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Lewis Neil Barton Collection

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives
Handley Regional Library
Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

P.O. Box 58, Winchester, VA 22604
(540) 662-9041 ext. 17


SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection is comprised of scrapbooks, diaries, genealogical material, news articles, and photos, covering both local (Winchester, VA, USA) and national figures and events. (9 boxes) Last updated 06/2012. DIGITIZED 09/09.

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Lewis Neill Barton, who gathered this collection, was a Winchester, VA historian. The son of Lewis Neill Barton and Elizabeth Cover, Barton was born on November 11, 1894 in Winchester and died on September 14, 1982 in Winchester. Barton graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in chemical engineering. In 1917, he became an instructor of mathematics and science at the Shenandoah Valley Academy, continuing to teach there for 18 years. He was a member of the Free and Accepted Masons, Civil War Roundtable, and the Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society. He is co-author of What I Know About Winchester. He and his first wife, Eleanor Wolfe, had a daughter named Anne Barton Hawkins. His second wife was Mary Louise Miller. Lewis Neill Barton was buried in Mt. Hebron Cemetery in Winchester, VA.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Quarles, Garland R., Some Worthy Lives, Winchester, VA: Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society, 1988, pgs. 29-30.

CITE AS: Lewis Neill Barton Collection, 485 WFCHS, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA.



Burwell Carter – Sketch, compiled by George H. Burwell, III, 1961, 80 pages, typescript

"It's Time You Were Married," 1 leaf
"The Playhouse Alphabet," 1 leaf, typescript
"I'm a Good Old Rebel," 1 leaf, printed

Century Club–A Historical Sketch of the Century Club, Winchester, Virginia 1905-1948 by Sara Chew de Montaigu, printed Did Not Digitize

Christ Episcopal Church Directory, 1967, printed Did Not Digitize

"The Churchill I Knew," by Harry F. Byrd, Jr., no date, booklet for Farmers and Merchants National Bank, 2 items, printed Did Not Digitize

Clarke County
Letter regarding Clarke Cavalry to Dorothy from Everard K. Meade, March 22, 1950, typescript Map of Clarke County, northeast section, in The Clarke Courier, May 28, 1942, printed
Bank of Clarke County – "Seventy-Five Years of Service, 1881-1956," booklet, printed
Did Not Digitize
Clarke County Bicentennial Commission – brochure for exhibit at Greenway Court, printed
Clarke County Centennial Commission – program for pageant, 1936, 4 pages, printed
Grace Episcopal Church, Berryville – homecoming service bulletin, August 29, 1954
Elmington – history of house and letter from A. Garland Williams, 7 leaves, typescript

Contract for labor between Joseph M. Barton and Sallie Jackson, 1868, 1 page, manuscript

Contract for labor between Joseph M. Barton and Sarah Taylor, February 10, 1866, 1 leaf, manuscript

Declaration of Independence, Story of, by James C. Boykin, 1926, pamphlet, 1 item, printed Did Not Digitize

Frederick County Court House Rededication, June 7, 1968, 1 item, printed

Frederick Episcopal Parish, 3 items, printed Did Not Digitize

Greyhound Scenicruiser, 1954, 3 items, printed Did Not Digitize

Historic Tours of Winchester – brochures and flyers, 7 items, printed Did Not Digitize

Homes and Buildings
Abram's Delight, 2 leaves, typescript
Allen House, 4 leaves, typescript
Angerona, 20 leaves, typescript; 7 leaves, manuscript
Armory, 1 leaf, typescript
Clearview, 3 leaves, typescript
Drug Stores of Winchester, 1 leaf, typescript
German Lutheran Church, 1 leaf, typescript
The Handley Library, 3 leaves, typescript
Hawthorne, 1 leaf, typescript
Morgan, Daniel House, 1 leaf, typescript
Novick Home, Academy Lane, 1 leaf typescript
Spring Hill, 2 leaves, typescript
Thorn Hill Manor, 3 leaves, typescript
War Memorial Building – dedication booklet, November 11, 1956

Horse Guards Quadrille, 1 page, manuscript; 1 calling card

Junior Century Club – By-laws, November 1971, 5 leaves, typescript Did Not Digitize

Kurtz, Lucy – program and invitation for Miss Lucy F. Kurtz Day, 2 items, printed

Little Garden Club History, 1934-1957, 1 item, manuscript

"Lower Shenandoah Valley, A Sketch of the History of the," by Susan Conrad, 1 item, typescript

Lupton, Joshua – Receipts, August 22, 1815-November 14, 1845, 8 items, manuscript
1 share of stock, Snicker’s Gap Turnpike Co., Aug. 22, 1815
Due to Farmers’ Bank, Winchester, VA, Oct. 10, 1815
Estate of Joshua Lupton, 1818
From Frederick Co. VA, February Court, 1819
Administrators of David Wright, Jan. 30, 1832
Receipt, Nov. 29, 1834
Receipt of Joshua Lupton, Nov.26, 1829
Estate of Joshua Lupton, Dec. 28, 1843-Nov. 14. 1845


Manuscript notes – Lewis N. Barton, unnumbered, manuscript

Masons, Hiram Lodge #21 – Masonic Bulletin, April 1922, June 1922, 2 items, printed
Did Not Digitize

"Medical History, Winchester’s," 13 leaves, typescript, no author, no date

Morgan, Daniel – list of his company, 1775, unnumbered pages, typescript, manuscript (published in Men and Events of the Revolution in Winchester and Frederick County, VA, Winchester, VA: Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society, 1975) Did Not Digitize

Morgan, Daniel – Memorial, program for dedication service, 1953, printed

Mount Hebron Cemetery – 1 item, printed

O'Sullivan Rubber Corporation
"O'Sullivan Subjects," October 1955, 2 pages, printed
"The O'Sullivan Story, 1896-1953," 13 pages, printed

Presidential Election Possibilities–1940, Vandenberg–Taft–Dewey–Roosevelt–Hull–Garner, unknown author, 14 leaves, typescript

Quarles, Garland R. – testimonial dinner program, 1977, printed, 2 copies, printed

Recipes - Caroline Mary Barton, Staunton, 1853-1878, 1 item, manuscript

"Revolutionary Prisoners of War in Winchester and Frederick County," by Lewis N. Barton, unnumbered pages, typescript (published in Men and Events of the Revolution in Winchester and Frederick County, VA, Winchester, VA: Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society, 1975) Did Not Digitize

"Revolutionary Prisoners of War in Winchester and Frederick County," by Lewis N. Barton, notes, unnumbered pages, manuscript Did Not Digitize

S. S. Winchester Victory – admittance tag to guest stand, printed, 2 items, printed

"St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Middletown VA," by W. F. Shipe, no date, 20 leaves, typescript Did Not Digitize

Shenandoah Valley Academy – The Chevron, January, February, April, May 1913, printed

Souvenir Coin – Richard Evelyn Byrd Homecoming Celebration, June 22, 1930, 1 item

Stock Certificates, List of, Sept. 5- Nov. 12, 1936, 1 page, manuscript

"Trip Through Divers Parts of Tidewater Virginia," by Lewis Barton, 1949, 6 pages, typescript

Valley of Virginia – Notes, 20 leaves, manuscript

Winchester-Frederick County Chamber of Commerce – newsletter, February; March 1949, 2 items, mimeographed

Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society Correspondence—1947, 1949, 1967, 9 items, manuscript/typescript

Winchester Memorial Hospital – Dedication Ceremony, 1953, 1 item, printed

Yorktown Battlefield – brochures, 5 items, printed Did Not Digitize


Ball's Bluff, Loudoun County VA – "Maps of the Battle of Ball's Bluff," Oct. 21, 1861, 1 item Did Not Digitize

Barton, William—Military Papers, 6 items, manuscript; 1 item, manuscript (photocopy)
March 4, 1863—furlough
Sept. 1864—form for retiring a soldier
Oct. 1864—descriptive list and account of pay and clothing
Dec. 17, 1864—special order #149
April 23, 1865—parole
July 3, 1865—oath of allegiance

Boyer, Andrew Jackson – letter from his brother John, September 14, 1863, 1 leaf, typescript

[Bradfield, James] – Civil War Diary, Company H, 17th Virginia Infantry, 2 leaves, typescript

Brady, Mary – "My Journey in War Times," 1861, article in The Iron Worker, Spring 1961, 1 item, printed Did Not Digitize

Brandy Station Battle, June 9, 1863 – booklet by William H. Price, 1963, 2 copies, printed
Did Not Digitize

Campbell, Bean Cartmell – brief memoir of Civil War experiences, 2 leaves, manuscript

Carter, Colonel Thomas – biographical sketch, 1 leaf, manuscript

Confederate Bonds – State of North Carolina, January 1, 1863, 1 leaf, printed

Cruise of the Shenandoah, no author, no date, 10 leaves, typescript

Davis, Jefferson – "Let Every Man Examine Himself," booklet by C. M. Ward, 1 item, printed Did Not Digitize

Harrisonburg Civil War Battlefields [Rockingham County] – booklet, 1 item, mimeographed Did Not Digitize

Hastings, Russell - Military Record, 1861-1865, 1 leaf, typescript on printed form

"Historic Sites in the Southland, 1861-1865" – article in Ford Times, March 1961, 1 item, printed Did Not Digitize

Horses – "Civil War Horse," by Mort Reis Lewis, 2 pages, printed Did Not Digitize

Jackson, Stonewall Death, from Washingtonian, Leesburg VA, September 29, 1865, 12 leaves, typescript

Jones, Ann Cary Randolph – letters, 1861-1875, 39 leaves, typescript See Ann Cary Randolph Jones Collection Did Not Digitize

"Lee and Grant in Virginia, Wilderness to Appomattox" – 1 item, printed Did Not Digitize

"Lee's Boyhood Home," paper by Clifford Dowdy, 4 leaves, typescript, carbon paper; no author, 5 leaves, typescript Did Not Digitize

Lee, Mrs. Hugh – Extract from her journal, May 23-31, 1862, published in Maryland Historical Magazine, December 1958, printed Did Not Digitize

Letters and passes from the Civil War, 1861-1865, 12 items, manuscript




Date Written

Place of Origin

Notice re rent of house used as hospital John Enders Confederate States 1864  
Letter brother Lewis November 21, 1864  
Letter Miss Emma Miller James W. Simpson February 26, 1865 Fort Delaware, DE
Letter cousin William H. H. Somerville Ford April 22 Orange County VA
Letter Goff Miller W. E. Taylor January 17, 1860 U. S. Navy, U.S.S. Savannah, off Pensacola Navy Yard
Pass J. A. Miller   November 12  
Pass Mary Knot   October 3, 1862  
Pass to purchase goods of sutlers Mrs. Miller   March 3, 1865  
Pass from Winchester to Baltimore Mrs. G. S. Miller   June 8, 1865  
Purchase order for beef     no date  
Permit to purchase supplies for the family, not to exceed $10 Mrs. George Miller   February 9, 1865  
Request to settle in Winchester   Rud Gleason no date  
Letter   Maj. Gen. Crook Dec. 27, 1864  
Letter   R.L. Lee Aug. 14, 1864  
Letter Maj. Gen. Sheridan Jos. M. Barton Jan. 9, 1865  
General Orders #21   Command of Gen. Johnston Feb. 1, 1862 Headquarters Dept. Northern Virginia

Maps from Civil War Centennial – 6 items, printed

Markers recommended by Winchester-Frederick County Civil War Centennial Commission, 1961, 7 leaves, typescript

Monuments in Winchester-Frederick County area, regarding the Civil War, 1 news article; 32 leaves, typescript

North-South Skirmish Association, 3 items Did Not Digitize
Fact sheet, 1 leaf, typescript (mimeographed)
Newsletter, May; November 1961, printed

Notes about the Civil War recorded by Lewis Neill Barton Did Not Digitize

Pearse, William Franklyn – "Diary of Reverend William Franklyn Pearse, May 1, 1862 to November 27, 1862," 15 leaves, typescript Did Not Digitize

Pendleton, William N. – biographical sketch from "History of R.E. Lee Memorial Church," 2 leaves, typescript

Pictorial Map of Civil War Battlefields – 1 item, printed

Place Mat – Winchester, VA, Civil War Centennial, 1961-1965, 3 items printed

"Reading List for Young People and Adults on the American Civil War," c. 1961, compiled by Richmond Public Library, 2 items, printed Did Not Digitize

Rice, Sam B. to my Dear Sir, Sept. 16, 1866, 1 page, manuscript

"Richmond, Virginia, 1861-1865" – brochures, 3 items, printed Did Not Digitize

"Shenandoah Valley Circle Tour," – Civil War, 4 items, printed Did Not Digitize

South Mountain and Antietam – movement of troops – brochures, September 1872, 3 items, printed Did Not Digitize

Streight Raid – "Streight vs. Forrest, Alabama, 1863," speech [by Lewis Neill Barton], no date, 9 leaves, typescript

"Teaching Guide on Civil War," from Collier's Encyclopedia, booklet, 1 item, printed
Did Not Digitize

Thank-you Note to Misses Miller – typescript of story from Mrs. Lewis Allen, 1 leaf, typescript

"Truth of the War Conspiracy of 1861," published by H. W. Johnstone, 1921, 1 item
Did Not Digitize

"Virginia Civil War Commission Report, 1963" – booklet, 1 item, printed Did Not Digitize

Winchester Civil War Round Table – annual report, 1957, unnumbered pages, typescript

Winchester, First Battle of – paper by Lewis Barton, March 1950, 4 leaves, typescript (mimeographed)

Winchester-Frederick County Roster of Confederate Soldiers, prepared by Lewis N. Barton, 1961-62, 28 leaves, typescript (carbon)

"Winchester, Virginia, During the War," essay and notes [Lewis N. Barton], no date 3 leaves, notes; 14 leaves, typescript

Miscellaneous 100-year anniversary of Civil War
Pass into Charlestown, Virginia, Nov. 28, 1959, regarding hanging of John Brown, 2 copies, printed, facsimile
$500 bill — Confederate money, facsimile
Placemat — the War Between the States


Baldwin Family Genealogical Material, unnumbered leaves, typescript/manuscript

Barton Family Genealogical Material, unnumbered items

Barton, Pedigree of – 112 leaves, typescript

Barton, Thomas, Loyalist, 2 pages, printed

Cover Family Genealogical Material, unnumbered items

Cover Family – 61 leaves, typescript and manuscript

Cover, Thomas, Descendants of, 1 item, WFCHS; 1 item, THL

Danner, Capt. From Robert B. Wolf, April 16, 1846, resignation from fire company
verso — vow to avoid idle conversation, 1 leaf, manuscript

Davis, Barton Bolling, 2 leaves, photocopy

Gibson Family Bible Record, 1 leaf, manuscript (photocopy)

Marx/Myers Family Genealogical Material – 29 leaves, printed, typescript and manuscript (photocopy(

Marx Sisters’ Letters, 1815-1857, unnumbered, manuscript


Miller-Barton Miscellaneous, unnumbered items

Miller, F. R. — school report—Shenandoah Valley Academy, 1884, 1 leaf, printed

Miller, Louis G., 3 items, manuscript
Copy book, includes note about May 1, 1864, manuscript
Page from a diary, April 1863. 1 leaf, manuscript
Brent, Captain’s company—1813, 1 leaf, manuscript

Miller, Mary – History Notebook #2, The Renaissance, 1 item, scrapbook and notes

Miller, Mary Louise – Application for DAR Membership, 1921, and notes, unnumbered pages

Myers Family Genealogical Material, 3 leaves, manuscript/typescript

Rittenhouse, David, the Family Record of . . . by Daniel K. Cassel, Norristown, PA: Herald Printing, 1897, 40 leaves, printed (photocopy) Did Not Digitize

Walker Family Genealogical Material, unnumbered leaves


Barton, Anne Lowe Rieman – Maryland Society, Colonial Dames of America, Application Form for Robert Boling I, Robert Boling II, John Stith, Gabriel Jones, William Strother, Thomas Marshall, Thomas Randolph, William Randolph, Martin Pickett, Joseph Blackwell, June 7, 1947, 19 leaves, typescript

Barton, David W. – Deed of Release to Thomas E. Gold, 1852, 2 leaves, manuscript

Barton Family – Receipts, 1866-1871, 10 items, manuscript

Barton, Frankie J. – Loan, 1929, 1 leaf, printed

[Barton, Joe] – letter from C.M. Barton, Sept. 28, 1855, VMI, 2 leaves, manuscript (photocopy)

Barton, Joseph M. – Account Book, 18740-1907, includes notations on estate of his brother, William Barton (1874), 1 book, 42 pages, manuscript

Barton, Joseph M – letter to General Sheridan, January 9, 1865, 1 leaf, manuscript

Barton, Joseph M. – Loan, 1914, 1 leaf, printed

Barton, Joseph M. – Receipts
Internal Revenue — Dec. 2, 1867, June 4, 1868, April 28, 1869, 3 leaves, printed
Valley Turnpike Company receipts for annual toll: 1867-1870, 1868-1869, 2 leaves, printed

Barton, J. M. – Valley turnpike Company passes, 1909-1911, 1913-1914, 1916-1917, 3 items, printed

Barton, Lewis Neill — Correspondence and Notes, 5 leaves, typescript

Barton, Lewis Neill -- Correspondence, 1914, 1938, 1953-1969, unnumbered items, typescript/manuscript

Barton, Lewis Neill -- Correspondence, 1970-1976 regarding family genealogy, unnumbered items, typescript/manuscript

Barton, Lewis N. – Enlistment Record and Discharge, 1918, 2 leaves (photocopy)

Barton, Lewis N. – Masonic Certificates, 1943-1978, 9 leaves printed
News Articles — 1968, 2 leaves, printed
Notes, no date, 1 leaf, typescript

Barton, L. N. – Report Card from the University of Virginia, July 3, 1916, 1 leaf, printed

Barton, Lewis N. – Selective Service Notification, June 22, 1918 – June 22, 1918, 2 leaves, printed

Barton, Lewis and Samuel — Railroad tickets, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, June 1876, 2 items, printed

Barton, Mrs. Martha – letter from W. W. Barton, June 1810, 2 pages, manuscript

Barton, Richard P. – Will – Dec. 2, 1820, Inventory and Appraisal of Personal Property, June 1821, 2 pages, manuscript

Barton, Richard W. – Appointment to House of Representatives, May 1841, 2 pages, manuscript

Barton, R.W. – letter from James Fenimore Cooper, January 15, 1842, 1 leaf, manuscript (photocopy)

Barton, R. W. – letter from H. Clay, November 20, 1843, 1 leaf, typescript; 1 leaf, manuscript (photocopy); transcript of letter, 1 leaf, typescript

Barton, Mr. – letter from Harry K. Thaw, February 27, 1925, 2 items, 2 leaves, typescript

Barton, Mrs. Richard W. – Letter from Mrs. Nathaniel Greene, Sept. 10, 1857, 4 leaves, manuscript (photocopy)

Barton, Richard Peter – Diary, September 18, 1807-December 20, 1807, transcript of diary and notes, 1 item, manuscript; 73 pages, typescript; 4 pages, manuscript

"Barton, Thomas, Victim of the Revolution," by Theodore W. Jeffries, published in Journal of the Lancaster County Historical Society, vol. 81, no. 1, pages 39-64, 1977, printed
Did Not Digitize

Court case – Commonwealth of Virginia vs. Safe Deposit and trust Co. of Baltimore, MD, 2 items, printed


Correspondence – Mrs. Thomas Cover; Misses Bessie, Bettie, Kate, Mollie, and Nellie Cover – September 21, 1884-September 4, 1888, 27 items, manuscript

Correspondence – Mrs. Thomas Cover; Misses Bessie, Bettie, Kate, Mollie, and Nellie Cover – January 23-February 1, 1889, 33 items, manuscript

Correspondence – Mrs. Thomas Cover; Misses Bessie, Bettie, Kate, Mollie, and Nellie Cover – March 1, 1889-March 25, 1889, 29 items, manuscript

Correspondence – Mrs. Thomas Cover; Misses Bessie, Bettie, Kate, Mollie, and Nellie Cover – April 2, 1889-April 29, 1889, 25 items, manuscript

Correspondence – Mrs. Thomas Cover; Misses Bessie, Bettie, Kate, Mollie, and Nellie Cover – May 1, 1889-May 29, 1889, 35 items, manuscript

Correspondence – Mrs. Thomas Cover; Misses Bessie, Bettie, Kate, Mollie, and Nellie Cover – June 2, 1889-July 24, 1889, 26 items, manuscript

Correspondence – Mrs. Thomas Cover; Misses Bessie, Bettie, Kate, Mollie, and Nellie Cover – August 1, 1889-February 20, 1890, 24 items, manuscript

Correspondence – Miller, Godfrey from cousin Rose, February 21, 1936, 2 pages, manuscript


Miscellaneous notes from The Winchester Evening Star Did Not Digitize

Newspaper clippings 1927-1964—old churches and homes, Frederick County and Winchester, VA Did Not Digitize

Newspapers – "The Box," January 25-June 28, 1879, and "The Frederick Star," March 4-November 22, 1879, by Frederick and Joseph Barton, sons of Richard Walker Barton, 35 pages, manuscript


John Barton – account book, farming, 1855-1876, manuscript

Order book – U.S. Army Post Hospital, 1869-1870, containing medical calls of Dr. Godfrey Miller, 1880, manuscript

BOX 9 Did Not Digitize

Scrapbooks, 4 items
News clippings, c. 1900s
News clippings, c. 1950s, 1960s
Poetry, news clippings, photos
News clippings, 1953


Awards – Certification of Award from the Office of Price Administration to Lewis Barton,
Dec. 1, 1945, 1 leaf, printed

Voluntary Service Award, Office of Price Administration, to Lewis Barton, Dec.
15, 1945,1 leaf, printed

Certificate for Meritorious and Faithful Service with 115th Company, 11th
Battalion, of the Virginia National Guard to Lewis Barton, Jan. 24, 1946, 1 leaf,

Lee, Robert E.—Papers—facsimiles, 4 leaves, printed Did Not Digitize

700 S. Stewart St.—blueprints – 8 leaves

Barton—Cover Family Charts, 6 leaves, manuscript

Barton Family news article, mounted on linen, 1 item

Lewis Barton map collection—focus on Civil War campaigns from the Shenandoah Valley westward into Northern West Virginia and northward into western Maryland.
Did Not Digitize