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Earhart, John W. Papers, 1569 WFCHS
A ledger for a gristmill owned and operated by John W. Earhart in western Clarke/eastern Frederick counties during the years 1855 to 1858.

Ebert, Rebecca A. Collection, 1587 WFCHS
This collection contains a variety of items concerning Winchester-Frederick County, VA African-American History, Women’s History, and the 2012 Quaker Exile Tour. The local African-American History was collected and used by Ms. Ebert while working on her Master’s thesis at the University of Maryland. The thesis, “A Window on the Valley” is also in the collection.

Eddy, C. Vernon. Collection, 811 WFCHS/THL
This collection contains a bound notebook of articles entitled, “Things and Thoughts,” and a folder containing carbon copies of interviews with C. Vernon Eddy (1877-1963), director of Handley Library and resident of Winchester, VA, USA. It also contains interviews with Mr. Eddy concerning Judge John Handley and other miscellaneous papers. 

Eddy, William. Records, 1508 WFCHS
This collection contains two leather-bound accounts books. The first is dated from June 20, 1876 to March 1881 and the second, from August 1878 to June 1887. William Newton Eddy was born in Frederick County, VA in 1830. He bought The Valley Mill (sometimes called Helm-Eddy House). Mr. Eddy died in 1888, leaving the Valley Mill to his wife.

Edwards, George. Diary, 1585 WFCHS
A diary of George H. Edwards of Frederick County, Virginia covering the area around Cross Junction, VA, from 1899 through 1931. 

Election-Political Papers, 1479 WFCHS/THL
This collection is comprised of material regarding political activities and elections from 1855 to 1896 in the Winchester-Frederick County, VA area.

Eller, Charlotte J. Collection, 1611 THL
This collection contains a scrapbook, made up primarily of newspaper clipping on a variety of subjects dating from the mid-nineteenth century to the early twentieth century. 

Ellinger and Brother Records, 1463 WFCHS
This collection contains account books, ledgers, and an invoice book of this Winchester, VA business dealing in groceries, whiskey, wines, cedar, and Queenware. Included are correspondences from Ellinger & Brother from Dec. 1874 to Aug. 1877. 

Elliot, Sheila Gaither. Collection, 1732 WFCHS
Materials relating to military registration and service of African-American men in Frederick County, Virginia in both the Civil War and World War I gathered and donated by Sheila Gaither Elliot, a local resident. 

Ellis, Linda Jean Limes. Collection, 1519 THL
This collection contains a loose-leaf binder of 53 pages containing information on the Limes/Lymes family who lived in Frederick County, VA in the late 1700s and early 1800s. Included are personal property records and court records. 

Emmanuel United Methodist Church Collection, 1417 THL
The collection contains records of the Emmanuel United Methodist Church and its predecessor Milburn Church from the late nineteenth century, including baptism and transfers of membership. The Emmanuel United Methodist Church was founded in 1887 by the former member of Milburn Church. 

Empire Theater Collection, 494 THL
This collection contains a variety of items associated with the Empire Theater, Winchester, VA, including news articles, programs, promotional calendars, and an envelope with the theater’s home address. The Empire Theater opened in early June, 1909. It later became the Capitol Theatre.

Engle, Elizabeth. Collection, 112 WFCHS
Genealogical material, news articles, and family papers compiled by Elizabeth C. Engle.

Entertainments in the Area, 1750 THL 
This collection contains information and programs about entertainment in the Frederick County and Winchester, Virginia area. Features of this collection include plays, musical performances, and lectures on specific topics ranging from the nineteenth century to the present. 

Episcopal Female Institute Records, 156 WFCHS/THL
This collection contains items, which give names of students and teachers as well as catalogues describing classes and facilities, and the minutes of the Board of Directors. The institute was established in 1874 by a group of local citizens under the sponsorship of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the Diocese of Virginia to provide education to daughters or wards of members of that church. By 1911, the school had closed and all real estate was sold.

Equity Improvement Company of Winchester, Virginia, Collection, 495 THL
This collection contains organizational information, prospectus and stock certificates as well as maps of Winchester including improvements proposed by the Equity Improvement Company of Winchester, VA. John Handley incorporated the Equity Company in January 1890 to carry out a variety of projects to benefit the citizens of Winchester. It had little success and folded in 1899. 

Ewing Family Association Collection, 1654 THL
The collection contains copies of the Journal of Clan Ewing, a quarterly journal published by Ewing Family Association. The volumes date from February, 2007 to 2010.