Election-Political Papers

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Handley Regional Library
Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

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EXTENT: 0.42 linear feet

DATE: 1776-2019

SCOPE AND CONTENT: The Election-Political Papers collection consists of a variety of materials related to political campaigns and elections that took place in the Winchester-Frederick County area from 1776 to the present.  

RELATED MATERIAL: The Young Men’s Democratic Club Collection, 829 THL (Mapcase 1, Drawer 14).

CITE AS: Election-Political Papers, 1479 WFCHS/THL, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA. 



News Articles, unnumbered, printed 

1776—“A Summary View of the Rights of British America: Set first in some resolutions intended for the inspection of the present delegates of the people of Virginia, now in convention” by Thomas Jefferson; 1 item, 23 pages, printed (This item was printed in colonial Williamsburg and is a facsimile edition of the original text). 

1789-1892–Election History (Presidential), contains candidates and platforms, 1 item, printed

1800–Frederick County Presidential Election Return, 1 leaf, manuscript (Photostat)

1840 – To the People of Virginia – Address against Martin Van Buren for President, 1 item, printed

1844—Address to the Whigs of Berkeley, 1 leaf, printed

1851—Rumsey, David Jr.—Payment for service in House of Representative, 2 items handwritten on printed form

1855—Virginia Offices–Frederick County results –“Winchester Republican”, May 25, 1855, 1 leaf, printed

1860–National Democratic Ticket, 1 leaf, printed

1860–Presidential Election–Frederick County results, 4 leaves, typescript (photocopy)

1861–Delegates–Frederick County results and state results, 4 leaves, typescript (photocopy)

1861—Virginia Electoral Ticket, 1 item, printed

1872—The Reform Movement. A national convention called to meet at Cincinnati, May 1, 1872; resolutions of the Liberal Republican State Convention of Missouri. Speech by Gov. B. Gatz Brown. Washington: F&J Rives and Geo A. Bailey, reporters and printers of the Debates of Congress, 1872, printed, 4 pages

1880-1884–Election Tickets: President, Virginia Re-Adjuster Ticket, City Council–Republican, City Offices–Democratic Coalition, Frederick Co. Sheriff, 5 items, printed

1885–Virginia Democratic Canvass Book, campaign expenses for unknown candidate, 30.5cm x 12cm, 1 item, printed with manuscript

1887–Registrar’s Notice, Ward No 3, Oct. 18, 1887, 1 item, printed

1894—Winchester City Common Council, 1 item, printed

1896—City of Winchester—Official Ballot

1896–Elections–National results, The Star (Winchester), Oct. 24 –Nov. 9, 1896, 56 leaves printed (photocopy)

1916 – Presidential Election Ballot, 1 item, printed

1920’s–Democratic Campaign Committee for the City of Winchester, Sept. 27, 1920–regarding registering women to vote, 2 leaves, printed (photocopy)

1930s–Council Election, June 10, 1930, 1 item, printed

1935 – 6 Republican speeches, 6 booklets, printed (folder contains the following)
“New Deal Expenditures Deny Youth Opportunity”
“Danger Signals in Agriculture Program”
“Good Government and Sound Business”
“Taxes! Who Pays”
“Relief at a Price”
“New Deal Depression Has Become Political”

1941 – Democratic Primary – Governor – Sample Ballot

1950s – Note to Merchants and Others – Bond Issue, April 13, 1954, 1 leaf, printed

1960s-1970s—Campaign of Jim Largent for the 7th District Congress and the 21st Senatorial District; multiple items, printed

1970–Winchester City Election, May 4, 1976, 1 item, printed

1986–Congressman D. French Slaughter, Report to the People

1990—Winchester Ward System, 1 item, printed

1992—Winchester City council Campaigns, 1 items, printed

2002 – Winchester City Council Campaign, 53 leaves, printed and typescript

2008 – Winchester City Council/Mayor Campaigns, 2 items, printed

No date–Winchester City Council, Governor, etc., 6 leaves, printed; 1 note, manuscript

No date–To the Voters of Frederick

2013 – Larry Lamar Yates for Delegate, 29th District of Virginia, 1 page, printed

2016 – Sample Ballots – Democratic/Republican Presidential Election

2016-17 – Local Winchester Election

2019 – Campaign Sticker, Dave LaRock, 33rd District Delegate, 1 item, printed

2019 – Voter advertising cards, Richard D Kibler, Boyce Town Mayor, 2 items, printed



Poster for election–Howard W. Smith for Congress, A. Willis Robertson for U.S. Senate and Harry F. Byrd, Jr. for U.S. Senate, n.d., printed

Broadside—Election Debate—March 23, 1811