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Rakestraw, David P. Collection, 1565 THL
Genealogical information on people living in Winchester and Frederick County, VA, gathered by Mr. David P. Rakestraw, focusing on the Overacre/Overaker family. Also included is a genealogical report concerning Isaac Hoff, transcriptions of deeds, order books, and census records and the Revolutionary War military records of George Overacre are also included.

Rea, Samuel. Records, 1733 WFCHS
Two account books kept by Samuel Rea (d. 1858), a local merchant of Winchester. The account book contains names of customers and class rosters and grades from an unknown school.  

Redland United Methodist Church Records, 332 THL
The Redland United Methodist Church Records collection contains birth and marriage records for certain local churches in the Baltimore Conference. This collection is recorded on microfilm. Redland United Methodist Church, founded 1832, serves the people of Whitacre, Virginia and surrounding area. 

Rees, Jonah L. Collection, 370 WFCHS
Genealogical material, essays, and a scrapbook concerning the Rees family and a notebook with diary entries, birth, death, and marriage information for other families.

Refuge United Methodist Church Records, 1650 THL 
The collection contains the records of Refuge United Methodist Church along with its sister church Fairview United Methodist Church, both of Frederick County, VA. Included in the collection are Sunday School records, monthly church council minutes, membership directories, and state conference records dating from the early twentieth century to the early twenty-first century.

Reynolds, T. Guy, Jr. Collection, 1199 WFCHS
This collection is comprised of correspondence, personal records, and genealogical materials concerning the Reynolds family of Virginia, including wills, tax records, and other court records.

Rice, Dorothy McCann. Collection, 1390 WFCHS
This collection is comprised of certificates, news clippings, poetry, and a scrapbook focusing mainly on World War II compiled by Dorothy McCann Rice, a volunteer and member of the Board of Directors of the Winchester, VA Chapter of the American Red Cross. 

Richards, L. Adolph. Collection, 922 THL
This collection is comprised of booklets and articles by L. Adolph Richards (1878 - 1958) of Winchester, VA, USA, concerning area history.

Ridgeway, Emma M. Collection, 134 WFCHS
Emma Ridgeway was a resident of Winchester, Virginia, and an active member of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union and the Daughters of the American Revolution. The collection is comprised of correspondence, membership rosters, reports, death notices, and materials pertaining to the Women’s Christian Temperance Union and the Daughters of the American Revolution. 

Ridgeway, Trish and Harry. Collection, 1716 THL
This collection contains various Handley High School graduation items from 1927 belonging to Eloise Caldwell, a Winchester resident. Also contained within the collection are items pertaining to conventions of the Christian Endeavor Union, dating 1931-1935.

Ridings, Mariah E. Papers, 137 THL MMF
This collection contains the letters from Brevet Captain Eri Davidson Woodbury, Company B, 1st Vermont Cavalry to Mariah E. Ridings and two of her daughters from 1887 to 1916. Also included in the collection are two news article concerning the accidental wounding of Mariah E. Ridings by a sergeant in Captain Woodbury’s company on January 11, 1865.

Ritter, Ben. Collection, 12 THL
This collection is comprised of materials concerning the Civil War, genealogy, and local history covering 1742 to present. The Civil War files include Virginia unit rosters, death notices, and diaries; a burial listing of Civil War veteran-age men for counties in the Shenandoah Valley is also included. The collection includes genealogical information of several local families and the local historical files cover Shenandoah Valley places and items. 

Robare, Mary. Collection, 59 THL
The collection contains a group of articles concerning historic Quakers and their textiles, and information on the family history of the Lupton Family and the Pidgeon Family.

Robinson, Charles L. Papers, 1762 THL
This collection contains material of the Robinson family from 1855-1954. The Robinson family bible record has information regarding births, deaths, and marriages of the Robinson family. Also contained in the collection is correspondence to Mrs. C.L. Robinson and the Beam family. Magazine articles featuring Dorothy (Dotty) Robinson can be found as well, along with the journals of R.M. Beam spanning from January 1919 to September 1920. C.L. Robinson founded an ice and storage business in Fairmont, WV and expanded to Winchester, VA in 1901 with the C.L. Ice and Cold Storage Corporation. 

Robinson, Mrs. H. Delmer Sr. Collection, 640 WFCHS
This collection contains Army papers and news clippings of Lt. Eugene Carroll during World War I. It also contains genealogical notes of the Eddy family and a muster roll of the Illinois Mounted Volunteers dated May 26, 1832. Also contained in this collection are genealogical notes of the Powell family including Civil War, pension, and bible records.

Rock Enon Springs Records, 1303 THL
This collection is comprised of a register used at Rock Enon Springs Resort, Frederick County, VA, USA, from June 1, 1887 to August 14, 1920.

Rodes, David. Collection, 415 THL
This collection contains correspondence, genealogies, biographies, and other personal papers pertaining to David Rodes and the Rodes family of Virginia. Born in 1795, Rodes served in the Virginia State Militia, rising from ensign to brigadier general. He died in 1862.

Rometo, Kenneth J. Collection, 1620 THL
This collection contains a reproduction of the battle flag of the 33rd Virginia Infantry, CSA.

Rouss Fire Company Records, 1459 WFCHS/THL
This collection is composed primarily of official reports, correspondence, rolls, and histories of Rouss Fire Company of Winchester, VA. Included are documents from predecessor organizations, the Union Fire Company, Rouss Hook & Ladder Company, as well as some information on the Relief Hook & Ladder Company, the Cumberland Valley Fireman’s Association formed in 1902 and other Winchester Fire companies.

Rouss, Charles Broadway. Collection, 304 WFCHS
This collection contains articles, correspondence, and biographies pertaining to Charles B. Rouss including his will and obituary. An inventory is available. Charles Broadway Rouss was Woodville, MD on February 11, 1836. Rouss gave generously to Winchester and other towns and relief projects during his life. He died on March 3, 1902.

Royston, Donald R. Collection, 1529 THL
This collection contains genealogical information on the Peter Royston family, covering 1776 to present, as compiled by Donald R. Royston, 2002. It includes endnotes and an index. The collection includes information about the descendants of George Mason and about the Green Hill Cemetery in Berryville, VA.

Rudolph, Jane. Papers, 1778 WFCHS
The Jane Rudolph Collection contains high school memorabilia of Morris Edward Cather and Georgia Catherine Shoop, including yearbooks, class rings, photographs, and news clippings. The collection includes a first volume of The Handlian from 1920-21 belonging to Shoop. This was the yearbook of the Winchester High School, which later became Handley High School. There is also a yearbook for the Shenandoah Valley Academy belonging to Cather.

Runion, Richard L. Collection, 1690 THL
This collection contains a variety of items related to the Northern Shenandoah Valley in the 18th and 19th Century, including voter records, reports on the public schools, the German Reformed Church, and several copies of an 18th Century Woodstock, VA newspaper.

Russell, David Records, 393 WFCHS
This collection contains one account book kept by chairmaker, David Russell of Winchester, Virginia. David Russell came to Winchester in 1785 and lived at 49 S. Loudoun Street.

Russell, F. Stanley. Letters, 490 THL
This collection contains correspondences of F. Stanley Russell to his parents, sister and cousin during his service in the Civil War until his death in May 1864. He served in Company H, Thirteenth VA Regiment, CSA. Also included in this collection are letters and reports from William W. Hayden and Annie Russell Hack.

Russell, Hilda Edwards. Collection, 1781 THL
This collection contains four scrapbooks with newspaper clippings of Winchester and Frederick County residents serving in the military during World War II. All are in alphabetical order. Also included are receipts from various individuals to Robert Shanholtz dating from March 1865 to March 1893.

Russell, James B. Family Papers, 863 THL
This collection contains hand-written receipts and letters from the 1830s through the 1900s concerning Russell family members of Winchester, VA.

Russell, John Singleton. Papers, 286 WFCHS
This collection is comprised of personal correspondence to John S. Russell (1841-1932), officer on the staff of Col. John S. Mosby. It includes letters from John S. Mosby, newspaper articles, and flyers concerning Mosby. John S. Russell, 1841-1932, lived in Clarke County, Virginia.

Russell, Tillie. Collection, 1551 WFCHS 
This collection contains a photo of Tillie Russell (d. 1897) and a lace-edged handkerchief with her name written in ink. The photo and handkerchief are housed together in a display box. Tillie Russell became the subject of a painting by Oregon Wilson called "Woman’s Devotion; or, a Night on the Battlefield" after she went to the aid of a wounded soldier in 1864.  

Russell, William G. Collection, 1017 THL
A scrapbook of news articles by William G. Russell (1800-1891), primarily from The Winchester Star. The articles pertain to people and events of Winchester, VA, USA.

Rutherford, Robert. Collection, 571 THL
This collection is comprised of a scrapbook detailing the history of Robert Rutherford (1763-1803), the Rutherford family, and the Kendall Family.