection, 1468 WFCHS

Sarah Zane Volunteer Fire Company Collection, 440 WFCHS

Sargent, Virginia B. Collection, 921 WFCHS

Savage Family Collection, 325 THL

Scrapbook Collection, 844 WFCHS

See, Hazel T. Collection, 364 THL

Seevers, George W. Account Book, 394 WFCHS

Seldon, Wendell L. Papers, 1775 THL

Sencindiver, Lucille. Collection, 1451 WFCHS

Shawnee Realty Company, 769 WFCHS MMF

Shawneeland Sanitary District Records, 1644 THL

Sheet Music Collection, 1600 WFCHS/THL

Shenandoah Area Council Boy Scouts of America Collection, 372 WFCHS/THL

Shenandoah County Butcher Records, 383 WFCHS

Shenandoah Normal College Collection (PDF), 604 WFCHS THL

Shenandoah Valley Academy Records, 121 WFCHS/THL

Shenandoah Valley Agricultural Society Collection, 752 WFCHS/THL

Shenandoah Valley Civil War Museum Collection, 1601 THL

Shenandoah Valley Genealogical Society Collection, 1550 THL

Shenandoah Valley Military Records, 575 WFCHS/THL

Shenandoah Valley National Bank Collection, 772 WFCHS-THL MMF

Shenandoah Valley Regional Studies Seminar Collection, 1238 THL

Shenandoah Valley Tapestry Records, 1749 WFCHS

Shenandoah Valley Writers Guild Collection, 1516 THL

Shiloh Baptist Church Records, 553 THL

Shultz, Michael R. Collection, 1122 WFCHS

Shumate, Tilman. Account Book, 395 WFCHS

Sibert and Denny Jewelers Records, 685 THL

Sibert, J. William. Collection, 200 THL

Singleton, Washington G. Papers, 171 WFCHS

Sirbaugh, Loretta K. Collection, 1384 WFCHS

Skellenger, Phineas. Collection, 1500 WFCHS

Sloat, Maggie Chrisman. Papers, 1475 WFCHS

Smith, Ernie and Helen. Collection, 496 WFCHS

Smith, George M. Collection, 991 THL

Smith, John and Anna. Family Papers, 1833 THL

Smith, Margarette. Collection, 1511 THL

Smith, Sara Y. Collection, 1765 THL

Smith, Vernie Lee - Autograph Album Collection, 501 WFCHS MMF

Snapp, Bobby Lee. Collection, 136 THL MMF

Snapp, Milton. Collection, 1568 THL

Solenberger Family Papers, 1780 THL

Sommers, Brother James. Collection, 360 THL

Sonday-Swinger, Pamela. Collection, 423 THL

Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1567, Turner Ashby Records, 1666 THL

Sound Archives Collection, 1656 WFCHS/THL

South End Fire Company Records, 1284 WFCHS/THL

Spanish-American War Collection, 1698 WFCHS

Sperry, A.P. Collection, 1409 WFCHS

Sperry, Edward. Account Books, 633 THL

Sperry, Jacob. Family Papers, 817 THL

Sperry, Kate. Papers, 1578 WFCHS/THL

Spout Spring Records Collection, 1655 WFCHS

Spring Mills Records, 400 WFCHS

Spurr, Madison Correspondence Collection, 1311 THL MMF

St. John’s Lutheran Church Records, 1617 THL

St. Paul African Methodist-Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church Records, 552 THL

St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Strasburg, VA Records, 587 THL

St. Paul's on-the-Hill Episcopal Church Collection, 1826 THL

St. Stephens Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) Church Records, 549 THL

St. Thomas Episcopal Church Collection, 721 THL

Steele Brothers Records, 1571 THL

Stephens City High School Collection, 338 WFCHS

Stephens City United Methodist Church Collection, 1709 WFCHS

Stephens City, Virginia Records, 560 WFCHS/THL

Stickley, Benjamin. Papers, 305 WFCHS

Stimmel, Sylva Ann Lemley. Collection, 1708 WFCHS

Stone House Foundation Collection, 1704 THL

Stonewall Cemetery Records, 500 WFCHS

Stonewall School Collection, 1530 WFCHS

Stout, Kay Barnhouse. Collection, 1774 THL

Streit, Christian. Diary, 836 WFCHS

Strosnider, Donald R. Collection, 1712 WFCHS

Strother, David Hunter. Collection, 300 WFCHS/THL

Stuart, Betty Meade. Collection, 1665 THL

Sullivan, Algernon Sidney. Collection, 231 THL

Sutton, Linda Morrison. Collection, 1607 WFCHS

Swanson, Mary Elizabeth Trenary. Collection, 456 THL

Swayne, John. Collection, 1073 THL