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Sacred Heart Catholic Church Collection, 1468 WFCHS
This collection is comprised of materials found in the cornerstone of Sacred Heart church in Winchester, VA, when the stone was recovered as the congregation moved to a new location. Among these materials are early newspapers (1870), photographs, early coin and paper money (1776-1866), broadside for Old valley Marble Yard (1867) and other materials pertaining to the cornerstone laying (1870). Also included is a Sacred Heart Academy Dedication Booklet, Sept. 22, 1957. There is a list of the burials at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Cemetery, compiled Oct. 2011.

Sarah Zane Volunteer Fire Company Collection, 440 WFCHS
This collection contains two brief histories of the Sarah Zane Fire Company, news clippings, and several items relating to the fire company such as ribbons and medallions. The Sarah Zane Fire Company, the oldest fire company in the history of Winchester, was founded in 1840 and named for it first benefactor Sarah Zane. 

Sargent, Virginia B. Collection, 921 WFCHS
This collection is comprised of materials pertaining to the Braddock Street United Methodist Church and the Junior Century Club in Winchester, VA, USA. The materials consist of a church bulletin and directories; yearbooks for the J.C.C., 1946-1980; membership lists, 1932-1983; news clippings; photograph album; and other miscellaneous materials.

Savage Family Collection, 325 THL
The Savage Family Collection contains an album from Shenandoah Valley Academy, 1880-1882, Lycurgus Ezekial’s prison release conditions, oath of allegiance to the Confederacy, and information regarding the L. E. Savage Sons Distillery, which was located in Kernstown, VA. Also included are materials regarding Natalie Savage Carlson, noted author of books for children. 

Scrapbook Collection, 844 WFCHS
This collection is comprised of several scrapbooks, which contain local history articles, poems, news clippings, and other miscellaneous items concerning the Winchester, VA (USA) area and people and national issues. 

See, Hazel T. Collection, 364 THL
The Hazel T. See Collection is comprised of genealogical material, Shenandoah Valley history articles, and correspondence. This material refers to the Crim, Sevier, Tidler, Coontz, Wendle, Windle, Wickes, and Young families covering 1907 to 1989. Hazel T. See compiled the collection. 

Seevers, George W. Account Book, 394 WFCHS
This collection contains the account book of George W. Seevers, (1796-1869), who took over the Taylor Hotel when Bushrod Taylor died. Seevers was also the mayor of Winchester from 1843 to 1847 and an officer at Farmer's Bank of Virginia in Winchester. Recorded are miscellaneous accounts of dry goods, mail, and boarding fees and a list of servants.

Seldon, Wendell L. Papers, 1775 THL
The Wendell L. Seldon Papers comprises the records, correspondence, and memorabilia of Wendell L. Seldon. Seldon was the Winchester City Manager from 1967 to 1987. Later, H Governor Gerald Baliles appointed him to the position of Director of General Services for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Sencindiver, Lucille. Collection, 1451 WFCHS
This collection is comprised of a scrapbook (1930-1980) containing photographs, news clippings related to family events, births, marriages, and deaths of the Sencindiver and other related families in Winchester, VA area.

Shawneeland Sanitary District Records, 1644 THL
The collection contains correspondence and other files of the Shawneeland Sanitary District including newspaper clippings, miscellaneous advertisements and announcements, deeds of sales, and records dating from 1955- present. Shawneeland, which was founded by Don Lamborne (1917-2002) in 1955 as a resort, was originally a 7,000 acres land development at the foot of Great North Mountain in western Frederick County that included 3,000 lots. 

Sheet Music Collection, 1600 WFCHS/THL
The collection contains sheet music written by Mary Earl, Grant Clark, Howard E. Rogers, Charles K. Harris and Winchester, VA residents Agnes Bell and Mary Hack. “Down in the Vale of Shenandoah”, written by Charles K. Harris, was published in 1904. “Mid the Green Fields of Virginia”, written by Charles K. Harris, reached number 2 on the 1899 Billboard chart. “Apple of the Valley”, written by Agnes Bell and Mary Hack, was published in 1911 in Winchester, VA. The collection also contains a copy of “Dixie’s Land” by Daniel D. Emmett (1859). Also found is “From Valley Forge to France,” by Mary Earl and “If He Can Fight Like He Can Love—Good Night Germany!” by Grant Clark and Howard E. Rogers.  

Shenandoah Area Council Boy Scouts of America Collection, 372 WFCHS/THL
This collection contains books, magazines, pamphlets, correspondence, reports, speeches, and other miscellaneous materials concerning the Shenandoah Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America (1918-1979), Winchester, VA.

Shenandoah County Butcher Records, 383 WFCHS
The Shenandoah County Butcher Records collection contains one account book belonging to an unidentified butcher working in Woodstock and Edinburg, Shenandoah County, VA.

Shenandoah Valley Academy Records, 121 WFCHS/THL
The Shenandoah Valley Academy Collection contains catalogs, yearbooks, printed materials, and photographs of cadets, activities, and the physical plant. The Shenandoah Valley Academy was a preparatory school for young men from 1865 to 1939. 

Shenandoah Valley Agricultural Society Collection, 752 WFCHS/THL
This collection includes a list of 1885 shareholders, and treasurers’ accounts, which contain lists of members. Fair records and premium lists for several years between 1856 and 1931 are included together with a survey of land bought from Glaize.  The Valley Agricultural Society held a fair as early as 1856 in Winchester, VA. 

Shenandoah Valley Genealogical Society Collection, 1550 THL
This collection contains the minutes, newsletters, board meeting agendas, bylaws, and publicity material pertaining to the Shenandoah Valley Genealogical Society headquartered in Winchester, VA.

Shenandoah Valley Military Records, 575 WFCHS/THL
This collection contains lists and general information of military units of the Shenandoah Valley during the French and Indian War, the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and beyond. Also included is information on the Continental Morgan Guards including when they served at Charlestown during the Brown Raid and trial in 1859. 

Shenandoah Valley Regional Studies Seminar Collection, 1238 THL
This collection is comprised of scholarly papers written on various subjects concerning the Shenandoah Valley, VA. Shenandoah Valley Studies Seminar was a consortium of colleges and universities in the Shenandoah Valley. 

Shenandoah Valley Tapestry Records, 1749 WFCHS
This collection contains a collective history of the Shenandoah Valley Tapestry, which depicts Winchester during the Civil War, from the early inspiration for the project through the planning process. Also included is information on historic buildings located in the Winchester/Frederick County area along with the minutes of the meetings, news articles about the project and the ceremony for its dedication, and programs created. 

Shenandoah Valley Writers Guild Collection, 1516 THL
This collection contains ephemera and a directory of the Shenandoah Valley Writers Guild of the Shenandoah Valley, VA, from 1987 to 1988. It also contains the Shenandoah Valley Writers Guild Showcase for 1981 to 1997, excluding 1984, 1986, and 1991. The guild was organized in 1977 to provide professional stimulus, community recognition, and social contact for anyone interested in writing.  

Shiloh Baptist Church Records, 553 THL
This collection contains six deeds from 1889, 1911, and 1916 for the Primitive Baptist Denomination and Shiloh Baptist Church, established by the African-American community in Winchester, VA. The first edifice of Shiloh Baptist Church, then known as the Old Church, was built in 1888 on land purchased from Mrs. Marie Edmund. This lot was later purchased and the church was replaced by an ice plant. The current church structure, built in 1911, is located in the 500 block of N. Kent Street. 

Shultz, Michael R. Collection, 1122 WFCHS
This collection contains correspondence written to or by Mildred Pangle and Clarence Glaize during the 1930s and miscellaneous items that belonged to Glaize.

Shumate, Tilman. Account Book, 395 WFCHS
This collection contains the account book of Tilman Shumate who was a dispenser of general merchandise in Frederick County, VA. Included is the settlement of his estate, June 1847. 

Sibert and Denny Jewelers Records, 685 THL
This collection is comprised of a ledger book, 1901-1915, recording the accounts of Winchester, VA residents with Sibert and Denny Jewelers. Sibert and Denny Jewelers was located at 145 N. Loudoun Street, Winchester, VA. According to Winchester, VA, City Directories, they were in business from approximately 1898/99 until 1917. 

Sibert, J. William. Collection, 200 THL
The J. William Sibert collection contains a scrapbook of photographs taken in Winchester, VA during the Victory Parade after World War I. Collection also contains one short news article about local veterans (nurses, soldiers, etc.) of WWI who received medals. 

Singleton, Washington G. Papers, 171 WFCHS
This collection contains business correspondence and financial records for W.G. Singleton (1798-1866), Attorney of the U.S. for the Western District of Virginia for President Andrew Jackson.Correspondence is addressed to Singleton from other people including family members. However, the bulk regards matters before him in his official capacities as U.S. Attorney and Clerk of the Superior Court. The papers cover 1829-1866.

Sirbaugh, Loretta K. Collection, 1384 WFCHS
This collection contains memorabilia from Loretta Sirbaugh’s life including a pictorial directory, 1981, and a list of people who have been members of Braddock Street United Methodist Church; an official program from Dwight D. Eisenhower’s presidential inauguration, 1953; marriage certificate of Uriah Fletcher and Sarah E. White, 1850; articles and programs from Handley High School, 1930 and 1957; and correspondence and other articles of Verlus (Rod) Sirbaugh.

Skellenger, Phineas. Collection, 1500 WFCHS
This collection contains letters home written by Pvt. Phineas H. Skellenger during the American Civil War, letters from Skellenger’s unit (15th N.M. Vol. Inf.) to newspapers, and published letters written by members of this unit.

Sloat, Maggie Chrisman. Papers, 1475 WFCHS
This collection is comprised mainly of correspondence from John I. Sloat to Maggie Olivia Crisman, both of Winchester, VA, from 1895-1903. Sloat established The Winchester Evening Star in 1896. Several years later, he sold it to Richard E. Byrd and Scott Hansbrough. Sloat was a founder of the Commercial and Savings Bank in 1916.

Smith, Ernie and Helen. Collection, 496 WFCHS
The collection contains correspondence, a 1943 edition of "The Virginia All-Wool", and other programs, and other memorabilia collected by Ernie and Helen Smith.

Smith, George M. Collection, 991 THL
This collection contains materials from various churches in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and West Virginia, USA, articles on Shenandoah Valley history, survey books, diaries, correspondence, and other materials concerning early German and Lutheran settlers in the Valley.

Smith, Margarette. Collection, 1511 THL
This collection contains a paperbound book titled John C. Armitage, a paper beauty book highlighting Black and White Company’s products—souvenirs from Little Mountain School, 1910-1911; "The Book of Presidents" from Washington to Hoover; "Narratives of Pious Children" with Redbud Sunday School inscribed in front cover; and a souvenir folder of Black and White photos of Winchester, VA, ca. 1920.

Smith, Sara Y. Collection, 1765 THL
This collection contains scrapbooks collected and maintained throughout the 1930s-1950s. Pieces within the scrapbook include local Winchester/Frederick County news clippings and engagement announcements. Also included is a certificate from the United Daughters of the Confederacy to Bertha Jane Johnson Boyce confirming membership in 1938.

Snapp, Milton. Collection, 1568 THL
This collection contains extensive genealogical notes, correspondence, and photographs regarding the Snapp family collected by Milton Snapp of Rockville, MD. The photographs are filed within the photograph files. Also included are Snapp military records from the French and Indian War through the Civil War. 

Solenberger Family Papers, 1780 THL
The Solenberger Family Papers contains materials concerning the Solenberger family covering a period between 1850 and 1939.

Sommers, Brother James. Collection, 360 THL
The Brother James Sommers Collection contains addresses presented and articles written by Brother James on historic men and events of the Civil War with a particular emphasis on Battle of Cool Springs (July 17-18, 1864). Brother James Sommers (1922-2011) lived at the Holy Cross Abbey near Berryville, VA which is the site of the Battle of Cool Springs. 

Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1567, Turner Ashby Records, 1666 THL
The collection contains newspaper clipping, and newsletters of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1567. The current Turner Ashby SCV camp is the re-chartered United Confederate Veteran camp that existed in Winchester, VA from 1891 to 1943. The current camp was founded in 1991.

Sound Archives Collection, 1656 WFCHS/THL
This collection includes a variety of long-playing albums and CDs of music and musicians associated with the Shenandoah Valley during the late twentieth century and early twnty-first century. Artists includes Patsy Cline, Ryan Buck, Blossom Dearie, John McCutcheon, Madeline McNeil, Mike Eddington, Matt Hahn, Seth Austen, and Bobby "B" Blue.

South End Fire Company Records, 1284 WFCHS/THL
This collection includes news clipping, photographs, programs, and records regarding the history, buildings, and business of the South End Fire Company. Also included are reports of fires covered, equipment, membership, and two photogravures, which were used from printing photographs. The South End Fire Company was called the South End Hose Company. The first building, completed and occupied on Sept 27, 1897, was enlarged in 1907. 

Spanish-American War Collection, 1698 WFCHS
This collection contains the charter of the Colonel James C. Baker Camp, United Spanish War Veterans as well as autographs cards famous veterans, and news articles on local veterans. The United Spanish War Veterans was organized in 1904 from three smaller veterans groups. The organization consisted of veterans from Spanish-American War (1898-9), Philippine-American War (1899-1902), and the Chinese Relief Expedition (1900-1). It existed until 1992 when the last veteran, Nathan C. Cook passed away. 

Sperry, A.P. Collection, 1409 WFCHS
This collection contains a commissary ledger from the American Civil War, 1861-1865. Entries date from Sept. 25, 1862 to Oct. 31 1862 with one entry for Oct. 31, 1863 and detail supplies to troops stationed at Winchester, VA, disbursements. It also includes information on Union prisoners; hospitals; wagon trains; prisoners in jail. Entries also include forage and supplies brought from local sources. Also contained in the collection are clippings of published poetry of Alexander Sperry in the back of the ledger date from 1853 to1871 and are interspersed with announcements of his wedding to Annie M. Green of New York City before the Civil War; and poetry readings after the Civil War in Glaizeview, VA; Baltimore, MD Raleigh and Greensborough, NC.

Sperry, Edward. Account Books, 633 THL
This collection is comprised of 4 account books from 1838 to 1913 (not consecutive) and a ledger book from 1850 to 1856, all kept by Edward Sperry. These books include names of patrons and their accounts with Edward Sperry’s Middletown, VA business. 

Sperry, Jacob. Family Papers, 817 THL
This collection consists of Jacob Sperry’s will dated 1807, Catherine Elizabeth Sperry’s will dated 1847, indentures between John Lantz and Jacob Sperry dated 1779, and the family record in German of Jacob and Elizabeth Sperry, 1790-1805. Jacob Sperry (d. 1808) was a resident of Winchester, VA, USA. 

Sperry, Kate. Papers, 1578 WFCHS/THL
This collection contains the diary of Kate Sperry (1843-1886), a teenaged girl who lived in downtown Winchester, VA during the Civil War. The diary begins on July 13, 1861 and ends on December 14, 1864. In addition to the Sperry diary, the collection also contains research material, friendship book, genealogical data, correspondence, and other miscellaneous items concerning Sperry and her husband Dr. Enoch Hunt. 

Spout Spring Records Collection, 1655 WFCHS
The collection contains the account book of the business transactions of Daniel T. Wood, the owner of the Spout Spring Mill, between April, 1889-February, 1915.  Daniel T. Wood inherited the Spout Spring property, including the mill, from his father Isaac Wood upon his death in 1855. Wood lived at the estate, which he renamed Millbank, until his death in 1915. 

Spring Mills Records, 400 WFCHS
This collection contains an account book, correspondence, and ledgers, relating to Spring Mills business in Winchester, VA. This mill was located near the confluence of Town Run and Abram’s Delight and was erected by the Hollingsworth family shortly after the Revolution. 

St. John’s Lutheran Church Records, 1617 THL
This collection includes histories, clippings, ledgers, rolls, and photo prints documenting the history of St. John's Lutheran Church and its early connection to the Gravel Springs pastorate.The congregation was established in 1796, though some evidence indicates that a Lutheran congregation met on the present church site long before that date. 

St. Paul African Methodist-Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church Records, 552 THL
This collection contains a claim, deeds, newsletters, bulletins, notes and photographs pertaining to the St. Paul’s African Methodist Episcopal Church of Winchester, VA. St. Paul was organized in 1867 and celebrated its150th Anniversary in February, 2017.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Strasburg, VA Records, 587 THL
The St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Strasburg, VA Records consists of the land grant given to the Church by Lord Thomas Fairfax in 1771. The grant was signed by the elders of St. Paul’s Church on December 23, 1771. In March of 2011 the land grant underwent restoration and preservation measures and was subsequently framed. A treatment report with photographs is included with the document.

St. Stephens Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) Church Records, 549 THL
This collection consists of a deed for land purchased by the St. Stephens Colored Methodist Church on the east side of Chase Alley, Winchester, VA, Sept. 20, 1928. The current name of the church is St. Stephens CME Church.

St. Thomas Episcopal Church Collection, 721 THL
This collection is comprised of a history of St. Thomas Episcopal Church of Middletown, VA, articles of incorporation (1967), Parish Register from 1880 to 1932, and a vestry book from 1838. 

Steele Brothers Records, 1571 THL
This collection contains two ledgers of a business, probably that of a general store, known as "Steele Bros." The ledgers show debits and credits for various persons and entities for the period of March 1873 to Feb. 1878. Many individual accounts show balances carried forward from (or to) previous (subsequent) volumes. 

Stephens City High School Collection, 338 WFCHS
This collection includes a variety of materials concerning Stephens City High School and its students and alumni.  Obituaries of the former students and faculty are available, filed by class year rather than date of death. 

Stephens City United Methodist Church Collection, 1709 WFCHS
This collection contains church directories, news articles, and histories of the Stephens City United Methodist Church, Stephens City, Virginia. It also contains a directory and short history of the Orrick Chapel.  In 1775, two traveling ministers preached the first Methodist sermon in the history of the Shenandoah Valley in Stephens City. Shortly afterwards, a Methodist "society" was established in the Valley town, and by 1778 had blossomed into what is today the Stephens City United Methodist Church. The church also founded and operated an African-American Methodist Church named for famed Methodist minister Robert Orrick.

Stephens City, Virginia Records, 560 WFCHS/THL
This collection contains copies of deeds, wills, land grants, surveys, etc., relating to the history of Stephens City. Also included are more recent city records. Peter Stephens built the first home in Stephens City in 1732. In 1758, his son Lewis applied to the Virginia General Assembly to establish the town as Stephensburg. which later became Newtown, then Stephens City.

Stickley, Benjamin. Papers, 305 WFCHS
This collection contains records of the 136th Virginia Militia, 1828-1847 as well as personal correspondence. The collection also contains information about both of the Strasburg and Woodstock fire companies.

Stimmel, Sylva Ann Lemley. Collection, 1708 WFCHS
This collection is comprised of genealogical materials on the Headley, Grigsby, Broy, Lemley, Stimmel, Sandy, Bruden, Helsley, Wright and Hepner Families. It also contains obituaries, marriage announcements and newsletters, dating from the 1720s to the 1990s.

Stone House Foundation Collection, 1704 THL
This collection contains the newsletters (2003-present), brochures, and correspondence from the Stone House Foundation, which oversees a historic building in Stephens City, VA. It also contains news clippings, an essay published by the foundation which accompanied their display on religious books from Newtown, VA, and articles about the wagon making industry. 

Stonewall Cemetery Records, 500 WFCHS
This collection contains histories, solicitations, news articles, and papers relating to the Stonewall Cemetery. The Ladies Memorial Association established Stonewall Cemetery for Confederate soldiers in 1866. 

Stonewall School Collection, 1530 WFCHS
This collection contains material collected and published by the Stonewall School Reunion Committee. Copies of Stonewall News for the years 1942-1946 are included with 1990 Stonewall Alumni comments. The collection also includes five scrapbooks that contain photographs, newspaper clippings, and notes relating to Stonewall School.

Stout, Kay Barnhouse. Collection, 1774 THL
This collection contains a series of ten discs containing Kay Barnhouse Stout’s genealogical research into the following families: Abel, Anderson, Archer, Barnhouse, Boyd, Bartlett, Cain, Clowser, Coyle, Davidson, Davis, Dunaway, Dennis, Dye, Fogle, Fox, Groves, Harkens, Hesson, Hull, Hupp, Jay, Keith, Kendall, King, Long, Feiock, McCune, Marquis, Miller, Ray, Pearson, Racey, Radcliff, Rogers, Rollers, Secrist, Smith, Stevens, Stout, Tuttle, Wells, Willey. 

Streit, Christian. Diary, 836 WFCHS
This collection includes several transcripts and typescripts of the diary of Rev. Christian Streit, who was an Lutheran minister in Winchester, VA, USA during the late eighteenth century. The diary, translated from German into English, covers the years from 1785 to 1788. Some transcripts include an index. The collection also contains a biographical sketch of Rev. Christian Streit, a report of marriages performed from Oct. 5, 1725 to Sept. 24, 1786, and letters written in 1831 by Susan Streit, his third wife.

Strosnider, Donald R. Collection, 1712 WFCHS
The Donald R. Strosnider Collection contains ten small, framed silhouettes of the Conrad family of Winchester, VA.  Three are of Robert Y. Conrad and two are of Helen Conrad. There are individual silhouettes of Dr. Daniel Conrad, Rebecca Holmes Conrad, Mary Montgomery Wylie Mason, Bobbie Conrad, and David Holmes Conrad.

Strother, David Hunter. Collection, 300 WFCHS/THL
The collection contains David Hunter Strother’s "Personal Recollections of the War by a Virginian," published in Harper’s Weekly on Sept. 1866, Oct. 1866, and April 1868. A copy of an address given by Gen. Strother on July 4, 1876, is also included. A letter written by Mrs. Edmund Lee in 1864 berating him for burning her house is also included. Articles and information of an exhibit about D.H. Strother’s artistic career are included. David Hunter Strother (1816-1888)was born in Martinsburg, WV. He studied art in Europe and New York and in 1853 began to contribute to Harper’s Magazine under the signature "Porte Crayon." He served during the Civil War. 

Stuart, Betty Meade. Collection, 1665 THL
The collection contains four scrapbooks with feature news clippings from the 1930s, 1940s, 1980s, and the1990s as well as news articles concerning the local events in of Clarke County, White Post, and Boyce during the 1990s from various newspapers. 

Sullivan, Algernon Sidney. Collection, 231 THL
The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Collection contains Bible records, genealogical notes, memo books, scrapbooks, correspondence, and other papers primarily pertaining to the Sullivan, Hammond, Burnett, and Hutchinson families.

Sutton, Linda Morrison. Collection, 1607 WFCHS
This collection contains genealogy material pertaining to the Clatterbuck, Cullers, and Cole families. Additional material traces the descendants of Jean Delon, Joseph Noel and Nicholas Strausbach. Information tracing the ownership of Spring Hill Farm in Frederick County, VA is also included.

Swanson, Mary Elizabeth Trenary. Collection, 456 THL
This collection includes certificates, correspondence to and from Kathleen McCartney, identification cards, and a funeral book and program for the aforementioned Miss McCartney. There are also certificates and identification cards for Jack Swanson and Jack G. Swanson Barbershop.

Swayne, John. Collection, 1073 THL
This collection is comprised of a ledger, Nov. 1815-April 1817, belonging to John Swayne who sold general merchandise in Alexandria, VA.