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Handley Regional Library
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138 THL 

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EXTENT: 2.75 linear feet   

DATES: 1885-2008 

SCOPE AND CONTENT: The collection contains material, plats, survey, DVDs, and news clippings relating to the Handley Regional Library. 

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The Handley Library is named for Judge John Handley (1835-1895). When Judge Handley died, he left a bequest to the city of Winchester (Virginia) to erect a “public library.” The Handley Library opened in 1913. An addition to the building opened to the public in 1979. The Handley Library was renovated in 2001. Also in 1979, the library became a regional library when Frederick County and then Clarke County joined the system. The library in Clarke County was a privately run facility until it became part of the library system. In 2001, the Mary Jane and James L. Bowman Library opened in Stephens City, (Frederick County). This library is named in memory of James and Mary Jane Bowman. Mr. Bowman made his donation in 1999 to honor his wife, Mary Jane, a well-known nurse and community supporter, who died in1991. James L. Bowman died in December 2001. 

CITE AS: Handley Library Records, 138 THL, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA. 



BOX 1 

Anniversaries—43rd (1956) articles 

Anniversaries—70th (1983), 75th (1988), 80th (1993) articles 

Architecture – unnumbered leaves, printed 

Artwork in the Handley Library—c. 2003—brochure, typescript 

Awards, 6 leaves, printed 

Bookmark—Handley Library, c. 1930 

Bookmarks – 5 items, printed 

Carnegie, Andrew – contribution of funds for libraries (not including Handley) 

Cornerstone laying—Handley Library, 3 leaves, printed (photocopy) 

Deeds – Library Site – Braddock and Piccadilly Streets 

Dedication of new addition, pamphlet, printed 

Handley Library – Construction; 1906 news articles 

Handley Library – self-guided tour, compiled by director Trish Ridgeway for staff reunion, June 2013 

“How to Find What You Want in a Library,” by Lloyd E. Smith; 1 item, 32 pages, printed 

Library Card—c. 1980, one item, printed 

Library lights—Edison—1929—news articles 

Library opening 1913—news articles, 12 leaves, printed (photocopy) 

News Articles – unnumbered leaves 

Plat and survey—Land where library was built, 2 leaves, manuscript 

Renovation, addition, and preservation, unnumbered leaves, printed (photocopy) 

Roos, Marianne – Library Director; news clippings, unnumbered 

Rules and Regulations, 1913 – c. 1980, unnumbered leaves, printed 

Sanburn Maps 1885-1927 – unnumbered leaves, printed 

Staff – 2 leaves, printed 

“Survey of Public Library service,” by Francis R. St. John, 1964, 41 pages, typescript (2 copies) 

BOX 2 

The Works of Messrs. Barney and Chapman by Montgomery Schuyler, Architectural Record, 14 September 1904, 203-96, printed (photocopy) 

Barney, J. Stewart. “The Ecole des Beaux Arts, Its Influence on Our Architecture,” by Stewart J. Barney, Architectural Record, vol. 22, no. 5, Nov. 1907. 11 leaves, printed (photography) 

Stewart, Barney – Airlie Gardens: The Annex (Landfill) by Block, Susan Taylor, 5 leaves, typescript 

Stewart Barney – Exhibition, Handley Regional Library, August 2-30, 2008, unnumbered leaves, printed 

Barney, J. Stewart—Timeline of his life, 1869-1927, Correspondence News articles by Katherine Parker, July, 2009 

Barney, Stewart – Williamsburg, This Was Also the Plan of Mr. J. Stewart Barney: How Williamsburg’s W.A.R. Goodwin Came to Buy the Town, by will Molineux,  Colonial Williamsburg, Summer, 2001, pgs. 12-18, seven leaves, printed (photocopy) DO NOT  COPY IN ENTIRETY OR PUBLISH WIHTOUT PERMISSION OF THE OWNER, Barney, J. Stewart/Liberty Hall

Church Notes On Bruton Parish Papers, Special Collection Research Center, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA, four leaves, typescript 

Barney, J. Stewart. “Competitions,” by J. Stewart Barney, The New York Architect, vol. 3, no. 4, April 1909, 11 leaves, printed (photocopy) 

Barney, J. Stewart. “Modern Church Building—What Should it Be? by J. Stewart Barney, Munsey’s Magazine, May 1909, p. 199-210, 12 leaves, printed (photocopy)

Barney, J. Stewart: Troy, NY Public Library, 10 leaves, photocopy 

“Handley Library” – The Making of Virginia Architecture, by Charles E. Brownell, Calder Loth, William M.S. Rasmussen, Richard Guy Wilson, Richmond, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 1992, 2 leaves, printed (photocopy) 

Kowalt, Dennis—Architect for Renovation, 1999-2001

BOX 3 

Scrapbook—Vol. 1, 1915-1923, 1 item, bound 

Scrapbook—Vol. 2, 1923-1943, 1 item, bound 

BOX 4 

Handley Library—Attendance statistics, 1946, 1 leaf, printed manuscript 

Handley Library—80th Anniversary broadsides, 1993, 2 items, printed 

Handley Library—News article about volunteers, 1 leaf, printed, encapsulated 

Handley Library—Shopping bag, 1 item, printed 

Scrapbooks, 3 items




Scroll for Library Week, 1983


Scrapbooks—1960-1981 kept by Mrs. Helen Whiting


Cable Talk with Barry Lee DVDs

Handley Regional Library, 1987-2003








November 10, 1987

Rebecca Ebert and Richard Miller

The Handley Library Archives


August, 1993

Trish Ridgeway

History of the Handley Library


October, 1993

Rebecca Ebert

Archives Week


November 23, 1994


Handley Library


December, 1998


Handley Library


November 14, 2003

Trish Ridgeway

90th Anniversary of Cable Talk


April 1, 2001


Handley Regional Library Dedication

“Between the Pages” DVDs

HRL program series, Winchester Community

Television, Shenandoah University

Channel 20

Show No.

Air Date




Show 1





Show 2





Show 3


Kim Bean, Head of Adult Services

Reference Services and HRL web page

Information services

Book News-newsletters

Online book clubs


Show 4


Kim Bean, Head of Adult Services

Online Databases

Link is “Beyond Books”

New databases to come


Show 5


Jennifer Bowers, Development Officer

Fund-raising campaign for the new Clarke County  Library to raise $200,000

Reading by Lee Smith followed this show, but it is not included on CD

Show 6


Pat Ritchie, Glenene Brown



Show 7


Mark Froelick, Becky Ebert



Show 8


Becky Ebert, Michael Gur



Show 9


Michael Gur, Sara Holloway



Show 10


Donna Hughes, Becky Ebert, June Gaskins Davis

Bowman Bill, Groundhog Day


Show 11


Trish Ridgeway, Pat Ritchie, Becky Ebert

Clarke County Update, Genealogy


Show 12


Donna Hughes

Children’s Workshop


Show 13


Trish Ridgeway, Dick Stephenson, Glenene Brown

100th Anniversary


Show 14


Trish Ridgeway, Sandra Gallagher, Becky Ebert

Clarke County Update, and Women’s History Month


Show 15

No Show 15




Show 16


Trish Ridgeway, Donna Hughes, Jennifer Sutter

SRP Catch The Bug, SRP Metamorphosis


Show 17


Trish Ridgeway, Dennis Kellison

One Book, One Community


Show 18


T. Kellison, Taylor, Vernimt, Trish Ridgeway, Westervelt, Voight

One Summer, three Books, and Handley Cornerstone Reenactment


Show 19


Kellison, Taylor, Vernimt “Bobby” Ridgeway, Bingay, Woodruff

Rally for reading, One Book, One Community


Show 20


Schreckengost, Cornell, Hughes, White, Gyursin, Parker

One Book, One Community


Sow 21


Tuttle, Froelich, Richard, Donna Hughes

One Book, One Community


Show 22


Trish Ridgeway, Jenifer Sutter

Pajama Storytime


Show 23


Ridgeway, Jennifer Sutter, Meranda, Trish Ridgeway, Colleen Cornell

Downloadable Audio, J. Stewart Barney Exhibit


Show 24


Vivana Dotson, Trish Ridgeway, Dick Stephenson

Spanish Tips for Children’s Reading, 100th Anniversary


Show 25


Trish Ridgeway, Michael Gur

Computer Care, Cleaning your Computer


Library DVDs
Handley Library Renovation 1997-2006
Bowman Library construction 

Video No.



Filmed by



Handley Library furniture inventory

Filmed all floors & offices of the library for a furniture inventory for insurance purposes. 

Pre-renovation.  Some interesting parts:

8:15 children’s room

8:28 Book sale set-up in Auditorium, Benham Room, lobby

Pat Ritchie



Physical Exam of Handley Library

Dennis Kowal Architects examined the exterior & interior of the library as preparation for renovation plans.  Close-ups of roof problems, leaks, and many other problems in the library.

Dennis Kowal Architects

(Renovation architects)



Cable Talk show.  Barry Lee interviewed Trish Ridgeway & Dennis Kowal about library renovation plans

CableTalk, Channel 6


Sept.-Nov. 1999

And Benham Room steps 12/16/1999

Weekly films of Handley Library renovations

During the library renovation, Pat filmed weekly videos of progress.  The films were shown to staff at Old Town Branch, to the Library Board, and occasionally to CableTalk and civic group meetings.

This one also features the Benham Room step demolition 12/16/1999

Pat Ritchie



Weekly Tours

12/6:  sidewalk replaced, front steps boarded up, glass stacks torn out, stairs to nowhere, refinishing doors, cut new doors in Large Print Room, glass on floor to be cleaned, cleaning old metal shelving, digging up Benham Room steps at former Friends’ closet, Children’s room offices framed, installing shapes in Children’s room ceiling, cementing sidewalks

12/14  Benham room step demo, Beams installed for glass floors, sanding reading rooms, repairing some windows,

12/21 Ceiling repair close-up in Director’s new office on 3rd floor, door cut between YA & Rotunda 2nd floor, putting in glass floor frames, children’s ceiling shapes take form; door cut between Board room & Director’s office.  Dome Tour, no scaffolding yet 

12/28  Terrazzo floor in rotunda exposed, cracked, more glass floor installation, windows out for repair, glass pieces being cleaned, entry to auditorium torn up, Archives emptied into Storage room, 3rd floor elevator lobby has bathroom roughed in

1/5/2000  hole in wall beside Library Shop; hole in wall outside Periodical Room, dry walling children’s room, old Fairfax Lane entry; auditorium with no seats, framed in Lower Gallery with long stairs; Benham room work.

1/10/2000 old circ desk in pieces; door walled up in large Print room; more frames put up in glass floor.

1/18/2000 knocking out windows in 3rd floor Board room, children’s craft area framed in; staff bathroom framed in.

2/8/2000 windows removed on Esplanade; Large print room wooden floor sanded and baseboards.  Balustrades are inside for repair.


2/28/2000 last day on this tape.







Weekly renovation films



Bowman Shelving arrives in storage; plus stone laying and cement pouring at HL (4/19/2000)

Pat Ritchie


7/30/2000 –



1/18/2001 Bowman Library Tour

Weekly renovation films

7/31/2000 light fixtures cleaned & put back; ceiling work ongoing in reading rooms; technology hallway painted & ready; some “Tinker toy” shelves erected to test lighting; archives hallway completed; installing acoustical surfaces in auditorium; glass floors in placed; outside windows removed and boarded up; handicap ramp work by Malcolm _________, and he discusses what he is doing.

8/8/2000  More handicap ramp work, rotunda walls test painted for color; quiet study room work; reading room ceilings being sanded; lockers for staff delivered; removed oil tank at Library Lane; new curbs on Library Lane; chair lift installed in lobby;

8/29/2000 stone work on front porch, interior doors, molding; Ref. Office work; final paint colors in hallways, auditorium work roughed in; light switches labeled; glass floors finished; staff restroom roughed in

9/5/2000 Reading room ceilings nearly done; handicap ramp nearly done, built-in wooden wall shelves 1st floor installation begins; mail room table & shelves; new auditorium light fixtures; children’s room wall shelving installed; original toilet stall door ready for telephone closet. ramp on 3rd floor ready; original doors repaired; molding re-stained & varnished;

9/18/2000 Mezzanine finished; taking out original restroom window frosted glass; panels installed for lighted signs on 1st floor, Benham Gallery details finished; windows for black stairs display in Auditorium; repair work behind stage; varnished inserts in glass floor.

9/25/2000 varnished floors in reading rooms!  Circulation desks installed; auditorium sound baffles installed, and installing moldings; painted metal shelves installed in mezzanine but no railing yet; railings at rotunda archways installed.

10/2/ outside lawn seeded, handicap ramp finished; lights installed; original radiators in place in rotunda; radiator covers installed in reading rooms; lower gallery completed.

10/5/2000 Admin staff move to 3rd floor offices.

10/10/2000 varnish steps, library shop floor; rails for Benham gallery stops, carpet in children’s rooms (but it was removed and re-done later); varnish 3rd floor rotunda

10/31/2000 entryway has holes in wall for electric.  Rails installed in Mezzanine; adult area nearly finished; wall shelves installed for paperback; CD cases arrived; circ desk installed; Jeannette (Business Manager) moved to her office 3nrd floor; Hinkel Harris furniture; Trish’s period furniture in 3rd floor Admin office; oriental rugs in Director’s office; door installed in auditorium; auditorium paint nearly done.

11/13/2000 staff lounge cabinets; auditorium floors varnished!  Walls painted.  2 sample seats; supply room ceiling work.

1/18/2001 Bowman Library tour (last event on tape)

Pat Ritchie



Last Handley weekly Tour

Waiting for carpet!

Old circ desk/bench and statue waiting; antique shelves installed in rotunda halls; rentacrates in view; some pictures on wall; “Tinker toy shelving” ready to assemble, antique tables moved back; period shelving & chairs in place; Benham carpet in place; Handley Etta statue in place; auditorium done, handicap ramp is set up.

Pat Ritchie



Handley Library renovation - - one day of taping

This brief film tour was made to show at the Rotary Club.  I don’t think it has sound.  When Trish or Pat played it for the club, she narrated it in person.

Pat Ritchie



And 6/20/2000

And 6/23/2000 Dome tour with George Ludwig

2/1 and 6/20/2000 - - special tours filmed for CableTalk with no narration.  When we were on the show, they played the film while we narrated with Barry Lee.


6/23/2000 Trish Ridgeway, George Ludwig (Board chairman), and Pat Ritchie climbed into the dome, onto the scaffolding to film and take photos.

It was very far off the ground but the film doesn’t do it justice!  When Pat finished filming, George climbed higher yet and walked across the dome on the scaffolding.  Pat took still pictures of that feat but didn’t videotape it.

Pat Ritchie



5 year anniversary of Renovation, tour of library by Trish Ridgeway

To celebrate the renovation anniversary, we gave library tours.  Pat filmed Trish’s tour.  More information on renovation and library architecture

Pat Ritchie


December 6, 1999-February 28, 2000

Handley Library Renovations, Weekly Tour



September 6, 2000-June 10, 2001

Bowman Library Under Construction



March 28, 2001

Handley Library Renovation 1999-2001




Handley Library Blueprints



100 W. Piccadilly Street—addition to Handley Library, two perspectives: Braddock Street and Fairfax Lane, Smithey and Boynton, Architects, 1978

Annual Report (2 copies)

“Get into Books” Bookmobile (2 copies)

 One Book, One Community flyers (13 copies)

 Jimmy Carter Promoting Handley Library

Newspaper Article – “Hotchkiss Maps”

Newspaper Article – “Restoring History Blueprints” 


100 W. Piccadilly Street—addition to Handley Library, two perspectives: Braddock Street and Fairfax Lane, Smithey and Boynton, Architects, 1978; Mezzanine floor plan, basement floor plan, and first floor plan


Poster to encourage reading, mounted (signed by Senator Harry F. Byrd)

2006 Library Card Month Poster with Harry Byrd