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Hot Spots

T-Mobile WI-FI Hotspots are Available for Free Internet for 7 Days

T-Mobile Hot Spot

Browse the internet from any mobile device 24/7! 

The devices allow free internet connection on the go and anywhere T-Mobile service is available on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or other mobile device.  

The purpose of the circulation of mobile hotspots is to lessen the gap of the digital divide by providing our patrons with greater access to the internet beyond the walls of the library.  In addition to general internet usage, you can access our digital library, download eBooks, and so much more with free internet access where coverage is available through T-Mobile.

Search for the mobile hotspot in our catalog here.

Borrowing Guidelines

Borrowing Guidelines

  • 7-day check out only
  • Holds / online reservations are available
  • Must be 18 years or older to check out
  • Cardholder must wait 7-days before checking out another hotspot
  • 1 Hotspot check out per cardholder at a time
  • Hotspots are deactivated if overdue or if excessive data is used
  • Units must be returned to the Circulation desk and not at outside returns
  • All components must be returned together and replacement costs will be applied ($100 device, $15 case, $5 adapter, $5 USB cord)
  • Borrower agreement must be signed before hotspot is issued to the patron.

For additional borrowing guidelines, contact the circulation desk at Bowman Library at (540) 869-9000, extension 4. 

What's included?

  • Carrying case
  • USB cable with charger
  • Mobile hotspot unit