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H. B. Kline Brothers Records, 324 WFCHS

Haines, John. Collection  735 THL

Hall, Elaine Walker. Collection, 5 WFCHS

Hamill, Giles C. Records, 387 WFCHS

Hampshire Furnace Records, 542 THL

Handicaps Unlimited of Shenandoah Valley Collection, 1097 THL

Handley Board of Trustees Records (PDF), 864 THL

Handley Regional Library Records, 138 THL

Handley, John. Collection, 522 THL

Handley, William B. Collection, 1531 THL

Harbaugh, Charles H. Collection, Fremont Church and Gravel Springs Pastorate Records, 275 THL MMF

Hardesty, Lucy. Collection, 1460 WFCHS

Harper, Jeannette and Robert G. Harper. Family Papers, 1777 THL

Harris, David. Papers, 1206 THL

Harris, Sarah Hester. Collection, 1791 THL

Harrison, Burr P. Papers, 167 WFCHS

Hartman and Bowly Records, 1627 THL

Hawse, John. Collection, 53 THL

Hellmann, Paul T. Papers, 777 THL

Helm, Elizabeth. Collection, 1162 THL

Henkel, Alfred D. Collection, 162 WFCHS/THL

Henkel, Paul. Family Papers, 896 THL

Henshaw, C.W. Collection, 1570 THL

Hess, Abram. Records, 1407 THL

Hickman, Isabelle Bailey. Papers, 1658 THL

Hiner, Emily Papers, 89 WFCHS MMF

Hinkle, Kenneth S. Papers, 1536 WFCHS

Historic American Buildings Survey Collection, 521 WFCHS

Hite-Bowman-Hall Family Papers, 168 WFCHS

Hite Family Association Collection, 1465 THL

Hite, Isaac Fontaine. Papers, 251 THL

Hockett, Jack. Collection, 1619 WFCHS/THL

Hoffman House Collection, 1678 THL

Hoffman, Evelyn "Peggy" McCauley. Collection, 1360 WFCHS/THL

Hofstra, Warren. Collection, 559 WFCHS

Holliday, Frederick William. Family Collection, 1061 WFCHS/THL

Hollingsworth Family Papers, 3 WFCHS/THL

Holmes, Hugh. Records, 398 WFCHS

Hook, Mildred. Collection, 1163 WFCHS

Hooper, Nicholas. Records, 388 WFCHS

Hoover, Charles Loring. Papers, 247 THL

Hopewell Monthly Meeting – Society of Friends Records, 1615 THL

Horsey and Atwell Records, 147 THL

Hotchkiss, Jedediah. Papers, 1335 THL

Huddleston, Bethina S. Collection, 1356 THL

Humbert, Judy. Collection, 899 THL

Hutton, James V., Jr. Collection, 588 WFCHS/THL

H. W. Ebert Buick Records, 1802 THL