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Job Searches Using Reference USA (Part I)


The library subscribes to many useful services and databases so you do not have to. But, we still have to learn what these services are for and how to use them. One of these very useful services is called Reference USA, which provides a database of U.S. and Canadian businesses. This database not only provides lists of new businesses and historical business but job postings as well. Below is screenshot of the “Dashboard” page that you will be directed to when you click on the link for Reference USA.

If you click on U.S. Jobs/Internships then you are taken t...

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Job Search and Resume Help

Need A Resume?  We’ve Got You Covered!

If you are looking for a job, having a stand out resume is a critical first step on the journey. At the Library, we have tools to get you on your way.

There are over 46 books and ebooks in our catalog on resume writing. These books answer questions about format, content and style.  What information should you include?  What should you leave out? If you don’t have a resume or yours needs an update, these books are a great place to get started.

The HRL Website allows you to explore online resume wri...

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