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All branches will be closed on Monday, May 27th, in observance of Memorial Day. Planning a trip abroad this summer? AtoZ World Travel includes 202 world city travel guides covering 67 topics, including pre-trip planning, points of interest, excursions, neighborhoods, restaurants, and nightlife. Check it out HERE.

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Rakestraw, David P. Collection, 1565 THL

Rea, Samuel. Records, 1733 WFCHS

Redland United Methodist Church Records, 332 THL

Rees, Jonah L. Collection, 370 WFCHS

Refuge United Methodist Church Records, 1650 THL 

Republican League of Apple Pie Ridge Records, 686 THL MMF

Reynolds, T. Guy, Jr. Collection, 1199 WFCHS

Rice, Dorothy McCann. Collection, 1390 WFCHS

Richards, L. Adolph. Collection, 922 THL

Ridgeway, Emma M. Collection, 134 WFCHS

Ridgeway, Trish and Harry. Collection, 1716 THL

Ridings, Mariah E. Papers, 137 THL MMF

Rittenhouse, Benjamin Franklin. Collection, Diary, 566 THL MMF

Ritter, Ben. Collection, 12 THL (PDF)

Robare, Mary. Collection, 59 THL

Robinson, Charles L. Papers, 1762 THL

Robinson, Mrs. H. Delmer Sr. Collection, 640 WFCHS

Rock Enon Springs Records, 1303 THL

Rodes, David. Collection, 415 THL

Rometo, Kenneth J. Collection, 1620 THL

Rosenmeyer, Freida Collection, 705 WFCHS MMF

Rouss Fire Company Records, 1459 WFCHS/THL

Rouss, Charles Broadway. Collection, 304 WFCHS

Royston, Donald R. Collection, 1529 THL

Rudolph, Jane. Papers, 1778 WFCHS

Runion, Richard L. Collection, 1690 THL

Russell, David Records, 393 WFCHS

Russell, F. Stanley. Letters, 490 THL

Russell, Hilda Edwards. Collection, 1781 THL

Russell, James B. Family Papers, 863 THL

Russell, John Singleton. Papers, 286 WFCHS

Russell, Tillie. Collection, 1551 WFCHS 

Russell, William G. Collection, 1017 THL

Rutherford, Robert. Collection, 571 THL