New Virtual Exploring the Library Adult Summer Reading Series

New Virtual Exploring the Library Adult Summer Reading Series

In conjunction with the 2021 Adult Summer Reading Program, library staff held a series of virtual workshops about Exploring the Library to help patrons best utilize the library and its resources. 

Programs in this series focused on Library platforms that provide digital content to our patrons including eBooks, Audiobooks, Magazines, Music, Comics, and streaming video. The three platforms explored were Libby (for iOS and Android, Hoopla, and Amazon Kindle).

Below is a list of the workshops with a link to the video recordings of each.

Workshop 1:

Finding eBooks, Magazines, and Audiobooks through Libby

Libby is an application that allows library patrons to read or listen to books and magazines on devices such as phones, tablets, or computers.

Did you know that the library makes available thousands of books in digital format, many of which cannot be found in our physical collections? With Libby, you can access materials when not connected to the internet, carry the Library anywhere in your pocket, and never have to worry about returning your materials.

Watch it on YouTube

Workshop 2:

Finding eBooks, Audiobooks, Music, Videos, and More on Hoopla

Hoopla is a platform providing library patrons with access to eBooks, downloadable audiobooks, movies, and music. Everything there is always available no waiting!

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Workshop 3:

Find eBooks and Audiobooks to Read on Your Amazon Kindle

Transferring material to your Kindle is a little different from other devices, but it comes with its own advantages.

Video Forthcoming