A Look Back at Virtual Program "Third Thursday-Exploring the Outdoors"

A Look Back at Virtual Program "Third Thursday-Exploring the Outdoors"

In a time when most of us were spending more time with friends and family outside thanks to COVID-19, The Friends of Handley Regional Library System brought us a multi-part virtual series titled "Third Thursday-Exploring the Outdoors". Each month featured a different outdoor enthusiast presenting their story and sharing tips to enjoy the outdoors. While this program will take a break for the month of August, it will be back in September! Here's a look back at past sessions:

January 21, 2021-The premier featured two Appalachian Trail hikers, Rose "Comics" Turner, a thru-hiker and artist, and Chris Johnson. Chris successfully hiked the AT from July 2, 2019-January 14, 2020. His hike included an emergency surgery and a 2 week recovery. His hiking companion is his dog! Watch here.

February 18, 2021- Ever wonder what life is like after you hike the entire Appalachian Trail? Scott & Lisa Jenkins and Sonja Carlborg will tell you! Check out the video here

March 18, 2021- Climb to new heights with Arthur Kearns. Arthur is the owner of Seneca Rocks Climbing School and the Gendarme Climbing Shop at Seneca Rocks, WV. He began climbing in 1976 and became a teacher of climbing at Great Falls National Park outside of Washington DC in 1988. He currently has Rock Instructor certification from the American Mountain Guides Association. Check it out here.

April 15, 2021- Cycling was the focus of this session. Attendees learned about local areas to cycle, bike safety, and local bike clubs from two experienced cyclists -John Copenhaver and John Crandell. Watch here.

May 20, 2021- This presentation focused on Lisa Klepp, who has traveled to the former Soviet Union, Great Britain, Africa, Pacific Northwest, and took images on her way to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro! This climber of high peaks shared lessons learned when she climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. Enjoy the video here

June 17, 2021- The topic of this session was maintaining the trails on the PATC (Potomac Appalachian Trail Club). Presented by Martha Becton, she has built trails by hand as well as with chainsaw in the mid-Atlantic area, Ohio and Alaska. Find the video here

July 15, 2021- This installment focused on enjoying the outdoors with physical limitations. Guest speakers talked about the use of physical therapy, diet, exercise, and special gear to allow their continued enjoyment of the outdoors. Watch here.

This informative program will be back on September 16, 2021 at 6:30pm. We hope you'll join us!