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W & D Records, 408 WFCHS

Wall, Asa. Papers, 1355 THL

Wallace, Lee A. Jr. Papers, 1351 WFCHS

Warren County, Virginia, Collection, 1492 THL

Washington, George. Collection, 839 WFCHS/THL

Wayland, John Walter. Papers, 26 WFCHS

Wayside Theatre Records, 1707 WFCHS/THL

Weekday Religious Education Collection, 1748 THL

W. E. Cooper & Sons Records, 1771 WFCHS

Weissenberger, Sheila. Collection, 1729 WFCHS

Welsh, Lucy Jane. Collection, 594 THL

Welltown United Methodist Church Collection, 314 THL

White Hall United Methodist Church Collection, 733 WFCHS

White, Sylvester J. Papers, Correspondence, 593 THL MMF

Whiting, Henry. Collection, 184 WFCHS

Whitt, Samuel. Collection, 1196 THL

Wilkins, James R. Collection, 629 THL

Willey, Sydney R. Collection, 1640 THL

Williams, Philip. Family Papers, 172 WFCHS (PDF)

Williamson, Nathan. Collection, 14 WFCHS

WINC FM Collection, 1616 THL

Winchester Academical Institute for Young Ladies, 487 THL MMF

Winchester and Frederick County Aerial Photograph Collection, 1760 WFCHS

Winchester and Potomac Railroad Records, 1473 WFCHS

Winchester Area Branch #7127, NAACP Records, 1697 THL

Winchester City Records, 519 WFCHS/THL

Winchester City School Records, 581 THL

Winchester Classical School Records, 484 WFCHS MMF

Winchester Council of Garden Clubs Records, 637 THL

Winchester Credit Corporation Records - Stock Certificates, 1935-1937, 1128 THL MMF

Winchester, England, Collection, 1224 WFCHS/THL

Winchester Fire Departments Collection, 698 THL

Winchester High School Records, 670 WFCHS

Winchester Hiram Lodge No. 21 A.F. & A.M. Records, 1589 THL

Winchester Host Lions Records, 1669 THL

Winchester Knitting Mills Records, , 1469 THL

Winchester Little Theater Collection, 2 WFCHS/THL

Winchester Medical Center Records, 1626 WFCHS/THL

Winchester Medical College Collection, 190 WFCHS/THL

Winchester Office of Civilian Defense Records, 1558 THL MMF

Winchester Regional Airport Collection, 1442 THL

Winchester Rotary Club Collection, 113 THL

Winchester, Virginia, Bicentennial Commission Collection, 767 WFCHS

Winchester-Clarke Garden Club Collection, 1454 THL

Winchester-Frederick County Economic Development Commission Collection, 1251  THL

Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society Records, 49 WFCHS

Winchester-Frederick County Ministerial Association Records, 1290 WFCHS/THL

Winchester-Frederick County Veterans Council Collection, 1301 WFCHS/THL

Winchester-Frederick County, Virginia, Legal Papers, 1680 WFCHS

Wine , J. Floyd. Collection, 457 WFCHS/THL

Wolfe, Judith L. Collection, 1520 THL

Wolfe, Mary Milller. Collection, 1661 THL

Women’s Christian Temperance Union Collection, 754 THL

Women’s Civic League Collection, 241 THL

Wood, James. Collection, 711 THL,

Wood, James. Family Papers, 173 WFCHS

Woods, L. Neill. Collection, 280 THL

Wood – Woods Family Collection, 632 THL

World War I Collection, 1115 WFCHS/THL

World War II Collection, 1050 WFCHS/THL

Works Progress Administration (WPA) Records, 303 WFCHS/THL

Wright, Daniel. Collection, 1646 THL