Alfred D. Henkel Family Collection


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EXTENT: 23.1 linear feet

DATE: 1717-1953

FINDING AIDS: An An index to scrapbooks numbers 1-6 and 8 is available in the Archives Reading Room and as a searchable PDF via this link.

ALTERNATIVE FORM AVAILABLE: Scrapbook Volume 1 – 8 (incomplete) on 2 CDs and 1 disc as well as in Boxes 48-51.

SCOPE AND CONTENT: The Alfred D. Henkel Collection contains correspondences, business papers, books, genealogy notes, Lutheran church information, and news clippings. Also included are scrapbooks of Civil War newspaper articles, a military pass, and military occupation information.

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Alfred Henkel was a Winchester, VA physician, who lived from 1860 to 1947. He was an avid collector of local and family history.

RELATED MATERIAL: Information on closely related families may also be found in the Miller Family collection, 301 WFCHS, or the James A. Miller Collection, 1421 WFCHS

CITE AS: Alfred D. Henkel Family Collection, 163 WFCHS/THL, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA.


Note: Each piece of correspondence is numbered. These numbers follow each listing


Correspondence – ALL-CRI – 1-110

Box 2

Correspondence – CUR-EVE – 111-198


Correspondence – FAH-FUN – 199-293


Correspondence – GAR-HEN/AMB – 294-386


Correspondence – HENKEL, ANNA – 387-529


Correspondence – HEN/ANN-HEN/FRED – 530-741


Correspondence – HEN/GER-HEN/JUL – 742-937

Box 8

Correspondence – HEN/JUL-HEN/LIZ – 938-1130

BOX 9 through BOX 15

Correspondence – Henkel, Martha, 1920-1944 – 1131-2454

BOX 16 through BOX 20

Correspondence – Henkel, Mathias, 1894-1925 – 2455-2933

BOX 21

Correspondence – HEN/MIL-HEN/OTTO – 2934-3048

BOX 22

Correspondence – HEN/REB-HEN/WIL – 3049-3230

BOX 23

Correspondence – HIG-MEY – 3231-3314

Box 24

Correspondence – MILLER – 3315-3419

Box 25

Correspondence – MOO-MYE – 3420-3556

Box 26

Correspondence – NAY-RUH – 3557-3683

Box 27

Correspondence – RUP-STE – 3684-3791

Box 28 through Box 31 

Correspondence – Stephenson, Maggie Henkel, 1884-1921 – 3792-4239

Box 32

Correspondence – SIR-ZIR – 4240-4349

BOX 33

Correspondence signed by first name only – 4350-4565

BOX 34

Correspondence from unknown sources – 4566-4775

BOX 35

Greeting cards, invitations, programs – 4776-4897

BOX 36

Correspondence – ABE-HUS – 4898-5096

BOX 37

Correspondence – JAC-WOO, initials, first names, unsigned, unknown, other names - 5097-5278

BOX 38

Account books, 3 items – Alfred Henkel, 1890s, Dr. Solomon Henkel, 1809

BOX 39

Business statements, undated and 1828

Business statements, 1828-1830

Business statements, 1830-1852

Business statements, 1852-1877

Business statements, 1881-1944

Checks, 1828-1939

Miscellaneous, undated

Miscellaneous, 1900-1912

Miscellaneous, 1913-1848

Receipts, undated - 1828

Receipts, 1828

Receipts, 1829

Receipts, 1829-1832

Receipts, 1832-1869

Receipts, 1877-1943

Notes, 1827

History, Henkel Press


Indentures, deeds

Wills, John and Mara Hoff

Wills, Godfrey Miller

Wills, J. William Moreland

Wills, William Schultz

BOX 40

The Augsburg Sunday School Lesson Book – 1909

Foreign Missionary Magazine – 1946

Lutheran Church Visitor – Newspaper, 1917

Lutheran Magazine – 1926-1940

Lutheran Synod of Virginia – minutes, annual conventions, 1917-1947

Lutheran Synod of Virginia – constitution, by-laws and standing resolutions, 1941 booklet

Parish and Church School Magazine – April 1922

Trinity Lutheran Church – Lancaster, PA, 175th anniversary 

Cornerstone laying booklet – 1905

Virginia Lutheran newsletter – 1922

Church publications and hymnbooks – Paul Henkel, manuscript

Hardbound collection of church pamphlets
-The Burning of the Old Lutheran Church, Winchester, VA, by Rev. Charles P. Krauth, Sept. 27, 1854
-Minutes of the Semi-centennial Convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Virginia, held in Woodstock, VA
-Muhlenberg’s Ministry in Virginia, by D.M. Gilbert, D.D.
-Minutes of the Seventy-Fifth Convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of VA, held in Woodstock, VA, Aug. 1904
-The Praises of the Lord in the Story of Our Fathers, by Rev. D.M. Gilbert (including incomplete second copy)
-The Lutheran Church in Virginia 1776-1876, by Rev. D.M. Gilbert
-Minutes of the Seventh Annual Convention of the Sunday Schools comprised in the VA Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, held in Stephens City, VA, July 25-27, 1899
-The Problem of the Lutheran Church in the South, delivered by Rev. Prof. H.E. Jacobs, D.D. LL.D. at Hickory NC, August 7, 1902

Boxes 41 and 42 

Genealogy notes

BOX 43 

"The Henckel Family Records," booklets 1 – 7 and 13

"The Henckel Family News Letter," July 1928

"The Henkel Memorial – 1717-1917," booklet, 2 copies

"The Family Puzzle"

Notes on Winchester area, Dr. Alfred D. Henkel's book, compiled by Lewis Barton, Jr.

A. H. Henkel – notebook, 1882

Barbara Tetier Henkel – genealogy note

Henkel Family Association - reports from historian, 2 items

Henkel Family history, by Siram Pete Henkel – August 5, 1844

Henkel Family notes

"Henkel Family of New Market, VA," by Klaus Wust, 1967

Schultz, Catherine – funeral invitation and note, 1839

Schultz, John – funeral invitation and note, 1840

BOX 43a

“Dream” – Sunday School book of Maria Miller, 1827, printed

"The Henkel Memorial," 1910 and "History, Henkel Family and Others, a Record of the Miller, Otto, Sperry, Kurtz, Henkel, Stephenson, Moreland, and Gardner Families in Winchester and the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, 1717-1943”

“One Minute Too Late” Sunday School book of Rebecca M. Henkel, 1869, printed

“Virginia Highway Historical Markers,” 1930, printed

BOX 44

News clippings

BOX 45


BOX 46

Lecture notes

Trip to Centennial, Feb. 12, 1879

Commencement programs

Examination summons

Alfred Henkel – school records

New Market Polytechnic Institute, monthly summary reports 1877-1879

Lecture cards/schedules

Letters of recommendation

Graduation news clippings

College course offerings

Tariff of fees adopted by the Augusta County Medical Society, February 9, 1866

University of Pennsylvania Catalogs – 1884-1889

BOX 47

German translation material

Henkel, A. D. – original ink memo re Judge Handley

Henkel hair samples, 1894, 1899

Henkel, Martha – School certificates, 187(?)-1883, 3 leaves, manuscript on printed form

Henkel, Reverend Paul – religious address (German translation)

Kerr, John – biography (as related by John Miller), 1912

Miller, Abraham – Medical Cures, 1794


Moore, Mrs. Josephine Henkel – news clipping, 1953

Seaside Water color sketch by Abbritt

Schultz, John – letter to his father (John Schultz), 1813

Stephenson, Virginia – autograph book (with hair braids)

Wood, Colonel James – tablet dedication program, 1946

BOX 48

Scrapbook #1, Index is with the scrapbook

Scrapbook #2, Index is with the scrapbook

Scrapbook #3, Index is with the scrapbook

Scrapbook #4, Index is with the scrapbook

Scrapbook #5, Index is with the scrapbook

Scrapbook #6, Index is with the scrapbook

What Other Women Have Found Out, Alfred S. Henkel, 1 item in composition book

BOX 49

Scrapbook #7—articles pasted on pages of The Appendix to the Congressional Record

Scrapbook #8

BOX 50

Scrapbook of pictures clipped from magazines kept by Anna Maria Henkel

Family registers
-Abraham Miller, 1777-1842
-Godfrey Miller, 1730-1803, photocopy
-John Schultz, 1753-1840, 4 items, printed

BOX 51

Scrapbooks–articles from The Cottage Hearth, includes biographical sketch of Rev. Paul Henkel
-St. Stephen’s Witness, pamphlet, July 1887
-”Black Sam, the Prairie Thunderbolt,” Beadle’s Dime New York Library, Vol. 21 No. 261, Oct. 24, 1883

Harper’s Bazaar, March 1921—includes photos pasted in bound book of pamphlets

Bound book of pamphlets include
-Richardson’s Virginia and North Carolina Almanac, 1864
-Report of the Proceedings of the Twenty-second Session of the Evangelical Lutheran Tennessee Synod, convened at Trinity Church, Lincoln County, NC, Sept. 12-16, 1842
-Pictures of plants, animals, insects, buildings, furniture, and people’s occupations identified in German, Latin, French, and Italian. (no title page)
-History of St. Michael’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Germantown, PA, 1740-1905
-The Henkel Memorial, including biographical sketch of Rev. Paul Henkel

Note: Articles pasted in scrapbook and Harper’s Bazaar

Scrap Book for Old Papers from Catharine Otto and John Schultz and other members of their family.

Scrap Book made by father of Kate Miller

BOX 52 -- Books & Pamphlets

Henkel, David. Answer to Mr. Joseph Moore, the Methodist: With a few Fragments of the Doctrine of Justification. New Market, VA: Henkel Press, 1825. 

Pamphlet. Auszug aus den Berhandlungen. New Market, VA: Henkel Press, 1832. 

Berbefferte und erleichterte Griechifche Grammatica, Buchhandlung: Im Berlag der Baifenhaus, 1821. 

Church Psalmist, New York: Mark H. Newman & Co. (Fifteenth ed.), 1849. 

Coleman, Mrs. The Bridal Keepsake from Approved Authors. Boston: Samuel Coleman, n.d. 

Pamphlet. Ecclesiastical Annals Report of the Transactions of the Evangelical Lutheran Tennessee Synod. New Market, VA: Henkel Press, 1832. 

Pamphlet, in German. An Evening Talk Between Three Children in North Carolina setting forth a conversation plainly what follows [Englaih translation]. New Market, VA: Ambrose Henkel & Co., 1811. 

Geddes, Donald Porter. Franklin Delano Roosevelt—a Memorial. New York: Pocket Books, Inc., 1945. 

Pamphlet. Gilbert, Rev. D.M. The Praises of the Lord in the Story of Our Fathers. New Market, VA: Henkel & Co. Printers, 1877. 

Henkel, Bon Paulus, Der Christliche Catechismus, Henkel Press, New Market, VA: 1816. 3 volumes. 

Henkel, Rev. Paul, Church Hymn Book, New Market, VA: S.G. Henkel & Br., 1857. 

Kincaid, Alexander, The Book of Common Prayer. His Majesty’s Printer, Edinburgh: 1772. 

Kinder-Cramen, Kurze. Der feline Catechismus. Philadelphia: Henrich Schweitzer, 1804.

Pamphlet. Kurzer Beitdertretb.  Henkel Press, New Market, 1812. 2 items

Pamphlet. Mason & Hamlin, Model Melodeons, Organ-Melodeons, Harmoniums, and Organ-Harmoniums, Boston: Stacy & Richardson, 1856. 

New Testament, New York: American Bible Society, 1847. Belonged to Samuel Stephenson, Lebanon Church, VA. 

Obstetric Calendar, 1 leaf

Probasco, S. Key to Exercises adapted to Murray’s English Grammar. Philadelphia: 1824.

Stapleton, A., editor. The Henkel Memorial (a history of Rev. Anthony Jacob Henkel). York, PA: A. Stapleton, 1910. 

The Union Primer. 1 volume.

Watts, I., D.D. The Psalms of David imitated in the Language of the New Testament., Philadelphia: R.W. Pomeroy, 1830.  Belonged to Samuel Stephenson, Lebanon Church, VA.

BOX 53—Books

Alfred D. Henkel’s Book. New Market, Shenandoah County, Virginia, January 10, 1883. A family history of Rev. Anthony Jacob Henkel and his descendants, this book is handwritten in an account book with handwritten notes by another hand in margins. Book includes loose page of notes. News articles are pasted to the pages in the back.

Beisbach, D. Christian. Bahrhafte und Grundliche ?ur aller dem menschlichen leibe zuftoffenden Krausheisen nach der vernunstigen und unverrudten Methode Der Katur, Frankfurt: ben Heinrich Ludwig Bronner, 1764. 1 volume ;16 cm

The Holy Bible. Stereotyped by B. and J. Collins. New York. Boston: West and Richardson, 1818. 1 volume ; 14 cm

Ohio Archaeological and Historical Quarterly XXIII, no. 2 (April 1914). 1 volume.

Salyards, Joseph, Idothea; or, the Divine Image. New Market, VA: Henkel, Calvert & Co., Printers, 1874. 

Stirewalt, Rev. Julius N. A Biographical Sketch, of Samuel G. Henkel, M.D. A reprint from the “Lutheran and Missionary,” of March, April, 1868. with extracts from the History of the Tennessee Synod by Rev. S. Henkel, D.D. Baltimore: Lantz and Arnold, n.d.

Bound book marked “A.D. Henkel’s book, Winchester, VA 1914. Magazines may have been saved because of articles about the Henkels. This book includes the following publications and notes:
-The Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, The Magazine of the South, August 1910, Nashville, Tennessee. (Penciled notes appear in margins of article.)
-The Pennsylvania-German, Vol. II, No. 8, December 1906. (Penciled notes appear in margins of table of contents.)
-Stirewalt, Rev. Julius N., A Biographical Sketch, of Samuel G. Henkel, M.D. A reprint from the “Lutheran and Missionary,” of March, April, 1868. with extracts from the History of the Tennessee Synod by Rev. S. Henkel, D.D. Baltimore: Lantz and Arnold, n.d. (A penciled errata appears in front of this sketch.)
-In Memoriam. Rev. Socrates Henkel, D.D. (Handwritten notes appear on fly leaves in front and back.)
-Likenesses of seven Henkel men.
-Luther League Review, The Official Organ of the Luther League of America. Vol. XXVII, No. 1, January 1914. (Penciled notes appear in margins on p. 22.)
-Wood, George B., M.D., An Address of the Class of Medical Graduates of the University of Pennsylvania, delivered at the public commencement, April 2, 1841, Philadelphia, 1841.
-The Pennsylvania-German, Vol. IV, No. 2, April 1903.

BOX 54 



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