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Nassour, Ellis. Collection, 1357 THL
This collection contains material acquired by Ellis Nassour in writing Honky Tonk Angel, an Intimate Biography of Patsy Cline. Included are transcripts of oral history interviews and five items of correspondence from Patsy Cline.

National Active and Retired Federal Employees (NARFE), Chapter 180 Records, 422 THL
This collection contains the constitution, by-laws, history, membership directory (1991), news clippings, scrapbook (1986-87) and charter (1967) for the local NARFE chapter. Programs and videotape from the Virginia Federation, 43rd Annual Convention in 1997 and the Virginia Federation Memorial Service are included. 

National Cemetery Collection, 1502 THL
This collection contains the deed for Winchester, VA’s National Cemetery along with a brochure, news clippings, and other materials relating to the cemetery. The National Cemetery, located in Winchester, VA, was dedicated in 1866. 

National Fruit Product Company Collection, 44 WFCHS
This collection contains articles, newsletters, advertisements, and a brief history of the National Fruit Product Company. Founded in 1908 in Alexandria, VA, National Fruit Product Company moved to Winchester, VA in 1915 to be closer to an apple producing area. 

National Railway Historical Society, Winchester Chapter Collection, 1096 THL
The National Railway Historical Society (NRHS) Collection contains back issues of their newsletter “High Iron” dating from 1984 to 1996. The National Railway Historical Society was formed by a group of railroad enthusiasts on August 18, 1935. 

Neville, Gabriel; Beam & Neville Records, 402 WFCHS
This collection incorporates account books of three origins - Gabriel Neville (1807[?]-1864), Beam & Neville (1865-1866); and P. G. Neville (1866-1900), all blacksmiths of Warren County (Ninevah), Virginia.

Neville, Irvin. Collection, 974 WFCHS
This collection contains materials from the years Irvin Neville (1895 - 1975) served in World War I in the 80th Division including photographs, papers, and various other items.

New School Colored Baptist Records, 550 THL
This collection contains the deed to the New School Colored Baptist Church, dated June 20, 1890.

Noonen Livery Records, 1253 WFCHS
This collection is comprised of military records from the National Archives for Lieutenant Colonel George E. Biles, receipts and disbursements of Noonen Livery (1866-1868); and pages copied from published books pertaining to the units mentioned in the Noonen Livery receipt book. Also in the collection are a series of orders issued by General Cuvier Grover (d. 1885) on the use of African American troops within his command (known as contraband), and the restrictions placed on African-American troops within his command during the Siege of Port Hudson, LA. 

North End Citizens Association, 1645 THL
This collection contains minutes, news clippings, and correspondence from the North End Citizens Association, an organization founded to advance the restoration and development of the North End section of Winchester, VA. The North End Citizens Association was founded in late 1990’ to aid in the restoration of the North End of Winchester, VA. 

Noyalas, Jonathan A. Collection, 706 THL
Biographical materials concerning Jonathan Noyalas, as well as a number of his articles about events and people in the Civil War.  The collection also includes his master’s thesis, about Gen. Robert Milroy. 

Nulton, Louis M. Collection, 874 WFCHS/THL
This collection contains Nulton family genealogical material and memorabilia from Admiral Louis McCoy Nulton's distinguished naval career. Nulton was born in Winchester, VA, USA, in 1869, He served in the U.S. Navy for 48 years, rising to full rank of Admiral in 1929. After retirement, he and his wife lived in Winchester from 1933 to 1946. Admiral Nulton died in 1954.

Nuri, Ismet F. Family Collection, 363 WFCHS
The Ismet Nuri Family Collection contains pedigree and descendancy charts for several families, which were researched by Ismail Nuri.