Hopewell Monthly Meeting--Society of Friends Records

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1615 THL

Scope and Content: Hopewell-Centre Monthly Meeting of Friends Collection contains minutes of meetings, membership, business transaction receipts, and a graveyard chart for the Hopewell (Quaker) Society of Friends, 19th and 20th centuries. 

(14 boxes) Last updated 2/16.

Biographical/Historical: Hopewell Monthly Meeting of Friends was founded in 1734 and continues as an active meeting today. Centre Monthly Meeting was founded in 1817. The current Meeting House was built in 1872 after Union General Robert Milroy destroyed the original building in 1863 during the Civil War. In the 1990s the two congregations merged. Hopewell is in Clear Brook and Winchester is the home of Centre.

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Box 1 Centre Meeting

“Congregational Vitality: Foundation for Integrity in Evangelism” by James B. Sauer;

1 item, 20 pages, printed

Bond, Mary Maxwell – Birth announcement, 1923, 1 leaf, manuscript

Centre Monthly Meeting -- Brochures – 5 items, printed

Centre Monthly Meeting -- Deed – September, 1870, 2 leaves, typescript (photocopy)

Centre Monthly Meeting – Established 1970

Centre Monthly Meeting – Invitation to Worship, n.d., 2 items, 2 pages, printed

Centre Monthly Meeting Preparative Meeting - notes, February 5, 1933 to July 1, 1934,

1 item, manuscript; 1 leaf, manuscript

Correspondence—Quaker; unnumbered leaves, printed/manuscript

Fairfax Quarterly Meetings – Goose Creek, 1900, 1906, 6 items, manuscript

Finances—Winchester Centre Meeting; 1998-1999, unnumbered leaves, printed

Griffith, John, Memorial of – October 4, 1871, 1 item, 4 pages printed

Law of Sea Treaty, 1982—unnumbered pages, printed

Memorials—Winchester Centre Meeting; 3 leaves, typescript

Miscellaneous Correspondence—Centre Monthly Meeting; unnumbered leaves, printed/typescript

Robinson, Mary Sarah - obituary, December 12, 1959, 1 leaf, typescript

State of the Meeting Report , May 1972-May 1996—8 leaves, printed/typescript

Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission—5 leaves, typescript

BOX 1A—Centre Monthly Meeting—Minutes

Crooked Run Monthly Meeting—Notes from the minutes book, 1783-1785; 11 leaves, typescript

Winchester Centre Meeting Minutes, September 1986-August 1995—1 item, 300 pages, manuscript

Winchester Centre Meeting Minutes, 1990-1992—unnumbered leaves, typescript 

Winchester Centre Meeting Minutes, October 1992-September 1994—1 item, unnumbered pages, printed 

Winchester Centre Meeting Minutes, November 1994-November 1996— 1 item, unnumbered pages, printed

Winchester Centre Meeting Minutes, May 1995-January 1999—unnumbered leaves, printed

BOX 1B—Centre Monthly Meeting—Newsletters

Winchester Centre Meeting Newsletter, November 1969-February 1977—unnumbered leaves, typescript

Winchester Centre Meeting Newsletter, 1977-1992—unnumbered leaves, typescript

 BOX 2 Hopewell Monthly Meeting History

“The History of the Calverts Who Were Quakers” by John R. Buckey—unnumbered leaves, printed

Articles on Quakers—March 1979-April/June 2009, unnumbered leaves, printed/typescript

Butterfield Family History—1731-present; unnumbered leaves, typescript

Correspondence – July 11, 1933-November 3, 1934, unnumbered leaves, typescript

Fashion Show: “Glimpses into a Hopewell Family Album”; June 12, 1957, unnumbered leaves, printed

Historama of Hopewell Meeting House—n.d., 14 pages, typescript

Hopewell Records – 1755-1826

                  Certification of Membership and Removals, 1777-1791, 21 leaves, typescript

                  Certificates of Membership and Removal, 1791-1811, unnumbered leaves,


                  Certificates of Membership and Removal, 1811-1851, 11 leaves, typescript                                     

                  Certificates of Removal, 1783-1807, 11 leaves, typescript

                  Disownments, Book 1-4, 1754-1829, unnumbered leaves, typescript

                  Hoge, Phebe, Membership transfer, November 21, 1866, 1 leafs, typescript

                  Marriage Records, 1749-1830, 11 leaves, typescript

                  Marriage Records, 1783-1803, 13 leaves, typescript

                  Miscellaneous Records, 1755-1826, 21 leaves, typescript

                  Officers Appointed, 1759-1814, unnumbered leaves typescript

Hopewell Friends history, 1734‑1934 ‑ 8 folders of notes used in preparation of book, unnumbered items, typescript

Hopewell Friends history, 1734-1934 – 10 folders of notes used in preparation of book, unnumbered leaves, typescript

"Memories of Hopewell, 1734-1984," 3 items, printed

Robinson, Clarence J.—Correspondence to; 1953-1957, 14 letters, manuscript

New Monthly Meeting Unification—History of; 1954-1970, unnumbered leaves, printed/manuscript

250th Anniversary 1984—unnumbered leaves, typescript/manuscript

BOX 3 Hopewell Monthly Meeting, History-News Articles

Hopewell Centre Meeting—Quaker Calendar, 2 items, printed

Hopewell Records Available on Microfilm—8 leaves, typescript

News Clippings – unnumbered leaves, printed

Scrapbook of Mary Smith—Goose Creek, 1900, 1906, news articles pasted in book

BOX 4 The Monthly Silence, Hopewell-Centre Friends Meetings Newsletter


























BOX 5 Hopewell Monthly Meeting Newsletters

Hopewell Center Friends Newsletter, October 1998, January and February 1999—4 leaves, printed

Monthly Silence 2010

Monthly Silence 2011

Monthly Silence 2012

Monthly Silence 2013-2015

BOX 6 Hopewell Monthly Meeting—Committees and Businesses A-L

Advancement Committee

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Notices:

-Postcard of Yearly Dues from Hopewell Monthly Meeting 3-18-1953, manuscript

-Letter re: Harvie Clymer for Minister 12-3-1971, 3 pages, typescript

-Letter calling for resignation of President Nixon 11-5-1973, 1 page, typescript

-Letter call for discussion and support of film, budget attached, 2-18-1983, 3 pages, typescript

-Ad hoc committee notes re: possible reorganization 2-20-1971, 2 pages

-“We Have Assembled On Thy Holy Ground” by Martha Sheetz, 2 pages, 5-1962, typescript

Baltimore Yearly Meeting of Friends-Proceedings of—279th Annual, 1950; 109 pages, printed

Books belonging to the Library—120 pages, manuscript



Hopewell Library Records—1 item, unnumbered leaves, manuscript

Interchange Notices 1977-1983:
-Hopewell Meeting Notice Fall 1977, 1 page, printed

-Hopewell Meeting Notices Spring 1982, 1 page, printed

-Birth Notices Summer 1982, 1 page, printed

-Hopewell Meeting Notices Winter 1982, 1 page, printed

-Hopewell Meeting Notice of 250th Anniversary Winter 1983, 1 page, printed

-Hopewell Meeting Notice of Half-Yearly Meeting held 5-1983, 2 pages, printed

Lunch Committee Records—1 item, unnumbered pages, manuscript

Miscellaneous Correspondence

BOX 6A Hopewell Monthly Meeting—Committees and Businesses M-Z

Marriages At Hopewell Meeting 1979-1984:

-Hamler/Wilson Marriage 11-24-1979

-Crawford/Cummings Marriage 5-15-1976

-Munsell/Lupton Marriage 7-11-1981

-Bates/Physioc Marriage 6-28-1981

-Light/Clark Marriage summer 1982

-Alexander/Bratina Marriage 9-1982

-Massie/Riley Marriage 7-9-1983

-Sparling/Trent Marriage 10-15-1983

-Gallo/Sekinger Marriage 10-7-1984

Membership Directory

Membership Requests 1976-1983—unnumbered items, manuscripts

Membership Statistics

Membership Transfers 1834, 1853—2 leaves, manuscript

Memorials and Obituaries:

-Copy of will of Sarah Zane, gift to Hopewell, copy dated 1899, manuscript

-Memorial of John Griffith d. 3-18-1870

-Memorial of Mary Sarah Robinson d. 12-12-1959

-Memorial of Lillian Doing Kent d. 7-13-1978

-Obit of Gladys Virginia Cochran d. 8-9-1979

-Memorial of Grace Edgerton Clevenger d. 1-12-1981

-Memorial of Eunice Kenworthy Pidgeon d. 6-1982

Miscellaneous Study Materials


Petitions for Membership/Marriage Permissions/Transfers, 1961-1981


Trustees—2 leaves, typescript

Vaught, Arnold—Letters, 1963-1979

BOX 7 Hopewell Monthly Meeting—Minutes

Minutes of the Hopewell Meeting Trustees—March 4, 1951-June 25, 1953, 1 manuscript, 8 pages

Hopewell—Minutes of Monthly Meeting United, August 11, 1963-December 14, 1969; 1 item, manuscript, 206 pages

Minutes of Monthly Meeting—January 18, 1970-December 1978; 1 item, 157 leaves, typescript

Minutes of Monthly Meeting—January 14, 1979-December 14, 1980; 1 item, unnumbered leaves, typescript

Minutes of Monthly Meeting—January 11, 1981-November 11, 1984; 192 leaves, typescript

Minutes of Monthly Meeting 1988—1 item, unnumbered pages, typescript

Minutes of Monthly Meeting, June 2, 1996—1 leaf, printed

Minutes of Monthly Meeting, 1998—unnumbered leaves, printed

Minutes of Monthly Meeting, 1999—unnumbered leaves, printed

Minutes of Hopewell Center Monthly Meeting—2003, unnumbered pages, printed

Minutes of Hopewell Center Monthly Meeting—2004, unnumbered pages, printed

Minutes of Hopewell Center Monthly Meeting—2005, unnumbered pages, printed

Minutes of Hopewell Center Monthly Meeting—2006, unnumbered pages, printed

Minutes of Hopewell Center Monthly Meeting—2006-2007, unnumbered pages, printed

Notes from first minutes book 1741-1777—unnumbered leaves, typescript 

BOX 8 Hopewell Meeting Sunday School Minutes and Attendance



4/1/1900 – 3/31/1901 Minutes                      


1943-1944 Attendance only

1933-1939 Attendance only

1893-1899 Minutes only

1943 Attendance (2 pages)


1910-1919 Attendance

George Fox Study Group—Minute Book, 1 item, unnumbered leaves, manuscript

Miscellaneous Minutes

Religious Education Committee:

-Minutes of Education Committee 2-26-1979, 2 pages, typescript

-Minutes of Education Committee 4-4-1979, 1 page, typescript

- Guide to Maintain Continuity in Teaching 2-26-1979, 11 pages, typescript

-Minutes of Education Committee 2-27-1980, 1 page, typescript

-Discussion on a Sunday School Lesson on speaking out of the silence 1-2-1982, 1 page, manuscript

-Discussion on concerns re: Sunday School 7-24-1983, 1 page, manuscript

-Minutes of Education Committee 10-18-1983, 2 pages, typescript

-Minutes of Education Committee 12-6-1983, 1 page, manuscript

BOX 9 Hopewell Monthly Meeting—Buildings and Grounds

Hopewell quilt c. 1988

Hopewell Remodeling Records 1910-1912, unnumbered leaves, printed/manuscript

Hopewell Meeting House Renovation 2012

Repairs to Hopewell Meeting:

-Possible uses of property and needed repairs 1983, 3 pages, manuscript

-Suggestions made to building and grounds committee by George Sheetz 2-17-1984,1 page, manuscript

-Buildings and grounds committee, division of responsibilities—n.d. 2 pages, manuscript

-Estimate for work on meeting house, n.d.—1 page, manuscript

-Master plan for grounds, undated—1 page, manuscript

-Roof work—1991 request for funds, progress report, 4 pages, typed

-Roof and chimney work, 1994—assorted bills, 9 pages, printed

-Hopewell plaster project—2011, printed

Patents issued to members Alexander Ross and Morgan Bryan Expedition, 1795—3 leaves, typescript

Hopewell Meeting Land Records:

-Indenture for original meeting house land parcel 1751—5 pages, manuscript

-Typed copy of original indenture of 1751—5 pages, typescript

-Land survey of estate of George Fayette Washington, showing Hopewell lot 6-18-1923—2 pages, typescript

-Deed for one acre lot sold to Duncan family 6-20-1944; 4 pages typescript

-Maps showing land of B.H. Cochran in relationship to Hopewell meeting lot 6-1-1967; 5 pages, typescript

-Stonewall district land survey done for Hopewell meeting 4-1982; 7 pages, typescript

-History of original land grant of 10 acres; 10-10-1983, 2 pages, manuscript

-Boundary survey of Hopewell meeting 1982, printed

Various Construction Projects, unnumbered leaves, manuscript

Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission:

-Historic landmarks pamphlet and letter of intent for Hopewell meeting 11-1977, 1 page, printed

-Letter of placement on Virginia Landmarks register 11-1997, 1 page, printed

-Letter of placement on national register of historic places, 4-11-1980, 3 pages, printed

BOX 10 Hopewell Monthly Meeting—Cemeteries

Center Meeting Graveyard—moved to Hopewell

Hopewell—Graveyard; 8 pages, typescript, 2 copies

Ridge Burial Ground; 5 leaves, manuscript, 2 leaves, printed

Ridge Meeting and Cemetery lot—deed references, 1803; 1 leaf, typescript (photocopy)

BOX 11 Hopewell Monthly Meeting—Account books  

Hopewell account books—1933, 1933-1954, 1935-1954; 3 items, manuscript

Hopewell Meeting bank books—1905-1962; seven items, manuscript

Hopewell school account book—1959-1961; 1 item, manuscript

Hopewell meeting account book—1934-1956; 1 item, 300 pages, manuscript

Sunday school diplomas—1911-1931; 5 items, printed

Hopewell member information—names, birthdates, death dates, marriages, etc. 1908-1931; 1 item, 138 pages, manuscript

Mapcase 2, Drawer 14 (Oversized)
Architectural drawings of Hopewell, 1972, 8 leaves, printed

Boundary Survey of Hopewell Monthly Meeting, March 22, 1982—4 items, printed/ typescript, 2 items mounted on foam boards

Deed to Hopewell from Evan Rogers and Evan Thomas to Trustees, April 2, 1792, 1 leaf, manuscript

Newspaper clippings from 1936—200th Anniversary (2 copies)


Selected Hopewell records, 1759-1929, 6 reels in white microfilm cabinet, drawer labeled "Church Records"


Hopewell Friends History 1734-1934 Frederick Co., VA, Joint Committee of Hopewell Friends
289.675599 H77