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Manuscript Inventories - A

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2020 Vision Project Records, 1235 THL

Adams, H. Clayton. Papers, 1676 THL

Adams, Richard. Collection, 1488 THL

Affleck, Charles. Collection, 36 WFCHS

Affleck, John W. Collection, 279 THL

African American Collection,  1599 WFCHS

Afto, Ellen. Collection, 810 WFCHS MMF

Aitken, Helen. Collection, 1129 THL

Albin, Florence C. Collection, 1334 THL

Alderton, Wesley Diary Collection, 1510 WFCHS MMF

Alexander, William R. Papers, 1742 THL MMF

Allan, William Family Collection, 791 WFCHS MMF

Allemong and White Harness Hands Account Book Collection, 1509 WFCHS MMF

Allen, David Hume Daybook Collection, WFCHS MMF 

Almanac Collection, 1371 WFCHS/THL

Alpha Omega Chapter, Epsilon Sigma Alpha International Records, 1474 THL

Alpha Phi Omega Records, 1692 THL MMF

American Association of University Women (AAUW) Winchester Branch Records, 431 WFCHS/THL

American Diabetes Association, Winchester Area, Dr. Robert C. Green Jr. Chapter Records, 1613 THL

American Legion-Conrad Hoover Post Collection, 940 WFCHS

American Party, Winchester Council Collection, 887 THL MMF

American Red Cross Winchester Office Records, 1361 THL

Amick, Daisy. Collection, 144 WFCHS

Anthony Kurtz & Company Records, 389 WFCHS

Anti-Quitrent Society of the Town of Newtown-Stephensburgh Collection, 749 WFCHS MMF

Apple Blossom Festival Collection, 46 THL

Apple Capital Chorus Collection, 866 WFCHS

Aqueduct Bridge Duty Roster, 1352 THL

Armed Forces Collection, 570 THL

Armel, John. Papers, 1354 WFCHS MMF

Arthur G. Jones Woolen Mill Collection, 884 WFCHS

Athey, Virginia. Collection, 150 THL

Austin, William. Collection, 95 THL

Autograph Album Collection, 1740 WFCHS