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Jackson, Joseph S. Records, 410 WFCHS
This collection contains four account books kept during the period of 1829-1861, all of which were kept by milliners. 

Jackson, Thomas J. "Stonewall." Collection, 1034 THL
Copies of speeches and pamphlets regarding Thomas J. (Stonewall) Jackson, several of which were written by acquaintances of the General. Also included is a photocopy of a letter from Gen. Jackson to Gen. Walker, 1862. 

James Wood High School Collection, 689 THL
Materials regarding the school, including: supplements to "Quarter of a Century of Athletics", a 1987 football program, literary magazines, and material about the Ridge Campus Dedication. James Wood High School was established in 1950. 

Janney, John Edward. Collection, 857 WFCHS
This collection is comprised of a diploma awarded to John Edward Janney for Doctor of Medicine by the University of Virginia, July 2, 1874 and a biographical sketch. Janney received his medical degree in 1874 and practiced medicine in Frederick County, VA. 

Jefferson County, West Virginia, Collection, 992 THL
This collection includes two account books of general merchandise of Charlestown, VA (now in Jefferson Co., WV), USA, spanning the years from 1795 to 1797. Also included are three booklets, which give a brief historical account of several old places in Jefferson County and other historical documents. Jefferson County, VA formed from Berkeley County in 1801.

Jefferson County, West Virginia, Grange Hall Records, 914 THL
This collection contains a minute book (1874-1881) used by the first Grange being held at Summit Point, Jefferson County, WV. The minute book includes news articles, recipes, and household hints pasted inside. The Grange was formed in June 1873 to help farmers.

Jim Barnett Park Collection, 755 WFCHS
This collection includes organizational papers for the association to develop the War Memorial Building including financial and tax records, correspondence, committee reports, and plans beginning in 1945. Budget documents for the years 1969 through 1974, the Fast Pitch Softball Hall of Fame, and newspaper clippings are also part of this collection.

John Handley High School Records,  145 WFCHS/THL
The collection contains memorabilia from classes, student newspapers, and correspondence on construction, blueprints, and history of the school by former student, Kenneth W. Rose and a history of Handley Football(1919-2012) by Sam McCall. Sam McCall also prepared a history of Handley Basketball (1923 – 2013).

John Mann United Methodist Church Records, 1628 THL
This collection consists of three deeds of church property along with a copy of a church mortgage (1893, 1894, & 1933) as well as a variety of items concerning the church and its history. During a conference at the Market Street Methodist Church, Winchester, VA, members decided to organize a new church for the local black population. The Church opened its doors on July 1, 1857.  

Johnson, Clarence. Collection, 1566 THL
 This collection contains information on local clubs, organizations and businesses such as the Buck’s Kin nudist colony and C&S Bank. Clarence Johnson is a resident of Winchester, Virginia and is a local historian.

Johnston, Wilbur S. Collection, 1168 WFCHS
Materials related to the life and experiences of Winchester, VA resident Wilbur S. Johnston, including World War II rationing materials, family genealogy, local events, news clippings, and oral history.

Jones, Ann Cary Randolph. Family Papers, 451 THL
The Ann Cary Randolph Jones Family Papers collection includes original letters to William Strother Jones (grandson of Gabriel Jones) from Alexander Burnet and correspondence of Ann Cary Jones. Also included are land surveys, Vaucluse farm plat and floor plans, and a codicil to Ann Cary Jones’s will.

Jones, Francis B. Family Collection, 1037 WFCHS
The Francis B. Jones Family Collection is comprised of correspondence, news articles, speeches, scrapbooks, rare books, a map, family materials, and other material from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries on the lives of Francis B Jones (1827-1862), his family, and his descendants.

Jones, Mark K. Collection, 1267 THL
This collection contains the Gore Elementary School yearbooks from 1965-1966; 1968-1971. The elementary school is part of the Frederick County Public School, VA.

Jordan Springs Collection, 885 WFCHS
This collection contains articles, copies of newspaper clippings, photographs and miscellaneous items detailing the evolution of Jordan’s White Sulphur Springs. Jordan Springs is located in Stephenson, VA, USA and was a popular retreat for many out of town visitors during the 1800s and early 1900s.

Junior Century Club Collection, 1623 THL
This collection contains program books for the Junior Century Club. Program books contain membership lists, dates, and subjects for the club’s programs covering the years from 1935 through 1964.