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EXTENT: 1.83 linear feet

DATE:  1936-1937

SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains a series of reports on historical subjects of the Winchester-Frederick County area as prepared by the Works Progress Administration of Virginia in the years 1936-37. The reports cover subjects such as deeds, churches, homes, cemeteries, wills, etc. An index is included with the records. Material in this collection has been drawn from the Library of Virginia's Virginia Historical Inventory, a collection of photographs, maps, and detailed reports documenting the architectural, cultural, and family histories of thousands of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century buildings in communities across the commonwealth.

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The WPA (Work Progress Administration) was founded in 1935 and became one of the largest of the “New Deal” programs begun by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The administration created jobs all over the United States in areas such as the arts, public building restoration and construction, roads, and historical records. In Winchester, VA, the WPA employees created reports on various historic sites and subjects between 1936-1937.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Taken from the collection.

CITE AS: WPA Record #303 WFCHS, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA



1. Centenary Reformed Church

1a. Opequon Graveyard

2. Fort Loudoun

3. Old Stone Presbyterian Church

4. General Daniel Morgan Home

5. Ambler Hill Properties

6. Ancient Dwelling, Lot #9 – Palace Theatre, Lots #45-47 (35-45 S. Loudoun St.)

7. Market Street Methodist Church

8. Godfrey S. Miller House

9. Joseph Marion Orndorff Building, 27-9 N. Loudon St.

10. Grace Forney Home, Water and Washington Streets

11. Martha Forney House, 137 W. Water St.

12. T. Barton Estate

13.  Gertrude Barton Home – Braddock Street Methodist Church

14. William Greenway Russell House, 42 S. Loudoun St.

15. John “Ike” Baker House, 44-46 S. Loudoun St. 

15a. Graveyard at Kline’s Mill

16. Fort George

17. Zirkle House, 22-24 S. Loudoun St.

18. George F. Norton Estate, 19-21 N. Loudoun St.

19. Home of Mrs. Frances Westwood Wright, Washington and S. E. Boscawen

19a.    Old Methodist Graveyard, Stephens City

20. Glen Burnie

21. Christ Episcopal Church, Rectory and Chapel

21a.    Graveyard at Battlefield Inn

22. Braddock Street United Methodist Church

22a.  Taylor Furnace Graveyard 

23. Louis Baker Drug Store, 25 N. Loudon St. 

24. Hansborough and Carter Building, 23 N. Loudon St. 

25. John’s Graveyard, near Taylor Furnace Rt. 600 

26. Charles hardy Properties, 129-33 W. Boscawen St. 

26a.  Dr Walter Myers Home, 24 S. Washington St.

27. Conrad Home

27a. Fairmount 

28. Tomb of George Helm   

29. Tomb of F. August Graichen 

30. Lot #18, S.E. Corner of Loudoun and Boscawen

31. Original Lot #6, N.W. Corner of Loudoun and Boscawen 

32. Lot #8 

33. Lot #17, E. Loudon St. 

34. Court House Square 

35. Zane’s Iron Works 

36. Baptist Church   

39. Lutheran Church, Green Spring   

40. Jones Graveyard

41. German Reformed Graveyard, Stephens City

42. Old Lutheran Graveyard, Stephens City

43. Middletown Cemetery

44. Keckley’s Mill – Old Mill Storage

BOX 2 

45. Steele Home, Stephens City

46. “Willow Brook,” Kernstown

47. Original Lot #4 [should be Lot #6], 101-115 N Loudoun

48. Abstract of Title of Original Lot #5, Loudoun

49. Frederick County Court Orders Dividing Line between Augusta and Frederick Counties

50. 37-39 S. Loudoun St., Abstract of Title

51. Lease of land by Lord Fairfax

52. Article of Agreement, Joist Hite and wife

53. “A Slave’s Pardon,” Historical Document

54. Wood-White, Deed

55. Deed of William Doster

56. Cunningham to Cunningham

57. Lutheran Ruins – Hebron, Proposed Memorial Tablet

58. Talbot-Fairfax, Deed

59. Lutheran Church, Winchester, VA, Boscawen St.

60. Wood, Thomas, Will

61. Holmes, Elizabeth, Will

62. Sheller, Raymond H. Epitaph

63. Dowdall, James G., Will

64. Russell, William Greenway, Excerpts

65. Stonewall Jackson Confederate Cemetery

66. National Cemetery

67. Clarke County Sites

Worksheets – WPA Writers Project, by C.C. Conner and W.W. Glass
Hotels & Inns
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Worksheets – WPA Writers Project by C.C. Conner and W.W. Glass
Winchester Founding and History
Streets, Lots and Buildings
Pre Revolution Court Materials
War of 1812

WPA Photographs – Frederick County Sites
Hotels and Taverns
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Valley Pike
Valley Pike Monuments and Signs

WPA Photographs – Historic Houses


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