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Switch to Libby

Switching from the OverDrive App to the Libby App

Do you love our digital resources? Me too! I read exclusively on the Libby app now. Although I do love the feel of a book in my hand, the methodic turning of the page, and the ritual of browsing new titles and selecting one from the stacks, the fast pace of life has forced me to go completely digital. I am often reading on the go, and this way I always have my books and magazines with me. Not to mention reading in bed at night with no bedside light required! Did you know you can set the Libby app to dark, so you won’t have the blue light effects of your device?

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Adrienne Davis

News Maker: Adrienne Davis

Adrienne Davis, the branch manager of Handley Library, was recently interviewed by News Director Scott Bradley of The River 95.3 for a radio program called News Makers. The program features community organizations and citizens that are making a difference in the northern Shenandoah Valley and can be heard every weekday mornings at 8:30am. You can also listen to current and past episodes on the website

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Third Thursday-Exploring the Outdoors

A Look Back at Virtual Program "Third Thursday-Exploring the Outdoors"

In a time when most of us were spending more time with friends and family outside thanks to COVID-19, The Friends of Handley Regional Library System brought us a multi-part virtual series titled "Third Thursday-Exploring the Outdoors". Each month featured a different outdoor enthusiast presenting their story and sharing tips to enjoy the outdoors. While this program will take a break for the month of August, it will be back in September! Here's a look back at past sessions:

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Mango Languages

Database Spotlight: Mango Languages

You can find our latest "Database Spotlight" on our YouTube channel. In April we highlighted "Mango Languages", an online language learning tool that offers courses in Spanish, Polish, English, Mandarin, and over 70 other languages. You can access "Mango Languages" free with your library card though our website. Learn key phrases, watch movies in the language you are learning and use the online translator.

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Just for Kids! A Day in the Life of a Children's Librarian

There is something magical about arriving on the children’s floor at Handley Library. As you enter the room, you will most likely see a smiling face (under the mask!) at the information desk. The librarians that work here love to see the wonder in children’s eyes and hear their laughter as they explore all the books and media that we have to offer. There are 3 Youth Services Assistants and 1 Children's Librarian, called a Youth Services Supervisor, here to help you find the right book, answer your questions, and present virtual programs.

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