Winchester and Frederick County Aerial Photograph Collection

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1760 WFCHS

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EXTENT:  37 maps

DATES: 1930-1975, bulk 1930s

SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains 40 aerial photographs of Winchester and Frederick County Virginia acquired from the Frederick County and Winchester City Planning Departments. The photographs show buildings and roads, local historical areas, businesses, fairgrounds, schools, and farms.

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Aerial photography began in the mid-1800s as a tool for mapmaking and surveying. Historic aerials images of this kind are valuable as a means to delineate property lines, to show patterns of land development, and for environmental assessments.

RELATED MATERIAL: Aerial photography of the Winchester and Frederick County, Virginia area may also be found in the following collections: Winchester-Frederick County Economic Development Commission Collection, 1251 THL, Rudy Rodgers Collection, 1524.

CITE AS: Winchester and Frederick County Aerial Photograph Collection, 1760 WFCHS, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA




FOLDER 1 (contains the following):

1760-1-A3: N. Fairmont Ave., Old Fairgrounds, Cold Storage, Neffstown (1935)

1760-1-A4: N. Loudoun St., RR yard, Fred. Douglass School, Smithfield Farm (1935)

1760-1-A5: National Ave., Virginia Avenue Elementary, Mt. Hebron & National Cemeteries, 600-700 Berryville Ave. (1935)

1760-1-A6: Berryville Ave., Baker Lane, Baker-Dunlap Farm, The “Dinky” Shalepit (1935)

1760-1-A7: Berryville Ave., Woodland Ave., W. Woodstock Ln, Baker-Knight St. (1935)

1760-1-A8: Berryville Ave., Valley Mill Rd., Haven Wolfe Farm, Abrams Creek Valley (1935)

FOLDER 2 (contains the following):

1760-2-B1: Whittier St., Amherst, Tidball-Arthur House (1935)

1760-2-B2: Amherst Northward to Wappacomo Rd., Penn. railroad tracks, Ft. Garibaldi area, Strother Farm (1935)

1760-2-B3: Winchester: from Boscowan to Wyke/N. Kent to Penn. Railroad tracks (1935)

1760-2-B4: Winchester: from Braddock to Fairview/Boscawen to Wicke (1935)

1760-2-B5: Virginia Avenue Elementary School, Smithfield Farm, Traces of Old Wagon Ro. (N. of Smithfield Terminus) (1935)

1760-2-B6: Berryville Ave., Harris Addition, orchards east of Purcell, Woodstock Ln. (1935)

1760-2-B7: E. Berryville Ave., E. Woodland Ave, E. Woodstock Ln., Lamps’ Poultry Farm (1935)

1760-2-B8: E. Woodstock Ln., N. of Senseny Rd (1935)

FOLDER 3 (contains the following):

1760-3-C1: Amherst Southward, Glen Burnie Property, SVA, Courtfield (1935)

1760-3-C2: Handley High School, Winchester Reservoirs, McSherry Luptow Farm, Glen Burnie Lands (1935)

1760-3-C3: Winchester: N. Peyton to S. Leicester/ W. Handley Ave. to E. Loudoun (1935)

1760-3-C4: Winchester: N. Fairfax to S. Pall Mall/ W. Washington to E. Parkway (1935)

1760-3-C5: Mt. Hebron Cemetery, City Quarry, Town Run, Parkway & Shawnee Streets (1935)

1760-3-C6: E. Cork/ Senseny Rd., Future City Park Property (1935)

1760-3-C7: Park Property, Sewer Plant, Abrams Delight (1935)

1760-3-C8: Country Club, Abrams Creek Valley S. of Senseny. (1935)

FOLDER 4 (contains the following):

1760-4-D2: Handley High School Southward to Abrams Creek, Valley Ave. #1100-1900 (1935)

1760-4-D3: Valley Ave. #900-1900, South Loudoun to Glaize Ave. (1935)

1760-4-D4: Winchester: N. Cork to S. Whitlock, W. Handley to E. Kent (1935)

1760-4-D5: Millwood Ave., Shawnee Springs (with Field Hospital Features), B&O tracks (1935)

1760-4-D6: Winchester between S. Loudoun & Millwood to Featherbed (1935)

1760-4-D7: Millwood Pike, Jones Woolen Mill, Abrams Delight, Park Property (1935)

1760-4-D8: Abrams Creek Valley from I-81 on west to Country Club Route 50 E. along bottom with Byrd Field (1935)

FOLDER 5 (contains the following):

1760-5-A: Millwood Ave.: Birdseye black and white photograph showing Shryock Chemical Building, Stonecroft Tourist House (Babb House),  Graystone Terrace., Rouss Park and  Jones Mill in the distance. (circa 1930)

1760-5-B: City Yard Quarry: Birdseye black and white photograph looking northward and showing Town Run, B&O tracks, S. Kent St., Lauck-Senseny House and Mt. Hebron Cemetery in the distance.  Photos by Frank Turgeon, Jr.  (c. 1930)

1760-5-C: Rouss Park Plans hand drawn in pencil on crepe paper showing prorspective locations of Armory, tennis courts, swimming pools, new bridge of Abrams, Rouss Spring and Abrams Delight buildings (late 1930s)

1760-5-G: Map of Winchester: Hand drawn by Walker M. Bond, 1:800 scale, using ink on engineer’s draft paper. City blocks are numbered in pencil, showing streets with names, watercourses, corporate limits, schools, and railroad tracks. (1933)

NOTE regarding the following two maps: 1760-5-E (north) adjoins 1760-5-F (south)

1760-5-E: Aerial photograph of Abrams Delight-Rouss Spring, mounted on cardboard, showing Hollingsworth House, Mill, Junction of Abrams Creek and Town Run, sewage treatment plant, Rouss Spring Impoundment and Pump House, hillside now occupied by Shenandoah University. (1935)

1760-5-F: Aerial photograph of Millwood Ave., mounted on cardboard, showing old Rouss Baseball Field, Jones Woolen Mill, Lee-Jackson Service Station. (1935)

NOTE regarding the following two maps: These two maps adjoin perfectly with G atop H

1760-5-H: Aerial photograph of Millwood Pike 50 E., mounted on cardboard, about quarter of a mile east of 522 intersection showing Northern end of old Byrd Field and farms later razed during construction of I-81. (1935)

1760-5-G: Aerial photograph of Abrams Creek Valley, mounted on cardboard, showing section north of the old Singhass-Carper farm,  N. bank of creek (today country club property) (1935)

1760-6-I: Winchester: Aerial photo mosaic showing city limits in orange crayon, perspective of western and southern bypass drawn in blue (1935)

1760-5-J: Aerial Photo Bartonsville to Kernstown, black and white, showing I-81/Rt. 11 Corridor, Rt. 37 southern terminus, Lakeside Estates, Echo Village GE plant, Southern Kernstown. This map part of a property development prospectus, and includes hand drawn plats with numbers and owner listed on back of photo. (1975)