Handley Regional Library System's Adult Services staff provides support, guidance, and direction to help connect Library users with Library resources. From assisting patrons using our Digital Library to suggesting reading titles for fun or research, we strive to make the library experience beneficial and enjoyable. If you have questions, you can Email a Librarian.


Library Card Sign-Up Month

We are Celebrating Library Card Sign-Up Month!

This September, Handley Regional Library System, the American Library Association, and libraries around the nation will be celebrating Library Card Sign-up Month. Since 1987, Library Card Sign-Up Month has been held each September to mark the beginning of the school year and to encourage every child to sign up for a library card.

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Try a Paperback Classic!

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If you are looking for something to read for the Adult Summer Reading Program, why not try a paperback classic? What makes a work of literature a classic? We may think of a classic book as one written by an author who has died, but there are contemporary classics by living authors, too. Classics are books that are well-written and hold up over time. They could be a first in a genre or have cultural importance.

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Handley Regional Library System Launches Mobile App

Now Handley Regional Library patrons can hold the library in the palm of their hands! With a new mobile app, called MyLIBRO, Handley Regional Library System patrons have access to a variety of library resources through their mobile phones and tablets. The MyLIBRO app is already available through the App Store.

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