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Lurena McIlwee Feagans Collection

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives
Handley Regional Library
Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

P.O. Box 58, Winchester, VA 22604
(540) 662-9041 ext. 17

1682 THL

SCOPE AND CONTENT: The collection contains material and memorabilia from the career of W. H. McIlwee, the first director of the John Handley High School Band compiled by his daughter, Lurena McIlwee Feagans.

(1 box) Last updated 03/10.

BIOGRPAHICAL/HISTORICAL: Lurena McIlwee Feagans was the daughter of John Handley High School Band Director W. H. McIlwee. She born December 31, 1914 and passed away on October 5, 2009.

Her father was the founder of what is today the John Handley High School Marching. Originally from Romney, WV, W. H. McIlwee was proficient in both the piano and cornet from his childhood, and had a knack for forming successful bands. During his lifetime he was responsible for forming and directing several successful bands. In addition to the one he founded at John Handley High School, he established the McIlwee Concert Band when he was a teenager. McIlwee passed away in the 1945.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Taken from the collection.

CITE AS: Lurena McIlwee Feagans Collection # 1682, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA.

Box 1

Dedicatory Exercises, Winchester Armory – for Company I, 116th Infantry and Headquarters Detachment, December 8, 1940, 2 pages, printed

Feagans, Lurena McIlwee – In Memoriam, UDC Magazine, March, 2010, 2 leaves, printed

Itinerary – Tour of the "Shenandoah Valley Special" to Canada, New England, Sesqui-Centennial and Atlantic City, August 3 to 13, 1926, 6 pages, printed

Invitation to Commencement Exercises at Handley High School, June 5-9, 1932, 2 pages plus a card inserted in the invitation, printed

"Life of W. H. McIlwee" – 7 leaves, manuscript, 1 leaf, typescript

"The John Handley High School Band" by Lurena McIlwee Feagans, 3 leaves, manuscript, 1 leaf, typescript

News Clippings

Obituary – Lurena McIlwee Feagans, October 6, 2009, 1 leaf, printed (photocopy)

Obituary – W. H. McIlwee,

Queen Shenandoah XIII Coronation Order and Ceremony, n.d., 2 pages, printed

Stationary – McIlwee’s Municipal Band, Winchester, VA, 3 leaves, printed

Tributes to W. H. McIlwee, 2 leaves, typescript and printed

WINC Dedication Program, July 13, 1941, 2 leaves, typescript