Weekly Media Brief - Science Fiction, Book Sale, & More Hoopla!

Weekly Media Brief - Science Fiction, Book Sale, & More Hoopla!

“Expect the Unexpected” Friends Used Book Sale Announced May 17-22 at Bowman Library

Handley Regional Library System and the Friends of the Handley Regional Library System are excited to announce the “Expect the Unexpected” Friends Used Book Sale running May 17-22 at Bowman Library.  This book sale has several new safety adjustments due to COVID-19.  Thirty shoppers will be allowed to access the sale at a time and will need to make an appointment to shop with a 1-hour time limit (following the library system’s adjusted public hours) by emailing friends@handleyregional.org.  Walk-in shoppers will be accommodated based on current room occupancy.  Book prices will range from $1-$2 and will include fiction, non-fiction, paperbacks, DVDs, CDs, and children’s books.  Some books will be in boxes around the room for shoppers to sort and pick their own selection, however children’s books, fiction, and small paperback books are on shelves.  Proceeds from the sale benefit library programs and services at all 3 libraries in the system.  More information is available at https://www.handleyregional.org/support-the-library/friends/book-sale

From the Library Blog:  Science Fiction Genre Spotlight

Science fiction is often a misunderstood genre. It's assumed to be universally chock-full of inscrutable scientific or technical jargon (no offense to those who enjoy such things, you are far more powerful than I will ever be), and lacking in things one usually likes to find in stories such as relatable characters, well-plotted stories, and readable prose. But it’s hardly true that such science fiction (often called “hard science fiction” or “hard SF”) offers nothing in the way of enjoyable stories and characters.   Read more at https://www.handleyregional.org/blog/genre-spotlight-science-fiction 

Over 200 Bonus Borrows of Movies, eBooks, TV, and More Available on Hoopla with Your Library Card

Hoopla Bonus Borrows are back from May 1 - 31! Choose from hundreds of titles in our Bonus Borrows collection. These Hoopla instant titles will not count against the 3 items per-month limit and include eBooks, movies, audiobooks, comics, and TV shows.  Start borrowing with your library card at www.hoopladigital.com

Upcoming Programs Virtual at @handleyregional on Facebook or Zoom (Unless Noted Otherwise).  See more details at www.handleyregional.org/events/upcoming

  • Middle Grade Book Spotlight 5/10 at 12PM
  • Teen Book Spotlight 5/10 at 1PM
  • Storybuilders on Facebook 5/11 at 4:30PM
  • Storytime & Puppets 5/12 at 11AM