Bethina S. Huddleston Collection

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Handley Regional Library
Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

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1356 THL

Scope and Content: This collection is comprised of reports written by Bethinia Huddleston’s 7th grade class from the Daniel Morgan Middle School, Winchester, VA. These reports cover a wide range of topics from African Americans in Virginia, furniture, art, toys and games of early Virginia.
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Biographical/Historical: Bethinia S. Huddleston is a 7th grade social studies teacher at Daniel Morgan Middle School. She is a resident of Winchester, VA and the donor of this collection.

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Box 1

Note: These materials are reports written by 7th grade Social Studies students of Bethinia Huddleston at Daniel Morgan Middle School in Winchester.

"African-Americans in Virginia - Topical Information," by Alisia Waller, 1993, 2 items, 6 leaves, typescript, photocopy

"Art and Photography in Virginia," by Jaime Carothers, 1993, 1 item; 2 leaves, 10 index cards, manuscript; 2 leaves, typescript; 7 transparencies; 9 color photographs; 10 photographs (photocopy)

Cather, Willa by Samantha Ganse, 1999, 2 leaves, typescript

Cline, Patsy by Kelsey Hawes, n.d., 3 leaves, typescript

"Early Furniture in the Shenandoah Valley," by Whitney Wetsel, 1993, 3 leaves, typescript

Edmunds, John by Donnie Pearson (1999) and "Slaves of John Edmunds" by Stuart Hall (1999), 2 leaves, typescript; 3 leaves, typescript

"Furniture in the Shenandoah Valley," by Jennifer Cahill, 1993, 2 leaves, typescript

"Guns in the Shenandoah Valley," by Steven McGinnis, 1993, 5 leaves, typescript

Handley, Judge John by Rea Karimianpour, 1999, 1 leaf, typescript

"Homes in Winchester," photograph album by Sarah Nicholson, 1993, 1 item

"Heritage of the Shenandoah Valley, III," videotape

"Performing Arts in Winchester and Frederick County," 1992, by Catriona Campbell and Laura Yoder, 8 leaves, typescript

"Potato Hill," by Joseph Wingenbach, 1993, 7 leaves, typescript; 2 leaves, photocopy/manuscript

"Pottery, How It Contributed to the Valley Heritage," by Lorine Giangola, 49 leaves, typescript, 1992

Recipes, 18th century, 1 page, printed (photocopy)

"Quilting," by Jamie Boyce, 1992, illustrated backgrounds, 11 leaves, manuscript

"'The Singin'est War' - 1861-1865," by Mike Leatherman, 1992, 5 leaves, typescript

"Toys and Games of Early Virginia," by Robin Cain, 1992, 3 leaves, typescript; 1 leaf, manuscript

"Winchester in Pictures," by Kaveh Sadeghzadeh, 1992, photographs in loose leaf album, text in typescript, 1 item, 17 pages

Activity Sheets for Arts and….History Storytelling, 24 leaves, printed