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C&P Telephone Company, 492 THL

C. L. Robinson Ice and Cold Storage Records, 1470 THL

Cain, John L., Civil War Letters, 695 THL MMF

Calvary Church of the Brethren Collection, 351 THL

Camp Fire Girls, 1756 WFCHS-THL MMF

Capitol Theatre Collection, 1584 WFCHS/THL

Capon Supply Company Records, 404 WFCHS

Carpenter's Notebook, 569 THL MMF

Carper, Anita Capper. Collection, 1581 THL (PDF)

Cartmell, Thomas K. Papers, 164 WFCHS

Carver, John. Collection, 212 THL

Cather, Clark, Records, 399 WFCHS (PDF)

Cather, Willa. Collection, 1580 THL (PDF)

Centenary United Church of Christ Collection, 719 WFCHS/THL

Century Club Collection, 1453 THL

Charles Edward Williams Jr. Post 187, American Legion Collection, 1734 THL

Chase, Julia. Collection, 544 THL

Christ Episcopal Church Records, 684 THL

Church Women United Collection, 371 THL

Civil War Collection, 1610 WFCHS/THL

Civil War Pamphlet and Ephemera Collection, 1828 THL

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection, 950 THL

Clark, Jean and Robert A. Collection, 602 WFCHS MMF

Clarke County, Virginia, Collection, 1539 THL

Clarke-Winchester-Frederick Bicentennial of the Constitution Commission Collection, 673 THL

Cline, Patsy. Collection, 61 THL

Clowe, Mifflin Family. Collection, 797 WFCHS/THL

Coalition for Racial Unity Records Collection, 1368 THL

Coates, Earl H., Jr. and Loretta Moten Collection, 1706 THL

Cochran, Carrie A. Clevenger. Diary, Collection, 1576 THL

Cochran, Charles. Collection, 459 WFCHS

Cochran, J. Clayton Jr. Collection, 1175 WFCHS

Cochran, John T. Records, 29 WFCHS

Colt, Margaretta Barton. Collection, 1472 THL

Company K, 5th Virginia Infantry—Stonewall Brigade, Reenactment Unit Papers, 1471 THL

Conrad, Daniel. Family Papers, 1186 THL/WFCHS

Conrad, Holmes. Collection, 893 THL

Conrad, John. Records, 635 THL

Conrad, R. Y. and J. R. Tucker Law Firm Records, 401 WFCHS

Cookbook and Recipes Collection, 1573 THL

Cooke, John Esten. Collection, 1081 THL

Cooper, Alison Douglas. Collection, 1507 WFCHS

Cooper-Davis Ledger, 595 THL

Copenhaver, David G. "Sammy." Collection, 37 WFCHS/THL

Copenhaver, Judith McVicar. Collection, 1608 THL

Copenhaver, Mary Dispanet. Collection, 1318 WFCHS

Cornwell, Clarke L. Collection, 1572 THL

Council on Religious Education, Frederick County, VA, Records, 1452 THL

Coyle, George S. Collection, 1269 WFCHS MMF

Crawford, Louisa Morrow. Collection, 424 WFCHS

Crosby, Nancy Larrick. Collection47 WFCHS/THL

Cross, Robert and Mary Cook. Collection, 565 THL

Crowther, James E. Papers,1534 WFCHS