About Handley Regional Library System

Our goal is to be a resource to the communities we serve be creating connections to information, and entertainment, and being the center of learning.  We want you to learn something new, discover community through our high-quality programs, experience an author talk – the opportunities are endless! 

Whether you are searching for your next great read, checking out a DVD or CD, downloading an eBook, attending an interactive author talk or historical presentation, registering for a health screening – we want you know that there is something for everyone. 

We serve patrons at Bowman Library (Stephens City, VA), Clarke County Library (Berryville, VA) and Handley Library and through the Stewart Bell Jr. Archives (Winchester, VA), plus 24-hours a day through our online digital library. 

Our Mission

Handley Regional Library system provides outstanding information, resources, programs and services to enrich our diverse community

Our Vision

Handley Regional Library system aspires to be the center of information and learning.

In the News

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