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Frederick County Fruit Growers Association Inc. Records

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives
Handley Regional Library
Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

P.O. Box 58, Winchester, VA 22604
(540) 662-9041 ext. 17

1713 THL

SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains information relating to the Frederick County Fruit Growers Association and German POW camp in Winchester, Virginia. The collection spans the years 1946-1962. Ephemera includes bills/invoices and the distribution of costs of the German POW camp along with reports relating to POW, Bahamian and White labor utilized on local Frederick County farms as well as information regarding the sale of the German POW camp on March 29, 1947. Also contained within the collection are treasury and financial reports of the POW camp, building and contact specifications/pricing, as well as the POW camp daily and weekly payroll information and forms of individual workers from 1946-1947.
3 Boxes (Last Updated 05/2016)

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The Frederick County Fruit Growers Association Inc. helped to establish the German POW camp utilized during and after WWII. POW, Bahamian and white workers were used to operate Winchester and Frederick County apple orchards throughout 1946-1962. The German POW camp was effectively shut down and sold on March 29, 1947 thus ending the use of POW labor for Frederick County fruit growers.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Taken from the collection.

CITE AS: Frederick County Fruit Growers Association Inc. Records, 1713 THL, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA.


BOX 1-Bills/Invoices
German POW Camp Distribution of Cost/General Correspondence for German POW Camps—contains the distribution of cost and estimated cost of construction along with correspondence; unnumbered leaves, typescript.

German POW Camp Distribution of Cost/Reimbursable Receipts of Bills, 1946—contains the distribution of cost of construction for May 13, 1946, statement of account/reimbursable receipts of bills.

Frederick County Fruit Growers Association; Social Security Tax Returns—contains tax return forms and information 1949-1959; unnumbered leaves, typescript.

German Prisoners of War Camp (Bills), 1944-1947, Extension Account-F&M National Bank—contains POW Accounts for Farmers and Merchants, POW Camp requests for goods and services, and POW Camp statements/receipts; unnumbered leaves, typescript.

Invoices/Bills Paid (1954-1958)—contains receipts and invoices of past bills to various individuals and companies, along with correspondence regarding the payment; unnumbered leaves, typescript.

Migratory Labor Camp Bills (1946)—contains a list of individuals who use Bahaman works as well as a list of the 1946 rules and regulations governing the use of the workers; 7 leaves, typescript.

Paid Invoices, 1958—unnumbered leaves, typescript/manuscript.

Reimbursable for German POW Camp—contains receipts for reimbursable bills, reimbursable bills on statement, and statements of cost; unnumbered leaves, typescript.

BOX 2—POW Camp Workers/Labor

Bahamian Labor Administrative Instructions of Bahamas Governments and Frederick County Fruit Growers (1956-1958)—contains the administrative instructions as well as the Bahamian Work Agreements; 24 leaves, typescript.

Bahamian Labor, 1947—contains correspondence, employment agreements/requests, employment/worker requests and responses, payroll information, and weekly payroll information; unnumbered leaves, typescript

Bahamian/White Labor Accounts and Inventories, 1946—contains Bahamian account/payroll, disbursements/deposits, inventory lists/receipts, receipts/bills of payment, white labor camp account/payroll; unnumbered leaves, typescript

Farm Labor Program, 1945—contains employment agreement/contracts, rules and regulations of employment as well as lists of individuals who use prisoners of war for labor purposes; unnumbered leaves, typescript

Forms for Petition of Non-Immigrants/Aliens/Correspondence (1958)—11 leaves, three blank forms, two completed forms, typescript

German Prisoner of War Camp-Weekly Summary (1945-1946)—contains daily contract time records, contract of labor statement/weekly summary, statements of account, transportation allowances; unnumbered leaves, typescript

German POW Camp Sale, March 29, 1947—contains correspondence, statements/distribution of cost and public sale notice poster; unnumbered leaves, typescript

German POW Labor-Service Fee—contains contract labor statements, farm labor needs/peach and apple survey, information on fruit growers in the area, and listed service fees for POW labor; unnumbered leaves, typescript.

News Articles—2 leaves, printed/typescript.

BOX 3—Financial Reports/Payroll

Building Specifications and Contract Prices (1958-1962)—unnumbered leaves, typescript.

Frederick County Fruit Growers, Inc. Treasurer Reports—contains financial reports/statement 1943-1947; unnumbered leaves, typescript.

German POW Camp Daily and Weekly Payroll (October 1-31, 1946); unnumbered leaves, manuscript on printed form.

German POW Camp Daily and Weekly Payroll (September 16-30, 1946); unnumbered leaves, manuscript on printed form.

German POW Payroll forms (1946-1947)—contains individual rate of pay information and POW employer’s assignment sheet; 13 leaves, manuscript on printed form.

German POW Camp Fund—contains correspondence/receipts of payment and distribution of cost construction for April 10, 1947 and June 30, 1947 and information on the German POW camp fund; 25 leaves, typescript.

Prisoners of War-Mileage, Statements, Correspondence (1945)—contains POW camp accounting, orchardist information including bills/notices of payment, statements/receipts and information on mileage; unnumbered leaves, typescript.

Mileage Reports for POW Camps/Labor—contains correspondence, mileage reports for May-September 1945; 17 leaves, typescript.

Statistical Reports/Treasurer’s Report, 1957-1959—31 leaves, typescript/manuscript.