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Kearney, Donald W. Collection, 285 WFCHS
The collection includes information regarding the Frye families of Frederick and Shenandoah counties in Virginia. The collection specifically contains indexes and deeds as wells as researched and written information of the lives and backstories of the Frye Families.

Keckley, Belle. Papers, 1462 WFCHS
This collection is comprised of material from the American Revolutionary War through the American Civil War. Among the papers are miscellaneous receipts, promissory notes, oath of allegiance and fidelity (1777), correspondence (1855-1896), Civil War civilian passes (1860-1863), and a brochure from the Bryant and Stratten Business College (1883-1884).

Keeding, Peter. Papers, 1434 THL
This collection contains family records from Bibles owned by Peter Keeding and David Samuel Rhodes, as well as a diary and other papers belonging to Peter Keeding. The collection also includes a biographical sketch of George Adam Geeting and some of his descendants.

Kent Street Presbyterian Church Collection, 701 THL
This collection contains two treasurer’s books, one with few entries from 1836 through 1901 and one with extensive information from 1847 through 1867 of the Kent Street Presbyterian Church in Winchester, VA. The church was erected in 1827.

Kercheval, Samuel. Records, 405 WFCHS
These records contain two account books kept by Samuel Kercheval of Frederick County, Virginia. The earlier book dates from 1786 to 1790 and the later from 1788 to 1816.

Kern, William Bentley. Collection, 226 WFCHS
This collection includes Lt. Col. Kern’s speech of 1942 to the 6th Armored Infantry on the eve the invasion of North Africa. Lt. Kern is a graduate of Handley High School, Winchester, Virginia. He spent his career in the military with extensive service during World War II in North Africa and Europe, as well as during the Korean conflict.

Kerns, Wilmer. Collection, 214 THL
This genealogy collection contains photocopies of news articles from the West Virginia Advocate (1983-1992), copies of several Frederick County road petitions, a record book for Nelson’s Chapel, and documents concerning the Grove families, John Parish, John Wolford, the Doctors McGuire, and the account book of Aaron Kerns. Articles cover families back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. 

Kerr, John. Papers, 174 WFCHS
This collection contains the business papers of John Kerr (1797-1855), Frederick County, VA cabinetmaker. His will and estate settlement inventory are included. Other family names surnames mentioned in the collection are Miller, Zirkle, and Henkel. The time period covered in this collection is approximately 1851 to 1912. Born in England in 1797, John Kerr was naturalized in 1855 in Frederick County Court.

Kiefer, Geraldine. Collection, 1736 THL
The collection contains material and ephemera of the Civil War and Civil War era events. The collection includes prints, engravings and sketches of Civil War battles originally published in Harper’s Weekly and Frank Leslie’s Illustrated, as well as full volumes of both publications, paper currency, travel brochures for Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley, sheet music, post cards, The New York Herald newspaper and maps of the Winchester-Frederick County area. The primary time period spans 1861-1865, although the majority of this material is reprinted sketches and engravings. Many of the post cards, catalogues and brochures are from the 1930s.

King Hiram Lodge # 53 Free and Accepted Masons’ Records, 1631 THL
The collection contains minutes, awards, certificates, articles, and ephemera pertaining to the King Hiram Lodge # 53 Free and Accepted Masons of Winchester, Virginia.  The lodge was located 418 N. Kent Street in 1976. The collection also includes minutes, correspondence, and treasury reports for Apple Blossom Chapter #196 of Eastern Star, Winchester, VA. In 1885 a group of Brethren petitioned the Grand Lodge to establish a Black Masonic Lodge in Winchester, Virginia. On May 17, 1886, a warrant was granted to George Stephenson, R. Page Hall, and Preston S. Smith along with 11 Master Masons.

Kinney, Bentley. Collection, 1614 THL
This collection is comprised of notes and news articles concerning local history, focusing on Winchester Memorial Hospital, which became the Winchester Medical Center in 1989.

Kirby, John. Collection, 384 THL
The collection contains four long-playing albums, album covers, and news articles concerning the life and career of band leader and jazz bassist John Kirby of Winchester, VA.  John Kirby (d. 1952), a renowned jazz musician and band leader of the mid-twentieth century, was born and raised in Winchester, VA.

Kirk, Shelby Jean. Collection, 1577 WFCHS
Six large, loose-leaf notebooks, the contents of which are a printed genealogy of the Boxwell, who immigrated from England to America. The family lived in the Frederick County Area in the early 1700s and descendants remain in the area today.

Kirkland, Charles H. Collection, 611 WFCHS
This collection contains two related sections, which list and name many architectural structures in Winchester, VA. It is made up of pictures along with a brief history, location, ownership, etc.

Klein-Little Family Collection, 861 WFCHS
This collection is comprised of several genealogies concerning the Little (Klein), Oldacre, and Ritenour families. The Little family (also known as Klein) emigrated from Mannheim, Baden (Zweibreckt), Germany in 1749 to York, PA, USA to Frederick County, VA where they joined with the Ritenour and Oldaker families and migrated to Fayette and Greene Counties, OH.

Knee, Walter H. Collection, 245 WFCHS
This collection contains two land deeds, a grant, and a note from the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries concerning land purchases by the Swisher Family of Frederick, later Hampshire and Hardy County, VA. Two of the deeds are for land surveyed by George Washington, and one is signed by Lord Fairfax.

Knights of Pythias Records, 1106 THL
This collection is comprised of ledger books, VA convention proceedings, attendance, and expense records of the Knights of Pythias with some loose papers and pamphlets from the late 1800s to the late 1900s. Knights of Pythias was a fraternal organization established in the nineteenth century.

Kohne, William. Papers, 1457 THL
This collection is comprised of an account book (1897-1924) and a 2-part diary (1909-1944) kept by William Kohne of West Virginia.

Korean War Collection, 1447 WFCHS/THL
This collection is comprised of service records and photographs of men and women of the Winchester-Frederick County area, who served in the Korean War. Also included are news articles; reminiscences; and ephemera of the Korean War.

Kowalski, Francis and Helen. Collection, 1339 THL
This collection contains receipts of local Winchester bottling businesses along with souvenir material from the Apple Blossom Festival, including: mugs/glasses, pins, festival brochures and programs. Also included is an expansive collection of postcards relating to local Winchester events, scenery, and historical sites.

Kremer, Conrad. Records, 1783 THL
The Conrad Kremer Account Book is a merchant ledger spanning the years 1812 to 1835. Kremer sold a variety of items in his store. 

Kurtz Funeral Home Records, 985 WFCHS
This collection is comprised of the account books from Kurtz Funeral and Furniture business and papers of the George Kurtz family. The accounts date from 1867 to 1948. The records give an approximate date of death for many Winchester, VA (USA) residents. Also included is an account of the Valley Campaign, written by Capt. George W. Kurtz, ca. 1900. An index is available upon request in the Archives Room.