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Page, Mrs. W. Nelson. Collection, 131 WFCHS
This collection contains two photo albums of pictures of infants, children, and adults taken in the early 1900s and kept by Mrs. W. Nelson Page (Willie McGuire Page) of Winchester, Virginia. In addition, there is genealogical material relating to the Page and McGuire families, and Raymond Rickard. A booklet honoring the centennial of Shenandoah Valley National Bank in 1966 in Winchester, VA, is included with volume 1, August 1892 of "The Blandome and Random News," by editor, Hunter McGuire.

Parker, Hilda O. Collection, 1316 WFCHS
This collection is comprised of correspondence, news clippings, magazine articles, and other materials relating to local figures like Harry F. Byrd, Jr. or Sr. collected by Hilda O. Parker, a former secretary to Governor Harry F. Byrd Sr. 

Parkins, Virginia Alice. Papers, 365 WFCHS
This collection contains letters addressed to Virginia “Alice” Parkins from 1856 to 1929. These letters are from one of her teachers at the Valley Female Institute, her brother Alfred, while serving with the 7th Virginia Cavalry during the Civil War, and various other relatives. Virginia “Alice” Parkins was born April 13, 1845 in Frederick County, VA. She was a student at the Valley Female Institute before the Civil War. 

Parlett Funeral Home Records, 114 THL
Parlett Funeral Home was in business from 1924 to 1947 in Winchester, Virginia. This collection contains two account books from the funeral home, which have been indexed.

Parrish, John. Journals, 306 WFCHS
The John Parrish Journals contains abstracts of birth, death, and marriage records covering 1875-1911. John Parrish was born Dec. 16, 1856 and died Oct. 27, 1932. He was a farmer and merchant located between Gore, VA and the West Virginia/Virginia line at Parrishville, VA.

Patrick, Mrs. Gerald. Collection, 31 WFCHS
The Gerald Patrick Collection contains family papers and memorabilia from the late 1800s. Included are genealogical notes, family bible records, school papers of the Dunbar Female Institute in Winchester, VA, with a list of names of the senior class of 1871, a recipe book, and notes from an 1876 prayer book.

Patriotic Order of Americans Records, 1107 THL
This collection contains membership and financial records of the Patriotic Order of Americans Camp #5 of Winchester, VA from 1916 to 1936. Also included are minutes, receipt books, and a question book. The Patriotic Order of Americans Camp #5 was a women’s group organized in 1916 by Ella Lloyd and instituted by Adaluie E. Wellstood.

Payne, Bettie L. Records, 391 WFCHS
This collection contains an account book and student roster kept by Bettie L. Payne who ran a school in the Brucetown-Wadesville area of Frederick County.

Payne, Lawrence Register. Collection, 847 WFCHS
This collection contains information on Winchester, VA resident Lawrence Register Payne (born Rebecca Payne) to include his death certificate, two affidavits, scrapbook pages, and news clippings concerning a child custody court case that hinged on Mr. Payne’s gender, which was in dispute.

Pence, Richard Allen. Collection, 567 THL
This collection is made up of three booklets on the Pence family written by Richard Allen Pence. The three booklets are entitled: "A Guide to the Pence Families of America," Parts I and II (August and Shenandoah Cos., VA) and "A Guide to the Pence Families of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia," Part III (Shenandoah Co., VA).

Pennybacker, Derick. Records, 1348 THL
This collection is comprised of an account book kept by Derick Pennybacker’s foundry/general merchant business in Frederick County, VA from 1791 to 1793.

Perlman, Alvin and Ellen. Collection, 785 THL
This collection contains memorabilia from Handley Junior and Senior High Schools, Winchester, VA, USA and a scrapbook containing Largent Family genealogy. There is a paper delivered by Alvin Perlman at a Conference on the Federal Constitution in the Shenandoah Valley 1780-1800 at Shenandoah College, Winchester, VA, in 1988, as well as a series of newsletters,  entitled Focus on Education, Winchester City Schools, from Nov. 1987 –May/June 1991.

Pierce, Hugh O. Papers, 960 THL
This collection contains an autobiography written by Hugh Oglevy Pierce (1843-1924) and a copy of his school composition book with genealogy notes. The autobiography has been transcribed to a 25-page typescript. Also included are indentures and deeds relating to Mr. Pierce and his family and a "Sacred Album" containing poems to Elizabeth Laura Hartley written from 1848 to 1850.

Pifer, Randolph. Papers, 1649 THL,
The collection contains several ledger books and a journal from the businesses of Randolph Pifer (1838-1920) as well as a folder of miscellaneous articles, new clippings, and hand written letters concerning Randolph Pifer.

Pilot Club of Winchester Collection, 1625 THL
This collection contains the records of the Pilot Club of Winchester, VA, a service organization, from 1970 to 1995. Included is the club’s association with the Lifeline program. 

Pittenger, Tress E., Jr. Collection, 1667 THL
The collection contains genealogical research information on the Wetzell, Bucher (or Booker), Thrift, Moffett, Kieffer, Zellers, and Brown families as they relate to the ancestry of Tree E. Pittenger Jr.’s grandmother.

Place, Cephe Fahnestock. Collection, 1124 THL
This collection is comprised of an abstract of Continental Morgan Guards from Winchester News (1866), Fahnestock graveyard list (1990), thesis on the Kurtz Cultural Center by Cephe F. Place (1990), and a program to 1990 graduation at Shenandoah College and Conservatory. News articles about local history topics and brief genealogies of local families are also included.

Plank, Terry. Collection, 547 THL
This collection contains correspondence and genealogical data of the Baker, Wood, Fisher, Good, Fauver/Fauber, and Trook families of the Lower Shenandoah Valley. It also contains a number of letters dating from the Civil War period addressed to Winchester native Lizzie Baker during and shortly after the Civil War, including five letters from Lieutenant “Billie” Funk of the Stonewall Brigade concerning the Gettysburg and Mine Run Campaigns. Another group of letters is from Nellie Braddon relating her experiences traveling through Europe with a “Wild West” show. Also contained within the collection are letters from Spanish American War and letters of condolence to Maggie Wood. 

Plater, Richard. Collection, 1490 THL
This collection is comprised of correspondence, scrapbooks, speeches, notes, recipes, receipts, ledgers, and other papers and artifacts belonging to the estates of Edward Gay Butler and his nephew Richard Cheatham Plater, who lived at Annefield and Play Gardens in Clarke County, Virginia.

Poe, Jerome. Collection, 414 THL
This collection contains sympathy cards received by the Laren family, get well and Easter cards received by Louise Ridgeway, and school papers and a report card of Tom Pollard.

Poles, Spottswood. Collection, 1681 THL
The Spottswood Poles Collection contains material related to Spottswood Poles, who was born in Winchester, Virginia, and went on to play baseball with the Negro League and served in World War I veteran.

Pomeroy Family Collection, 1694 WFCHS
This collection contains the genealogical research of Charles W. Pomeroy, and includes information on the Pomeroy, Beaty, Henry, Lehew, and Brown families as well as information about Warren County, VA.

Preservation of Historic Winchester Collection, 875 THL
This collection is comprised of records and notes of Preservation of Historic Winchester Inc., Winchester, VA, USA. The information is mainly newspaper clippings, brochures, etc. on the activities of the organization along with the general Tables 1-16 Real Estate Property Survey of Winchester, March 1936.

Prince, James L. Collection, 1480 WFCHS
The collection contains bill receipts, checks, insurance policies, and other material of Maude Prince( Mrs. James Prince) from the mid-1900s.