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Handley Regional Library purchases titles of interest to its patrons. To manage library resources effectively, suggestions are limited to Handley Regional Library cardholders. Please note: for specialized, technical, or out-of-print materials, you may wish to consider using Interlibrary Loan, a cooperative borrowing agreement among libraries. To suggest a title for purchase, please complete and submit the form below.

How to Make Great Suggestions


Please complete the request form including the author, title, your name and library card number. Provide enough information about the item so that the library can judge whether the request meets with the library’s materials selection policy.

For Early Birds Only

Suggestions for new items should not be submitted more than three months before publication. The library does not retain requests submitted more than 3 months in advance of publication. 


Titles in Series

Check if the library has any other titles in the series before suggesting a series title. The library will not buy a single series title, unless it decides to add all the earlier titles in the series, too. Oftentimes, though, many early titles in a series will be out of print and we will not purchase an incomplete series. Sometimes gaps may occur in a series the library already owns. This could be because a book is lost, long-overdue, or out of print.


How Old?

Consider the copyright date of the title you are requesting. The library’s limited resources, plus the number of new titles published every day, mean older titles are purchased very selectively. Suggested titles published more than 2 years ago will probably not be considered for purchase. Requests for out of print titles are not pursued.


Can Everyone Use It?

Ask yourself if everyone will be able to use the item you are requesting. Library materials are meant to serve the entire community for a long time. Items that are very expensive and/or have a very narrow focus will probably not be considered for purchase due to limited resources. Materials such as workbooks, that are meant to be written in, books with spiral or other bindings that are not sturdy, or specialized curriculum resources that are meant to be used over a whole semester, are not suitable for general public library use.


For more information, visit our Web site for details on the library's Collection Development Policy.

Suggest a Title

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