Ian Crawford and Lucille MacCallum Papers

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives Room
Handley Regional Library
Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

P.O. Box 58, Winchester, VA 22604
(540) 662-9041 ext. 17

1431 WFCHS

Scope and Content: This collection is comprised of notes, sketches, architectural renderings, and miscellaneous papers of Ian Crawford MacCallum. These materials pertain to structure in Winchester and Frederick County, VA; West Virginia; Maryland; Washington, D.C.; and other Shenandoah Valley counties
(3 boxes) Last updated 07/04.

Biographical/Historical: Jan Crawford MacCallum was an architect and artist who worked in the Winchester, VA area in the 1930s and 1940s.

Cite As: Ian Crawford and Lucille MacCallum Papers, 1431 WFCHS, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA.


Box 1

Application for patent, September 6, 1932, 2 leaves, manuscript
Photographs, 2 items
Sketch of invention, 1 leaf
Explanation of sketch, 7 leaves
General notes, 5 leaves
Correspondence, 1 leaf, manuscript; 2 leaves, typescript

Pencil sketch of Main and Cork Streets, 1933, unframed

Pencil sketch from Fairfax Lane, framed

Pencil sketch of house entrance and columns, unidentified location, framed

Pencil sketch of brick house facade, unidentified location, framed

Pencil sketch of Washington's Headquarters Office, Cork Street, framed

Pencil sketch of rear addition to Godfrey Miller Home, Loudoun Street, framed

Box 2

Pencil sketch of rear addition to unidentified house, small doorway, end chimney, framed

Pencil sketch of Dr. McCormic House, 11 North Washington Street, 1933, framed

Pencil sketch of the Taylor Hotel showing McCrory's Store, 1933, framed

Pencil sketch of Conrad House, brick stairway and front door, N. Cameron St., framed

Pencil sketch of farmhouse on Senseny Rd., framed

Architectural drawing of home for Ian Crawford MacCallum, 516 South Stewart Street, first story floor plan, framed

Architectural drawing of MacCallum Home front and side elevations, second story floor plan, framed

Architectural drawing of MacCallum home site development plan, framed

Box 3

Brochures advertising The Little School, 5 items, printed, 9x14.5cm, folded, undated

Charts relating to operation of The Little School, 1932-33, 3 leaves manuscript

Circus held by children attending The Little School, June 1935, 7 leaves, manuscript

Correspondence, Aug.1932-Oct.1935, 17 leaves typescript, 5 leaves manuscript

Forms, Lesson Plans, Etc., 10 leaves typescript, 8 leaves manuscript

"General View of the Nursery School Movement England and America", by Lucille Heath [MacCallum], 12 leaves typescript, 2 leaves manuscript

Programs presented by students of The Little School, 1 leaf manuscript, 1 leaf typescript

Scrapbook, The Little School, 1932-1935, 1 item

Yearbook, 1927 ? activities of a nursery school, 1 item

Winchester Flag ? color sketch of flag proposed by Ian Crawford MacCallum

MapCase 1, Drawer 19 Architectural Renderings

West Virginia
Alfriend, Eliza Daingerfield, Memorial Rectory, Charleston, 4 sheets
Baymham, L. F. LL., residence, Martinsburg, 6 sheets
Chantler, L. W., residence, Charlestown, 6 sheets
High school (Bloomery), truss design, Capon Bridge, 1 sheet
Meou, Dr. Paul, residence, Charlestown, 8 sheets
Oates, Dr. Max O., residence alterations, Martinsburg, 7 sheets
Rollmore Farms, residence, Capon Bridge, 9 sheets
Wardensville War Memorial, Wardensville, 4 sheets
White, Dr. Jerry A., residence, Charlestown, 8 sheets

Maryland and District of Columbia
Clark, Addison H., residence, Howard County, 6 sheets
Davis, Mrs. Patty, residence, Ellicott City, 8 sheets
Kraus, Miss Rhea E., residence, Howard County, 6 sheets
LeFevre, Ben A., residence, DC, 9 sheets
MacCallum, Granville, residence, Baltimore, 8 sheets
Meyer, Carl W., residence (The Oaks), Howard County, 7 sheets
Powel, William R., residence, Irish Creek, 3 sheets
Votta, John, residence, Howard County, 9 sheets

Clarke and Loudoun Counties, VA
Huff, L. G., residence, Berryville, 8 sheets
Jenkins, Edward, Redgate Stable, 14 sheets
McComb, Robert, residence, Purcellville, 8 sheets
Read, Fred A., residence alterations, Barnaby Ridge, 8 sheets

Bell, Dr. Leslie M., Medical Office Building, 137-141 West Boscawen, 5 sheets
Bell, Dr, Leslie M., residence, Merrimans Lane, 11 sheets
Benham, H. R., five houses, Cecil Street, 25 sheets
Bosserman, Walter H., Jr., residence, 619 Tennyson Avenue, 9 sheets
Clark, Dr. Hugh, residence, 35 North Braddock Street, 6 sheets
Dorsey, residence, 6 sheets
Gibson, Dr. Thomas A., residence and addition, Tennyson Avenue, 13 sheets
Glaize, Fred, residence, 227 Amherst Street, 4 sheets
Groves, A. B., residence, Lot 7, Greystone Terrace, 4 sheets
Henkel, Mrs. Mary, residence, 316 West Boscawen Street, 5 sheets
MacCallum, Mrs. Ian Crawford, residence, 516 South Stewart Street, 40 sheets
McCormac, Mrs. H. B., house, 228 West Wolfe Street, 4 sheets
McCormac, Mrs. H. B., houses, Stewart Street, between Boscawen and Wolfe, 4 sheets
McKee, Dr. John B., proposed diagnostic clinic, Lee Street, 6 sheets
McNally, Robert J., cottage, 5 sheets
McNally, Robert J., residence, 130 Academy, 7 sheets
O'Connell, Irvan T., residence, Greystone Terrace, 7 sheets
Pennypacker, residence, 6 sheets
Preliminary studies, residence, between Courtfield Avenue and Leicester Street, 5 sheets
Presbyterian Church, chapel, 10 sheets
Scully, John S., Jr., residence, Academy Heights, 7 sheets
Steck, John M., residence, preliminary study, 312 Fairmont Avenue, 4 sheets
Troup, Dr. James B., residence, Thistlecot, 116 Latane Street, 3 sheets
Underwood, Robert S., residence, South Stewart Street, 8 sheets

Miscellaneous sketches, 20 pages

Specifications for residence of Mrs. Ian Crawford MacCallum, 516 South Stewart Street, 1939, 13 leaves