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Kanopy Kids

Your Library is More than Just Books. It's Movies, TV, Support, and Tips! Explore 4 Great Resources for Children

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Kanopy Kids 

What is it? Thousands of streaming videos that are safe, educational, and parent trusted. Focused on children 2-8 years old. No view limits or monthly passes. Free with your library card.

What can you find? Old and new TV shows such as Little Bear, Sesame Street, Max & Ruby, Sarah & Duck, Blippi, T-Rex Ranch, Cocomelon, and Sid the Science Kid. Read along storybooks with new books by Mo Willems and old classics such as Where the Wild Things Are.

How to access it? You will input your library card to gain access.

From the digital library apps page, select Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Or search Kanopy Kids on the Google Play Store or Apple Store 


What is it? NoveList has been helping readers find their next favorite book for 30 years and continues to develop innovative solutions for connecting readers, books, and libraries. It uses story elements such as appeal terms like heartwarming, themes like fish out of water and genres like steampunk fiction to create recommendations. 

What can you find? Recommended reading lists based on the mood you are in, ages, genres, and award winners. A list of books similar to a book you loved. Basic descriptions of books within recommended lists.

How to access it? From the resources for kids page at Handley Library 

Or directly here


What is it? Just for Kids by Infobase is a children's video streaming service that features entertaining and educational videos your kid will love!  Content is appropriate for kids of all ages.  

What can you find? TV shows such as Wild Kratts, Rolie Polie Olie, Sesame Street, and PBS kids favorites like Daniel Tiger and Arthur. Books brought to life TV shows such as Berenstain Bears and Franklin. Loads of documentaries that teach subjects including history, math, peoples and places, reading, writing, art, and music.

How to access it? If prompted to enter a username and password, use the following:

Username: handleyPL

Password: digital

From the resources for kids page at Handley Library

Or directly here


Common Sense Media 

What is it? Common Sense Media improves the lives of kids and families by providing independent reviews, age ratings, & other information about all types of media. This is a free resource available to anyone but it’s recommended by your favorite child librarians.

What can you find? Ratings and reviews from kids and parents about movies, books, TV, games, podcasts, and apps. Find age recommendations and so much more such as iffy content, any educational value, positive role models, language, sex, etc. Find out what “parents need to know” about  specific movies, books, etc. 

How to access it? From the resources for kids page at Handley Library

Or directly here


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Volunteer With us at Handley, bowman, and Clarke

5 Reasons to Volunteer at Your Local Library

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Are you looking for a fun and meaningful way to spend your time this summer? Consider becoming a volunteer at your local library! There are so many benefits of volunteering, and here are just a few of them: 


1. Give Back to Your Community 

Libraries are hubs of resources and information for the community, and by becoming a volunteer, you are helping to further this mission.  

2. Boost Your Resume 

Volunteering boosts your skills in teamwork and empathy, which are applicable to practically every job. In addition, employers are impressed by volunteer experience as it shows you filled your time by serving others. 

3. Learn New Things 

From soft skills like organization to more library-specific tasks such as shelving books, there is so much to learn. You may even find a new dream job! 

4. Make Friends 

The people you meet through volunteering will most likely be around the same age as you and have similar interests, and you’ll get to spend time together every week. 

5. Have Fun! 

Although volunteering can be hard work at times, it is super fun, especially at the library. You’ll be able to help librarians create displays and run fun programs, and you may even become a puppeteer! 


To learn more about volunteering at the Handley, Bowman, or Clarke branches, please visit We hope to hear from you soon! 

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Amazing Zoe and Grandma's Memory Box

Learning Through Play: Workout That Memory

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A HUGE part of reading is retention through memory. Are we remembering each letter sound? Can we recall the sound on the spot for both lowercase and uppercase letters? How do we connect these sounds to make the word, and after we have sounded out the word can we remember to speed it up fast enough to make it comprehensible?

But memory also impacts our daily lives beyond reading because it shows we have created a routine or learned something and then bring it up front on demand. But how do we work such an important tool to help ourselves, our children, and/or our students? 

Make a game of it for everyone!  Utilize our STEAM TO GO KITS, games, and special Storytimes as a foundational way to help strengthen memory outside of our daily routines. Our STEAM TO GO KITS offer fun books, games, and toys at each branch that can build upon rules for playing, reading, working together and more. We have games! On a rainy day, come to the library to checkout and play games for all ages. And lastly, use our storytimes as a talking point for your family, or even as a way for you to read to your child at night.

"What did we do at story time today? Can we place it in order? What did we like and dislike about Storytime?"

"Let's make a prediction before we start our book. Is our prediction right? Do we need to change it? Now that we have finished the book, let's recount the story from beginning to middle to end."

You can even check your child's background knowledge by seeing what words, topics, events they can recall before you start any books or adventures.

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