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EXTENT: 0.42 linear feet

DATE: 1806; 1966

SCOPE AND CONTENT: The Charles H. Kirkland Collection is primarily a list of historic buildings in Winchester, Virginia with information about the history of the building, location, and occupancy. Also included in the collection is an extract from the will of Joseph Longacre, dated December 1, 1806, with information about the provenance of a number of books in Longacre’s collection. 

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Charles H. Kirkland was born in Massachusetts in 1914. He later moved to Winchester, Virginia and worked as a land surveyor. Kirkland also served on the City of Winchester’s Board of Architectural Review and in 1966 he created the survey the City’s historic building that forms the bulk of his collection. Kirkland’s interest in the will of Joseph Longacre led him to conclude that some of the books came from the estate of Isaac Zane, a justice of Frederick County and a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses. Moreover, a number of the Zane books came from the library at Westover, the estate of William Byrd III.

CITE AS: Charles H. Kirkland Collection, 611 WFCHS, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA.




Newspaper photographs of old Winchester, 30 items

Board of Architectural Review, City of Winchester - field inspection, 1966, preliminary list

Index file - Winchester properties by street name

Winchester notes on local history, 7 leaves, typescript

Longacre, Joseph – Will extract – December 1, 1806, 1 item, 3 leaves, typescript

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Index to Photographs
(Filed Photographs, Winchester Buildings, arranged by Address)

Color photographs of Winchester, VA buildings, 1966, 36 items, accession numbers 611-2 through 611-36:

19 North Washington Street, the Bennett Taylor House (611-2)
806 Berryville Avenue, the Baker House (611-3)
14-16 South Kent Street, the Samuel Brown House (611-4)
414 North Kent Street, the William Armistead Evans Home (611-5)
208-210 North Kent Street (611-6)
(?) Kent Street (611-7)
12 North Cameron Street, the Conrad House (611-8)
114 North Cameron Street, the Jacob Baker House (611-9)
112 North Cameron Street, the O. M. Brown House (611-10)
110 North Cameron Street (611-11)
29 South Cameron Street, the Dr. Alfred Davis Henkel House (611-12)
41-43 South Cameron Street, the Christian Streit property (611-13)
43 South Cameron Street, the Christian Streit property (611-14)
213 South Cameron Street, the Haymaker House (611-15)
215 South Cameron Street (611-16)
415 North Braddock Street, the Fuller-Moore House/Stonewall Jackson's Headquarters (611-17)
311 North Braddock Street, the James Meredith House (611-18)
135 North Braddock Street, the Lloyd Logan House/Sheridan's Headquarters (611-19)
103 North Braddock Street, the McGuire House (611-20)
15 (?) North Braddock Street (611-21)
19 (?) North Braddock Street (611-22)
319 North Braddock Street, the Kent Street Presbyterian Church Manse (611-23)
133 North Washington Street (611-24)
35 West Piccadilly Street, the Reverend George Reed House (611-25)
134 West Piccadilly Street, the Otto-Miller House (611-26)
306 East Piccadilly Street, the Old Stone Presbyterian Church (611-27)
124 West Piccadilly Street (611-28)
130-132 West Piccadilly Street (611-29)
16-20 West Piccadilly Street (611-30)
110 West Boscawen Street, the Susan Beemer House (611-31)
124 West Boscawen Street, the Phillips House (611-32)
230 West Boscawen Street, the Seevers House (611-33)
226 Amherst Street, the Daniel Morgan House (611-34)
138 Amherst Street, the Tidball House (611-35)
120-122 (?) Amherst Street (611-36)