J. P. Miller Family Papers

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives Room
Handley Regional Library
Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

P.O. Box 58, Winchester, VA 22604
(540) 662-9041 ext. 17

1728 WFCHS 

SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains family papers and miscellaneous items of the Miller family including journals, diplomas, scrapbooks, photo albums, sales receipts and various Handley High School items. The Millers are a family who has held residence in Winchester, VA for some time, therefore their family papers are important to providing information relating to the history of the city. Some information regarding the Henkel family is included as well. A Roanoke College Yearbook from 1899 is also housed within this collection.
(3 boxes and last date updated 11/15) 

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Joseph P. Miller was born November 22, 1980 and died December 18, 1968 at the age of 78. Mr. Miller married Edith Hicks in 1916 and had two children, Joseph R. Miller and Mrs. Mary Miller Wolfe. He was the owner and operator of Miller’s Dry Goods Store in Winchester, Virginia. After WWII began, he got work at the Post Office. Miller worked at the Post Office for 36 years before retiring. Some notable accomplishments include being treasurer of the Godfrey Miller Board and one of the original board members of the Winchester Hiram Lodge # 21. Joseph P. Miller is buried at Mt. Hebron Cemetery.   

CITE AS: J.P. Miller Family Papers, 1728 WFCHS, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA. 


BOX 1 

Journal book #1—January 1876-Febuary 1876, city directory, inventory of goods, 1 item, manuscript 

Journal book #2—January 1894-December 1896, book shows purchases, sales and inventory, 1 item, manuscript 

Journal book #3—October 1895-January 1898, sales account book of A.H. Miller, owner of dry goods store, 1 item, manuscript 

Journal book-W.R. Miller 1912-1920, daily account entries and monthly sales figures, 1 item, manuscript 

Journal—inscribes Rebecca Miller 12/11/1913, clippings of misc. news articles posted over 1902 business journal entries, 1 item, manuscript 


Biographical sketch of Dr. Caspar C. Henkel, 1 item, printed 

Handley High School items:

            Game day football program, Handley v. Harrisonburg, 1948

            Game day football program, Handley v. Harrisonburg, 1950

            Game day football program, Handley v. Martinsburg, n.d.

            Class of 1943, 25th reunion, 1968

            Class of 1943, 40th reunion, 1983 

Postcards from Cuba—3 blank, 1 written by W.R. Miller to Robert Bell 

Receipts and tax form—A.H. Miller:

            Three sales receipts from Stonewall Mills, 1 item, manuscript

            1919 tax return, 1 item, typescript

            List of goods purchased, 1899, 1 item, manuscript 

Roentgen Rays—Roanoke College Yearbook 1899, 200 pages, typescript 


            News clippings-Eichelberger/Reed

            Family-local news items, obituaries

            Copy of Knoxville Register 6/14/1863 paper

            Article on “Yankee Atrocities in Virginia”

            Civil War Provost, Marshal’s passes 


Photo album of Stella Virginia Hicks, Winchester resident, World War I nurse 1892-1937 

Photo album—family pictures, many of Cacapon River views and possible Kirk Hook Farm 


Award Certificate to William Miller 9/18/1845 

Diploma Penn. Academy at Gettysburg—William Miller 9/18/1845 

Diploma—Virginia Board of Examiners, Dr. Alfred D. Henkel 11/26/1887 

Examinations permit of Dr. Alfred D. Henkel 11/1887 

Membership Volunteer Medical Corps—Dr. Alfred D. Henkel11/9/1918 

Winchester High School Diploma—Alfred S. Henkel 6/16/1905