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Fagan, Daniel. Family Collection, 1437 THL

Fairfax Hall Records, 480 WFCHS/THL

(Fairfax), Thomas, Lord Fairfax, Collection, 57 WFCHS/THL

Family Bible Records, 1693 WFCHS/THL

Fansler, Magdelene Z. Collection, 1639 THL

Farmer, Pauline W. Collection, 1664 WFCHS

Farmers and Merchants National Bank Collection, 119 THL

Farmers' Bank of Virginia Records, 409 WFCHS/THL

Fawcett, Betty Jean. Collection, 85 WFCHS

Feagans, Lurena McIlwe. Collection, 1682 THL

Finley, Alexander Walker and Bonnie Huffman. Collection, 1552 THL

Finley, James. Collection, 1797 THL

First American Bank Records, 1088 THL

First Night Winchester Collection, 718 THL

First Presbyterian Church Records, 1135 THL

First United Methodist Church Records, 1461 WFCHS/THL

Fithian, Philip Vickers, Journal Excerpts, 2000 WFCHS MMF

Fitzgerald, Michael. Collection, 781 THL

Flickinger, B. Floyd. Papers, 1575 WFCHS

Fort Loudoun Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) Records, 479 WFCHS/THL

Fort Loudoun Seminary Records, 66 WFCHS/THL

Frederick County 250th Anniversary Collection, 736 THL

Frederick County Association for Family and Community Education Records, 1593 THL

Frederick County Fruit Growers Association Inc. Records, 1713 THL

Frederick County, Virginia, Government Records, 682 WFCHS/THL

Frederick County, Virginia, School System Collection, 199 THL

French and Indian War Foundation Collection, 1177 THL

Fretwell, Jack.  Papers, 1663 THL

Friends of the Handley Library Records, 146 THL

Friendship Fire Company Collection, 437 WFCHS

Fries, Hiram. Papers, 1321 THL

Fries, Leslie E. Collection, 1036 WFCHS

Frye Family Papers, 1438 THL

Funk & Ray Records, 984 WFCHS

Funkhouser Family Papers, 1391 THL