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Edwin Glaize Collection

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives
Handley Regional Library
Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

P.O. Box 58, Winchester, VA 22604
(540) 662-9041 ext. 17


Inventory created by Archives Staff 04/1981. Last revised 03/2018.

ACCESS RESTRICTIONS: Collection is open to all researchers.

USE RESTRICTIONS: Restrictions may apply concerning the use, photoduplication, or publication of items in this collection. Consult a member of the archives staff for information concerning these restrictions. The user assumes all responsibility for identifying and satisfying any claimants of copyright.

EXTENT: 1.13 linear feet

CREATOR: Glaize, Edwin

DATE: 1759 - 1986

SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection includes histories, both published and unpublished, supporting documents, correspondence and scrapbooks of the Glaize family and antecedents. Photographs and the Dorsey Family Bible are included in the collection.

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL:  Edwin “Woody” Glaize was born in Winchester, Virginia, on Nov. 12, 1912, the son of Robert Lee and Sarah Dorsey Glaize. He was a descendent of, and collected information on, several families including Benjamin Alden Baker, Dorsey, Gold, Greenway, Lockhart, Wolf, and Yeakley, and died on April 24, 1987.

CITE AS: Edwin Glaize Collection, 67 WFCHS, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA.


BOX 1 

Alden Family (Benjamin Alden 1757-1825) DAR Application of Mary Anita Mooers Trenary, 4 leaves on printed form (photocopy)

Baker, E.S. - Appointment to VA & W.VA Boundary Commission, May 24, 1873, 1 leaf manuscript on printed form (5 copies) (photocopy)

Baker Family History and supporting documents, 23 leaves typescript, 5 leave manuscript on printed form, 3 leaves manuscript on printed form (photocopy), 7 leaves manuscript, 9 pages manuscript, 1 page typescript, 6 leaves printed (photocopy)

Baker, Joseph-Appointment as sheriff, September 18, 1817, 1 leaf manuscript on printed form (encapsulated)

Baker, Joseph-Will, July 14, 1831 photocopy, 4 leaves (photocopy)

Baker, Joseph-Will, July 14, 1831, manuscript

Baker, Julian Wood-birth certificate, November 15, 1888, 1 leaf manuscript printed form (photocopy)

Baker Land Records, 3 pages manuscript, 5 leaves printed (photocopy) (plat is located in mapcase 1, drawer 7)

Clarke County Shenandoah Driving Park, Racing Program, August 20 & 21, 1890, 1 page printed

"The Dorsey Family-Decedents of Edward Dorcey-Dorcey of Virginia and Maryland for Five Generations and Allied Families,” by Maxwell J. and Jean Muir Dorsey Nannie Ball Nimmo, 182 leaves printed (photocopy)

Dorsey Family History-published material, 94 leaves printed (photocopy)

Dorsey Family History-Supportive documents, 2 leaves typescript, 12 pages manuscript & typescript printed form (photocopy), 19 leaves manuscript, 2 leaves manuscript on printed form (photocopy), 1 leaf manuscript on printed form (encapsulated), 22 leaves printed (photocopy), 2 news clippings, 2 leaves news clippings (photocopy), 2 leaves manuscript (bible pages), 13 leaves typescript (photocopy), 1 leaf typescript on printed form (photocopy)

Glaize, David Brevitt

Glaize, E.R.-Correspondence, 1 page printed, 7 envelopes, 1 card printed, 6 leaves manuscript, 4 pages manuscript, 1 news clipping

Glaize Family History-published material, unnumbered leaves printed (photocopy)

Glaize Family Notes and Documents, 2 leaves manuscript (photocopy), 4 leaves typescript on printed form (photocopy), 3 pages manuscript on printed form, 1 page typescript on printed form, 8 leaves manuscript, 1 leaf typescript, 3 leaves printed, 1 envelope printed with manuscript, 4 leaves typescript (copy)

Glaize Family Genealogy chart, 2 manuscript leaves on printed form, 2 leaves manuscript on printed form (photocopy)

Glaize, John (Capt. CSA) correspondence, 7 pages manuscript, 2 leaves manuscript

Glaize, John-Deeds and receipts, 4 pages manuscript, 2 leaves manuscript

Glaize, John (Capt. CSA)-Service records, 1 leaf manuscript on printed form (encapsulated), 5 leaves typescript (photocopy), 54 leaves manuscript on printed form (photocopy), 3 leaves printed (photocopy)

Greenway Family History, 4 leaves manuscript, 2 leaves manuscript (photocopy), 19 typescript (photocopy), 9 printed (photocopy), 2 envelopes-manuscript

Gold (Gould), Hunter & Wood Family History, 72 leaves printed (photocopy), 3 leaves manuscript (photocopy)

Hanover Lodge—plat, no date, 1 leaf

Hessians-Notes on History at Winchester, compiles by Lion G. Miles, 1982, 12 leaves typescript (photocopy)

Box 2

Lockhart Family History & supporting documents, 1 leaf manuscript, 2 leaves manuscript (photocopy), 7 leaves printed (photocopy)

Wills-Robert Lockhart, 1817; Robert Baker, 1871; E.S. Baker, 1893; Joseph Baker. 1833; Robert Lowry, 1805; Henry Baker, 1806, 4 pages manuscript, 1 page manuscript on printed form, 11 leaves typescript transcript

Wolf Family History & supporting documents, 144 leaves typescript (photocopy), 4 leaves printed (photocopy), 54 leaves manuscript on printed form (photocopy), 8 leaves manuscript (photocopy), 7 leaves typescript

Yeakley Family History & supporting documents, 2 pages manuscript & typescript on printed form, 1 leaf printed (photocopy), 91 leaves typescript (photocopy), 5 leaves typescript

Yeakley Family "History of Ephrata" by Milton H. Heinicke, published by the Historical Society of the Cocalico Valley, Pa., 1 booklet, printed

Box 3

Scrapbook, Civil War

Newspaper clippings on General Lee

Newspaper clippings on General Jackson

Newspaper clippings on 6th of June

Newspaper clippings on Memorial Celebrations

Newspaper clippings on U.D.C.

Scrapbook of Sarah Dorsey Glaize, "What I Know of Winchester" and other Winchester News

Box 4

Last Will and Testament of George Glaize, July 5, 1855, 2 pages manuscript

Dorsey Family Bible Records transcribed by Fred Broening



Land Plat – Joseph Baker, nd, manuscript, 1 leaf (2 pieces)