Print from Anywhere and Pick it Up at the Library

Print from Anywhere and Pick it Up at the Library

We are excited to announce the availability of a remote printing service for the community called PrintME available at Bowman Library and Handley Library.   Users can upload their documents to the PrintME app,, or at home, on the go, or even at the library.  They will receive a confirmation code to take to the PrintME station at Bowman or Handley Libraries and pay with a credit card for a quick, contactless transaction when they pick-up their print job.

Learn more about PrintMe and watch the video.

Patrons can also pay by cash/check at the Information Desk.  Basic printing for black and white is 15¢ per page or color for 25¢ per page, with additional printing costs and formats available for more complex print jobs.  More information and instructions can be found at

Clarke County Library Patrons:  Clarke County Library does not have PrintMe due to a smaller printing volume, however patrons can print to the Circulation Desk and staff will be able to help. 

“We are always looking at additional ways to serve and streamline services for our patrons,” says John Huddy, Director of Handley Regional Library System.  “PrintMe is used by thousands of organizations and retailers nationwide, so this was a great choice.  We needed a remote cloud-based option that was secure, quick, and easy for everyone to use.  You can literally print form anywhere and pick up your document in the library.  Anyone – including businesses and entrepreneurs can use the service and save on commercial printing costs thanks to their local library.”