Job Searches Using Reference USA (Part I)

Job Searches Using Reference USA (Part I)


The library subscribes to many useful services and databases so you do not have to. But, we still have to learn what these services are for and how to use them. One of these very useful services is called Reference USA, which provides a database of U.S. and Canadian businesses. This database not only provides lists of new businesses and historical business but job postings as well. Below is screenshot of the “Dashboard” page that you will be directed to when you click on the link for Reference USA.

Screenshot 1

If you click on U.S. Jobs/Internships then you are taken to the job search page, on the quick search tab. Here you can enter a job title, keyword or company name, but you do not have to. You can just enter a city state or zip code (or select a region on a map) and search. I entered 22601 and hit “View Results”. A table is generated with job title, company name, location and date posted. If you click on the job description then a new window opens showing the job details.

Screenshot 2

This great, except I got 523 results!  This may seem exciting, but the great majority of these positions are not ones that I am interested in. If I was looking for a job as a “medical records clerk” then I could enter this in the job title box and I would only get two results -- the most relevant ones.  The key is to be specific enough without excluding positions with a slightly different job title. If I type in “records clerk” then I get 4 results. If I type in “medical office” I get 43 hits. Once you start typing the job title/keyword search, then suggestions will crop up (such as medical office.) It is worth experimenting with your keywords and position titles to generate the most valuable results for you.

Screenshot 3

You can add greater refinements to your search using the Advanced Search tab. There are more options for your keyword searches. You can search for jobs at a particular company, specify full-time or part-time and include a salary range. The default options on the quick search page are for jobs within 25 miles and within the past 7 days. On the advanced search tab you can control the radius of the search and the period of time for the search.

Screenshot 4

Below both the quick and advanced search areas are “Job Resources.” These are worth exploring as well. “Starting your Career” allows you to explore career and college options. There are descriptions of the various jobs (what do they do?) basics about the industry, salaries and future prospects. The steps towards achieving that career are presented with training programs, certificates or degrees. “General Job Search” provides job searching tips, interview tips, resume writing help and information on the current job market. “Education and Training” focuses on internships and student jobs and continuing education. “Job Offer Advice” has information on evaluating a job offer and a salary estimator. See Sharon’s blog on “JOB SEARCH AND RESUME HELP” for suggestions on creating a resume. Note: at this time (May 20, 2020) there are 555 entries for the 22601 zipcode, a 25-mile radius of Winchester. Although unemployment is at record levels there are still businesses who are seeking employees.