Korean War Collection

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives Room
Handley Regional Library
Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

P.O. Box 58, Winchester, VA 22604
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Scope and Content: This collection is comprised of service records and photographs of men and women of the Winchester-Frederick County area, who served in the Korean War. Also included are news articles; reminiscences; and ephemera of the Korean War.
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Biographical/Historical: The Korean War was a military struggle fought on the Korean Peninsula from June 1950 to July 1953. The conflict began as a war between North and South Korea, which later included the United States and 19 other nations. The U.S. and the United Nations came to the aid of South Korea to prevent the communist invasion.

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Organization: Box 1

Men and women who served in Korean War
(R = military record, P = photograph, O = oral history interview, T = transcript, N = news article)


Branch of Service

Major Theaters



Adams, Richard L. (O) Army      
Barley, Floyd Allen (P) Navy

Served on USS Midway


served 1952-1956

Beck, William W. (P)
Berry, James H. Army     POW served 1947-1953
Brill, Charles W., Jr. (P)        



Cain, Charles T. 3rd Marine Division Japan and Mt. Fuji   Aug., 1952-Sept., 1953

3rd Tank Battalion

Campbell, Paul (P) Army Korea   1949 ? 1953
Clem, Richard L. (RPO) Army      
Cochran, Douglas E. Army Stationed in Germany    
Combs, Lonnie Wilson, Jr. (RP)        
Cox, Charles Posey (P) Army   Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, and others  
Culbert, Stephen (O) Air Force     July 1951-June, 1955
Dadisman, Okey V., Jr. I        
Ebert, Lewis H. (RPO) Air Force      
Feltner, Herbert Lee (P) Navy     1951-1955
Finley, Floyd (P) Air Force     African-American
Fish, Dr. Raymond (RPO) Army   Purple Heart, Bronze Star 1952-1956
Fishback, Cpl. James Armested (P) Army     1953-1955
Gillespie, Charles E. (RP)        
Ginn, Henry Briscoe (P) Army     1951-53
Hoak, Charles R. (O) Army   Korean Service Medal, and others  
Hoover, Wayne C. (P) Marine Tank Battalion     1953-1956
Jackson, Wesley (P) Army     African-American
Jackson, William I (O) Marine      
Jolliffe, Arthur N. (PO) Navy      
Jones, Donald H. (P) (O) Army     1951-2 (from

Stephens City)

Kendall, Allan Lee (P) Air Force      
Kerns, Wilmer L. (R ) Navy     Served 1950-53
Knee, Ross (P) Air Force Tokyo   Served 1950-54
Knee, Walter H. "Skeeter" (P) Army     Served 1953-56
Kowalski, Francis (RPO) Navy Medic      
Laconia, Leonard (O P) Air Force      
Lazzera, Albert C. (PO) Air Force      
Legge, Allen (P) Army     Killed in Korea
Lewis, John G. (RPO) Army   3 Bronze Stars  
Locke, James A. D. (P) Army     also served in World War II and Vietnam
Lillis, Jack Warner ( R P)        
Luttrell, John P. (P) Army      
Manning, Lisa Kay (P) Air Force      
McGolerick, David T. (P)        
Mills, William F. (O) Army      
Norton Jr., Clay Shull (O)        
Olinger, Phillip (P) Air Force      
Orndorff, Jack (P)        
Patterson, David A. (O,T) Army      
Perry, Richard Wolfe (O) Marine      
Peterson, David (P) Army Korea    
Ramey, Roger A., Sr. (P) Air Force      
Riley, Lewis C. (RP)        
Ritenour, Henry (PO) Army      
Ritter, Ben (P) Air Force Greenland    
Ritter, James Lewis (P) Navy      
Rodgers, Charles A. (O) Air Force Korea    
Scott, Billy J. (O) Army     Sept., 1950-July 2, 1952
Semples, James G. (P) Air Force      
Semples, Manuel (P) Army Europe    
Shull, Howard Owen (P) Navy     Served 1952
Shull, Norton Clay (P) (O) Marines      
Snider, Edwin T. III (P) Air Force      
Taylor, Franklin D. (O) Air Force      
Tufts, Edgar (O) Army Korea    
Vakiner, J. Robert (P) Navy Korea    
Waters, Capt. Loring W. (P) Army     1950-51
Weakley, Carlton H. (P) Air Force Wilmington, Ohio   1954
Westcoat, Joe (P) Air Force     1949-1953
Whitacre, Hugh D. (P) Army Korea   KIA/MIA Nov. 26, 1950
Willoughby, IV, Hugh Air Force     Late 1950s, killed in a plane crash in 1961
Wingert, Harold E. (P) Air Force     1951
Wingfield, Timothy W. Air Force      

Korean War Veterans Association

News Articles- Reminiscences of Service Men and Women, unnumbered items

Ephemera- Korean War, 2 leaves printed (photocopy)

Kerns, Wilmer Lee ? The Korean War: A History of My Service in the U. S. Navy, February 14, 1950 to July 1, 1953, 34 leaves, typescript

Korean War Memorial, Winchester, Virginia ? Dedication, July 20, 2013, 2 items, 10 pages, printed

Seventh Infantry Division in Korea

MapCase 1, Drawer 6

Map of Korea printed by Army Map Service Corps of Engineers, March 1957

Map of the War [Korea] from Stars and Stripes, March 1952, prepared by Geographic Branch, Map #1129


Photographs of scenes from Korean War in Photo Files. They can also be viewed in Past Perfect, computer software package.