Free Internet for a Week with Wi-Fi Mobile Devices at Handley Library

Free Internet for a Week with Wi-Fi Mobile Devices at Handley Library

Handley Regional Library System expands their portable Wi-Fi device check out program with T-Mobile devices – available for patrons to borrow for 7 days at Handley Library.

Handley Library now has portable Wi-Fi devices for patrons to use for 1-week at a time where they can get access to the internet at no cost. The device allows free internet connection on the go and anywhere T-Mobile service is available. Patrons can use them to stream movies, music and browse the internet from any mobile device 24/7. These popular items are available at the Circulation Desk and are available for check out by patrons 18+. The Wi-Fi device program is now officially available at all 3 library locations – which started with a pilot program at Clarke County Library and recently expanded to Bowman Library.

Review borrowing guidelines here online.

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“We couldn’t be more excited to finish launching our Wi-Fi device program,” says John Huddy, Director of Handley Regional Library System. “Now, patrons at all 3 library locations can access the internet for free when not at the library. As a library system serving over 120,000 residents, it is our mission to meet the need and offer fair and equal access to information. Many of our own resources are available online in our digital library and these devices help connect patrons to the library at home or on the go – going beyond the walls of the library – from entertainment to research purposes.”