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B. Floyd Flickinger Papers

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives
Handley Regional Library
Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

P.O. Box 58, Winchester, VA 22604
(540) 662-9041 ext. 17

1575 WFCHS

Scope and Content: This collection is comprised of miscellaneous papers covering research on the life of General Daniel Morgan by B. Floyd Flickinger. The materials are arranged in chronological order.
(6 boxes) Last updated 02/06.

Biographical/Historical: General Daniel Morgan was born in 1736 in New Jersey and died on July 6, 1802 at his home in Winchester, VA. His spectacular service during the American Revolutionary War, particularly at the Battle of Saratoga and Cowpens, earned him a gold medal from Congress and the rank of Brigadier General in the Continental Army. In 1828, B. Floyd Flickinger chose the life of Daniel Morgan as his thesis at the University of Virginia. He became the first park historian for the National Park Service in Jamestown, VA. This collection was acquired in preparation for a book.

Bibliography: Quarles, Garland R. Some Worthy Lives. Winchester, VA: Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society, 1988. "Riding with Wagoner Morgan," by B. Floyd Flickinger. Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society Journal, Vol. 14, p.30.

Cite As: B. Floyd Flickinger Papers, 1575 WFCHS, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA.


Box 1

Chapter 1 – revised, 20 leaves, typescript

Chapter 1 Wagoner Daniel Morgan – notes, unnumbered pages-typescript/manuscript

Chapter 1 – Young Morgan Comes to the Shenandoah, 6 leaves, typescript

Chapter 2 – A Wagoner with Braddock – 1755 – Notes, unnumbered pates, typescript/manuscript

Chapter 2 – Revised – Runaway Dan Morgan comes to the Shenandoah 1753-1755, 15 leaves, typescript

Notes II, 2 Ranger Morgan, unnumbered pages, manuscript/typescript

Chapter 3 – A Wagoner with Braddock, May – July 1755, 21 leaves, typescript

Chapter 3 – revised A Wagoner with Braddock May – July, 1755, unnumbered, typescript

Chapter 4 – Ranger Morgan of Captain Ashby’s Company 1755-1757, 10 leaves, typescript

Chapter 4 Ranger Morgan of Captain Ashby’s Company, 1755-1757, 10 leaves, typescript

Chapter 5 Hell Raising, 18 leaves, typescript, 5 leaves, manuscript

Chapter 6 Captain Morgan and his Rifleman, 5 leaves, typescript

Chapter 6 – Notes, unnumbered pages, typescript/manuscript

Chapter 10 Hell Raising – Notes, unnumbered pages, typescript/manuscript

Prospectus of a Biography of General Daniel Morgan, Thunderbolt of War, 46 leaves, typescript, 1 leaf, manuscript—Part Two—Prospectus of a Biography of General Daniel Morgan, Thunderbolt of War, pp. 36-82, 38 leaves, typescript

Typed copy of Chapters 1 – 8 placed in a spring binder

Box 2

Authorities – Sources, unnumbered pates, printed/manuscript

Carter, Geo. Tract – Fairfax Northern Neck Proprietary, unnumbered, manuscript/printed

American Revolution – Rifle, use of, unnumbered pages, printed/manuscript

Ashby, John – Notes, unnumbered pages, typescript/manuscript

Background, unnumbered pages, typescript/manuscript/news articles

Chappelear, Curtis--Correspondence, 1943, unnumbered leaves, manuscript

Morgan, Abigail Curry, unnumbered leaves, typescript

Morgan Grave – news articles, unnumbered leaves, printed

Morgan Grave Controversy – 1951 – news articles, unnumbered leaves, printed

Morgan, Willoughby, unnumbered pages, manuscript/typescript

Morgan, Willoughby, unnumbered pages, manuscript/typescript

Morgan, Willoughby – notes, unnumbered pages, printed/manuscript

Pontiac’s War – 1763-1764, unnumbered pages, manuscript

Virginia Frontier – Defense of August 1755-1760, unnumbered pages, manuscript/news clippings

War of 1812, unnumbered pages, manuscript

Thesis: Daniel Morgan and the Southern Campaign, 1780-1871, unnumbered pages, typescript/manuscript

Box 3

Index Cards in a box, arranged by year and subject, unnumbered pages, typescript/manuscript

Box 4

Index Cards in a box, arranged by year, subject and source, unnumbered pages, typescript/manuscript

Box 5

Accounts in Early Publications, unnumbered pages, printed (photocopy) manuscript (photocopy)

Bounty Land – 1797-1798 controversy, unnumbered pages, manuscript

Documents of Daniel Morgan in the national Archives, 5 leaves, typescript

Hill, Rev. William – Mss Relating to Morgan – Berry, Benjamin, unnumbered pages, printed (photocopy) typescript

Indian Warfare, unnumbered pages, typescript/manuscript

Material Summaries, unnumbered pages, typescript/manuscript

Morgan Interpretations of, unnumbered items, manuscripts/typescript

Morgan Letters, unnumbered pages, printed/manuscript

Frederick County records, unnumbered pages, manuscript

News articles – 1966, 1968 Daniel Morgan Memorial foundation, unnumbered pages, typescript

Morgan, Daniel – Life, unnumbered pages, manuscript

Portraiture, unnumbered pages, typescript

Notes, unnumbered pages, printed/typescript

Notes, unnumbered items, manuscript (photocopy)/ typescript

Notes, unnumbered pages, manuscript/typescript

Snicker’s Account – 1782, unnumbered pages, manuscript

Isaacs – Leases, Grants, etc., unnumbered pages, manuscript/typescript

1756-1767 colonial Temster; lashing; expedition to Edwards Fort, unnumbered pages, manuscript

1763-1764, unnumbered pages, manuscript/typescript

1765-1772 Marriage; Home; Capt. Frederick county Militia, unnumbered pages, manuscript/typescript

1768 – 1769, unnumbered pages, manuscript

1770 – 1771, unnumbered pages, manuscript/typescript

1772 – 1773, unnumbered pages, manuscript

Yearly Chronology – 1773, unnumbered pages, manuscript

1775 – Captain Militia Co. "Dutch Mess" March to Cambridge, unnumbered pages, manuscript

1781 -- 1782 - 1783 – 1784 – 1785, unnumbered pages, manuscript

1782 Court Records, unnumbered pages, manuscript

1783 court Records, unnumbered pages, and manuscript

1784 Court Records, unnumbered pages, manuscript

1785 – Morgan’s Accounts with Nathaniel Burwell, unnumbered pages, manuscript

1785 – 1794 Berkeley County, unnumbered pages, manuscript

1785 – 1794, unnumbered pages, manuscript

1786 – 1787 Court Records, unnumbered items, manuscript

1788 – 1789 – 1790, unnumbered pages, manuscript

1797 – 1798, unnumbered pages, manuscript

1793 – 1800 John Summerton’s Account, unnumbered pages

1794 Whiskey Insurrection – Maj. Gen., unnumbered pages, manuscript

1794 Whiskey Insurrection; A Maj. Gen., unnumbered pages, typescript/manuscript

1794 Whiskey Insurrection, unnumbered pages, manuscript

1794 Whiskey Insurrection, 29 leaves, typescript

1794 whiskey Insurrection, unnumbered pages, printed

1799, unnumbered pages, manuscript

1832, unnumbered pages, manuscript

1791 Court Records, unnumbered pages, manuscript

1796 – 1799 Congress A Federalist, unnumbered pages, manuscript/typescript

1799 – 1800 Provisional Army, unnumbered pages, manuscript/typescript

1799 – 1802 Court Records, unnumbered pages, manuscript

1800 Court Records, unnumbered pages, manuscript

1801 Court Records, unnumbered pages, manuscript

1802 Court Records, 9 leaves, manuscript

Death, Funeral, Grave – 1802, unnumbered pages, typescript/manuscript

1803, unnumbered pages, manuscript

1831, unnumbered pages, photostats

1831, unnumbered pages, photostats

Box 6 Books

Daniel Morgan Revolutionary Rifleman, by Don Higginbotham, published 1961

Life of General Daniel Morgan by James Graham, published in 1856 (2 copies)