Database Spotlight: Mango Languages

You can find our latest "Database Spotlight" on our YouTube channel. In April we highlighted "Mango Languages", an online language learning tool that offers courses in Spanish, Polish, English, Mandarin, and over 70 other languages. You can access "Mango Languages" free with your library card though our website. Learn key phrases, watch movies in the language you are learning and use the online translator. This website is best for families and upper elementary school age students and would be great for keeping up your language skills over the summer and brushing up right before going back to school.

Here's a few things you may need to use this website:

  • To access "Mango Languages" you will need your library card number (found on the back of your library card) and also your pin number. When you applied for your library card, most likely you selected a pin or one was selected for you, but many patrons don't know their pin number. Don't worry! You can call the library to find out your pin or have it reset. 
  • When learning a language online, it's best to listen to instructions with headphones so you can hear everything that is being presented clearly and block out background noise.
  • It would be handy to have a pen and paper nearby to make notes of words or phrases that you are having trouble with or want to use frequently. 
  • You can replay sections or whole lessons in "Mango Languages", which is helpful because repetition is important when learning a new language.
  • You can use "Mango Languages" as a guest, but it will not save your progress in the program. To do that you will need to create an account.

To access this database click here!

To watch a detailed video on how to access this great resource on our YouTube Channel click here and get ready for your next travel destination with “Mango Languages”!

Mango Languages