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Fort Loudoun Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) Records


Scope and Content: This collection is comprised of minutes, certificates, correspondence, scrapbooks, regents’ lists, yearbooks, membership forms, obituaries and other material concerning the Fort Loudoun Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) from 1921 to the present.
(15 boxes) Last updated 08/2016. DIGITIZED 03/07.

Biographical/Historical: The Fort Loudoun Chapter of the NSDAR was organized at Washington’s Headquarters on Dec. 2, 1921, with Dr. Kate Barrett as Virginia state regent and Katherine Glass Greene as organizing regent of the chapter. There were 27 original members to the tenth chapter formed in Virginia. The purpose of the NSDAR is to provide a national organization for women to remember the men and women who achieved independence through education and research. The chapter now has over 125 members and continues to promote the history of America through scholarships, essay contents, and special historical and patriotic programs.

Cite As: Fort Loudoun Chapter NSDAR Records, 479 WFCHS/THL, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA.


Box 1

Certificates to Fort Loudoun Chapter, 1975-2003, unnumbered, printed

Certificates to Fort Loudoun Chapter, 2011-2013, unnumbered leaves, printed

Certificates—Honor Roll—To Fort Loudoun Chapter (1964-1995); unnumbered leaves with honor roll ribbons

Certificates—State Conference Awards—To Fort Loudoun Chapter (March 2012-March 2013); 18 items, printed

Correspondence, unnumbered items, typescript

History of the Fort Loudoun Chapter; unnumbered items/leaves, printed and typescript

Membership Lists, 9 leaves, typescript

Miscellaneous Items, 12 items, printed

News Articles, 1920 to present, unnumbered, printed (photocopy)

Newsletters—Fort Loudoun Chapter, NSDAR (March 2012—June 2013); unnumbered leaves, typescript

Program—District V Fall Muster, Virginia Daughters of the American Revolution, Fairfax, VA; September 14, 2010 and September 19, 2012; 2 books, printed

Programs, Feb. 6, 1923, 2 items, printed

Regents of Fort Loudoun Chapter; unnumbered leaves, printed/typescript

Report—American History Committee Work, 2009-2010; 33 leaves, printed

Roster and Program Schedule, 1945-1946, Fort Loudoun Chapter, DAR, Winchester, VA, 2 pages, printed

Scrapbooks, pages from 1931-1979, unnumbered, printed (photocopy)

Shendow, William—Recommendation for Award of DAR Medal of Honor; unnumbered leaves, printed

75th Anniversary (1921-1996) Press Kit, 1 item, typescript

90th Anniversary Celebration—Fort Loudoun Chapter, NSDAR (December 17, 2011); 2 programs, printed

116th Continental Congress—National Society DAR (2007); 1 program, printed

121st Continental Congress—National Society, DAR (2012); 1 book (printed), 1 brochure (printed), 1 program (printed)

122nd Continental Congress—National Society, DAR (2013); 1 program, printed

BOX 1A—State Conferences

DAR Yearbook—Proceedings of the 105th State Conference (March 16-18, 2001); 1 book, 193 pages, printed

DAR Yearbook—Proceedings of the 106th State Conference (March 22-24, 2002); 1 book, 177 pages, printed

DAR Yearbook—Proceedings of the 107th State Conference (March 21-23, 2003); 1 book, 185 pages, printed

DAR Yearbook—Proceedings of the 108th State Conference (March 19-21, 2004); 1 book, 188 pages, printed

DAR Yearbook—Proceedings of the 113th State Conference (March 20-22, 2009); 1 book, 167 pages, printed

DAR Yearbook—Proceedings of the 114th State Conference (March 12-14, 2010); 1 book, 171 pages, printed

DAR Yearbook—Proceedings of the 115th State Conference (March 25-27, 2011); 1 book, 166 pages, printed

DAR Yearbook—Proceedings of the 116th State Conference (March 16-18, 2012); 1 book, 240 pages, printed

State Conferences: Proceedings of the State Conferences, Fort Loudoun Chapter—1922-1995, 1 item, typescript, photocopy

State Conferences: Thirty-Second Virginia State Conference, Daughters of the American Revolution, 1928, 1 item, printed

State Conferences: 1931, 1 item, printed

State Conferences: 2002

Program—116th State Conference—Virginia Daughters of the American Revolution (March 16-18, 2012); 2 programs, printed

Program—117th State Conference—Virginia Daughters of the American Revolution (March 15-17, 2013); 2 books, printed

Box 2-Yearbooks and Bylaws

Bylaws: Chapter, State, National

Bylaws, folder contains the following years:

  • 1955

  • 1999

  • 2008

  • 2011

Yearbooks: 1921-1963, 24 items, printed

Yearbooks: 1964-1980, 16 items, printed

Yearbooks: 1980-1997, 17 items, printed

Yearbooks: 2000-2002, 2 items, printed

Yearbooks: 2003-2004, 2 items, printed

BOX 2A-Yearbooks and Bylaws

Yearbooks: 2011-2012, 68 pages, printed

Yearbooks: 2012-2013, 68 pages, printed

Yearbooks: 2013-2014, 72 pages, printed

Yearbooks: 2015-2016, 76 pages, printed

DAR Handbooks and Bylaws:

            2008; 1 book, printed

            2011; 1 book, printed 

Box 3—Projects

Donations—folder includes pamphlets and information to promote the donations to/from the Fort Loudoun Chapter DAR; unnumbered leaves, printed

Dutch Mess—Daniel Morgan

Flag Day Ceremony—DAR (4th Annual) June 14, 2013; 3 programs, printed

George Washington’s First Journey to the Shenandoah Valley, by Patricia Wheeler Gochenour
Did Not Digitize

Opequon Church Marker, 1939

Revolutionary Ancestors, Fort Loudoun Chapter, compiled by Laura Gold Crawford, 1933, 1 item, typescript

Revolutionary War Soldiers Project—Amick & Danley, A-C typed and notes

Revolutionary War Trails of Old Frederick County, Virginia, 1 item, printed, 85 pages—Do Not Publish Without Written Permission of Donor                                                                      Did Not Digitize

Sperry, John—Memorial Service, 1974, 1 news article, printed (photocopy); program, 5 pages, printed

Pamphlets, 11 items

Washington, George and Religion—Pamphlet

White, Michael—Grave Marking Ceremony; May 26, 2013, 2 leaves, printed

Box 4

Frederick Co., VA—Order and Minute Book Abstracts B-Z, 1763-1830, from the Julian Baker Collection, 87 WFCHS
Did Not Digitize

Bible records, 104 pages, photocopy:






















Obituary records for people born in the 1800s, 75 pages





Bowman, Leroy H.


Kimble, Lydia J.


Bowman, Margaret E.


Klopp, Jenettie C.


Brown, Lula M.


Lentz, Virgil E.


Bumgardner, Vernon B.


Litten, Ida


Campbell, Mayes D.


Luttrell, Carter E.


Chappell, Ada P.


Long, Clara A.


Cooper, Victor A.


McLaughlin, Marjorie


Diehl, Floyd M.


McTiernan, Phyllis L.


Dorsey, Ralph Nicholas


Mills, Nettie P.


Ellis, Evelyn H.


Miller, Sheridan F.


Evans, Ona G.


Norman, Nina Louise


Fogle, Ruth C.


Oates, Sadie C.


Frye, Ruth P.


Painter, Clara M.


Good, E. Grace


Patterson, Mabel L.


Gunter, Bessie A.


Pullen, James R.


Haun, Garrett H.


Richardson, Allan B.


Haun, Lydia C.


Solenberger, Gladys W.


Heishman, Elizabeth


Summers, Willie, Sr.


Holland, Benjamin


Thomason, Fannie D.


Hottel, Charles


Tohlin, Ethel J.


Hottle, Ora E.


Warden, Frances


Judge, Laurie L.


Washington, George H.


Judy, Monna


Whittington, Ruth E.


Kentner, Emma Y.


White, A. Corinne


Note:   Northern Virginia Daily, published in Strasburg, VA
Shenandoah Valley-Herald, published in Woodstock, VA
The Washington Post, published in Washington, DC
Bloomington-Normal, published in Bloomington, IL

Inactive Membership Forms

            Note: List of membership forms available at conclusion of inventory

            Note: Forms may not be photocopied without written permission of regent.

Box 5—Inactive membership forms, A-M                                                 DID NOT DIGITIZE      

Box 6—Inactive membership forms, N-Z                                                  DID NOT DIGITIZE

Box 6A—Inactive membership Forms

Box 7—Minutes 1921-1969

Minutes 1922-1923, 1923-1924

Minutes 1926-1933

Minutes 1933-1943

Minutes 1943-1951

Minutes 1951-1953 (1951-1953)

Minutes 1954-1957

Minutes 1958-1961

Minutes 1962-1965

Minutes 1966-1969

Box 8—Minutes

Minutes 1970-1971

Minutes 1972-1973

Minutes 1973-1974

Minutes Sept. 1975-June 1976

Minutes 1976-1977

Minutes 1977-1978

Minutes 1978-1979


Minutes 1980-1981

Minutes 1981-1982

Minutes 1982-1983; membership list

Minutes 1984-1985

Box 9

Minutes 1986-1987

Minutes 1988-1989

Minutes 1990-1991

Minutes 1992-1993

Minutes 1994-1995

Minutes 1996

Minutes 1997

Box 10

Minutes 1998-1999

Minutes 2000-2001

Minutes   Mar. 2004-May 2004

Minutes June 2004-May 2005

Minutes June 2005-May 2006

Minutes June 2006-May 2007

Box 11

Minutes June 2007-May 2008

Minutes June 2008-June 2009

Minutes September-December 2009

Minutes March-June 2010

Minutes September-December 2010

Minutes March-June 2011

Minutes September-December 2011 

Minutes March-May 2012 

Minutes September-December 2012 

Minutes March-June 2013 

Minutes September-December 2013 

BOX 12

Minutes February-June 2014

Minutes September-December 2014

Minutes February-June2015

Minutes August-December 2015

Minutes February-May 2016 

List of inactive members. Records are found in boxes 5, 6 and 6A in alphabetical order. 


Name (Last, First)                 Member    Status      Effective               Ancestor Rank                 State  Of                                                            No.                                                                                                      Service


Amos, Suzanne Miller 753890     Resigned    09/25/2014      Adam Eptin, Soldier               SC

Armel, Virginia Stuart            841178     Dropped     02/08/2008      Henry Bayliss, LT                   VA

Arnold, Meagan Rose             932515     Dropped     02/28/2016      Samuel Dedman, L Col.         VA

Baker, Phyllis Ford                 934144     Deceased    11/24/2015      Stephen Cromwell, Maj.         MD

Baker, Teresa Emmart             625344     Resigned    10/13/2015      Phillip Engle, Sr. Soldier         VA

Ballou, Emma Cooper             863172     Dropped     02/28/2011      Samuel Offutt, Pvt.                MD

Beitzel, Virginia Ours             693688     Deceased    08/09/2010      Thomas Wilson, Pvt.               MD

Bell, Elizabeth Keene                         823676     Resigned    09/29/2014      William Hargrove, PS             VA

Billings, Trilda V. Good**     851157     Deceased    07/23/2011      Michael Lohr, Pvt.                  MD

Blackman, Ruth Lucille          660422     Deceased    09/08/2012      David Kitchen, Pvt.                VA

Brindle, Mary Alethea            643666     Deceased    04/10/2015      Gaven Cluggage, Capt.           PA

Brooks, Karen Baldwin          878592     Dropped     02/28/2011      Hudson Berry, Soldier            NC

Burch, Gretchen Stern                        782869     Dropped     02/28/2014      Pleasant Childress, PVT.        NC

Butler, Nancy Harrell              604028     Deceased    1/25/2012        Robert Land, Sr. PS                VA     

Cammer, Josephine Baker       550208     Deceased    09/30/2004      Abraham Anderson, Pvt         VA

Carden, Joanna Grace Frances 912097   Dropped     02/28/2015      Richard Bridges, Sgt.                         VA     

Cimbal, Jane E. Rees              864426     Transfer      12/01/2011      Daniel Hill, Seaman                MA

Clarke, Martha Shaver            829700     Transfer      01/06/2005      Christopher Eye, PVT             VA

Coates, Sally Hood                 772680     Resigned    11/09/2004      Henry Baer, PVT                    MD

                                                                        6 Supplementals:         Peter Cramer, Patriot              MD

                                                                                                            John Schellman, Sr., CAPT    MD

                                                                                                            Jacob Wyson, Drum Major     VA

                                                                                                            Joseph Doll, SGT                    MD

                                                                                                            Caspar Larrick, Patriot            VA

                                                                                                            Mordecai Bean, Patriot           VA


Cooper, Mary T. Triplet          781118     Resigned    11/09/2002      Henry Cump, PVT                  VA

Name (Last, First)                 Member    Status       Effective         Ancestor Rank                      State of

                                                No.                                                                                                      Service


Cronin, Phyllis Harrison          504087     Resigned    11/23/2009      Joseph Longacre, CAPT         VA

Daily, Princess Strother          784194     Dropped     02/28/2014      Caspar Larrick, PS                  NC

Danley, Mildred Crisman       459401     Resigned    11/02/2005      Peter Helpenstine, MAJ          VA
                                             Age: 106  Deceased    11/30/2007

Draper, Deborah Katherine     8118878   Inactive      09/20/2010      Abraham Bonnell, Lt.             NJ

Downey, Charlotte Stickley   505584     Deceased    03/14/2008      Benjamin Stickely, Soldier     VA

Duncan, Elizabeth Pifer          698696     Resigned    06/06/2008      Mordecai Bean, Patriot           VA

Duncan, Marguerita Frances   502293     Deceased    07/21/2008      William Carpenter, Jr., PVT    VA

(Zimmerman) Amador

Dunn, Ruth Parry                    711386     Deceased    07/11/2001      Abraham Bonnell, Lt. Col.     NJ

Edmonds, Lora Cooper          663430     Resigned    11/16/2011      Samuel Offutt, Pvt.                MD

Forseth, Tara Kristy                879267     Resigned    10/02/2015      Christian Myers, PVT.            PA

Geary, Lynda Stikeleather      911176     Dropped     02/28/2016      Jacob Trope, PS                      NC

Glascock, Elizabeth Withers   579083     Deceased    01/04/2005      John Edwards, PVT                VA

Hammack, Katherine             435699     Dropped     02/28/2006      Jacob Lincoln, LT                   VA

                                                                 Deceased    08/23/2007

Hardy, Roberta Deane            811173     Resigned    11/25/2009      John Dean, Sr., Soldier           VA

Harris, Laura Fernandez         883872     Resigned    09/28/2015      Zimri Cleveland, PVT.            MA

Headley, Jacquelyn Kennedy             660023     Deceased    05/06/2008      Jonathan Allerton, Patriot       NY, CT

Hughes, Joyce J. Goff                        835505     Deceased    02/07/2012      John Goff, Jr., PS                   VA

Johnson, Mary Hottel                         598919     Deceased    10/23/2006      (John) Jacob Hottel, PVT       VA

Jones, Pauline Girdler             632419     Transfer      12/13/2003      Robert Buchanan, CAPT        VA

                                                                 1 Supplemental:                 James Girdler, PVT                 PA

Kalinich, Carol (Masek)          751997     Transfer      01/08/2010      Obadiah Gore, Jr., 1LT           CT

Kinsey, Sandra Duffel            516910     Deceased    04/13/2016      Joseph Seay, PVT.                  VA


Name (Last, First)                 Member    Status       Effective         Ancestor Rank                      State of

                                                No.                                                                                                      Service


Kropff, Roberta Deane           653479     Deceased    03/25/2004      John Cartwright, PVT             VA

                                                                 2 Supplementals:                John Dean, Sr., Soldier           VA

                                                                                                            Jacob Heavner, Ensign            VA

Kuehm, Alexandra Morgan    908118     Resigned    10/17/2014      Jacob Meixel, PVT.                 PA

Langhans, Erynn Lohman       908078     Resigned    10/26/2013      Henry Thomas, PVT.              VA

Largay, Linda Matthews        524037     Resigned    11/20/2013      William Thornton, CS             VA

Lefevre, Michele                     845611     Resigned    11/18/2009      James Alexander, Sr., Patriot  SC

Levi, Jeanne Cather                699712     Dropped     02/28/2001      Jasper Cather, Soldier             VA

                                                                 Deceased    03/15/2010—original application misfiled

Lohman, Sharon Thomas        908077     Resigned    10/24/2013      Henry Thomas, PVT.              VA

Lohr, Susan Edina                  546960     Dropped     02/28/2011      Rufus Putnam, Br.Gen           MA

Mahler, Elizabeth Manthey     526260     Deceased    02/25/2008      William Bullock, CPL MA

Manen, Janice Hess                 859222     Transfer      07/11/2013      Philip Ensminger, PS              MD

Manuel, Betty B. McIlwee     655637     Deceased    10/21/2011      Casper Larrick, PS                  VA    

Mann, Katherine Rhodes        362094     Deceased    01/18/2005      Christian Miller, SGT              VA

                                                                 1 Supplemental:                 Jacob Rhodes, PVT                VA

Marco, Allyson Susanna         857205     Dropped      02/28/2009     Rufus Putnam, BGEN                        MA

McDonald, Verna Leight        709151     Dropped     02/28/2015      John Malick, PVT.                  NJ

McKenna, Mary Wheat          882852     Deceased    12/03/2014      John Springs, Capt.                 NC

Molyneaux, Ann Gerry           798109     Dropped     02/28/2008      Edmund Ragland, PVT          VA

Motkso, Laura Clark               873937     Dropped     02/28/2011      Jeffrey Collins, Pvt.                            VA

Nay, Sherron Carole               867846     Resigned    10/15/2015      Isaac Tillotson, PVT.              CT

Orndoff, Shannon Eileen        854301     Transfer      09/20/2012      Edmond Ragland, Pvt.           VA

O’Roark, Laura Westcott       675052     Resigned    03/16/2014      Eleazer Lindsley, L Col.         NJ

Painter, Anna Cooper             720571     Transfer      03/03/2005      Mordecai Bean, Patriot           VA


Name (Last, First)                 Member    Status       Effective         Ancestor Rank                      State of

                                                No.                                                                                                      Service


Pearce, Elizabeth Ann             666086    Resigned     06/19/2010      John Douglas, Pvt.                  NC
                                                                Deceased     03/02/2012

Peoples, Susan Ann Lynn       941681    Dropped      02/28/2016      John Markham, Sgt.                VA

Pifer, Deanna Maria                883874    Resigned     09/28/2015      Zimri Cleveland, Pvt.              MA

Pitner, Hamer Cole                 325220    Resigned     11/13/2007      Peter Mead, Sr. CS PS            CT

Rees, Margaret Peterson         864425    Dropped      02/28/2010      Daniel Hill, PVT                     MA

Rhoades, Janice L. Borden     830375    Resigned     11/16/2011      Gideon Rogers, Sgt.               MA

Ritter, Peggy Carson               713884    Deceased     07/21/2011      George Moffatt, Col.              VA

Robinson, Sallie A. Conley     809238    Resigned     11/07/2011      William Abernathy, PS           VA

Rowe, Carol Baker Hough     430307    Resigned     11/16/2004      Isaac Hite, Jr., LT                   VA

                                                                Deceased     01/31/2010 Age: 101

Ruebush, Vera Minota            883873    Deceased   07/23/2010        Zimri Cleveland, Pvt.              MA

Schwartzman, Bonnie Barrett 752427    Deceased     12/07/2015      James Griffin, Cpl.                  NC   

Sclater, Patricia (Thompson)   645662    Transfer       01/22/2010      John Haden, 1 LT                   VA

Scrivener, Annie Belle            650497    Resigned     11/16/2011      George Whitaker, PS              VA

                                                                Deceased     04/17/2012

Scrivner, Marjorie May           491529    Deceased     04/03/2004      George Whitacre, Patriot        VA

Shepherd, Lena Foley             485683    Deceased     09/05/2005      Matthew Rust, 2LT, Patriot    VA

Sherwood, Carolyn Randall   96375      Resigned     05/13/2014      Isreal Randall, Lt.                   NH

Shoemaker, Rosalind Larrick  651612    Deceased     07/06/2009      Casper Larrick, PVT               VA

Simpson, Wilda Garrett          726272    Resigned     08/30/2010      Lewis Zirkle, PS                     VA

Snow, Sarah Morgan Plumly  609984    Resigned     11/09/2004      John Smith, GEN                    VA

Spencer, Mary Therese            857385    Transfer       08/17/2011      William Bolton, PS                 VA


Sperry, Arretta Wakeman       594911    Deceased     06/16/2007      Christian Funkhouser, Soldier VA

Stern, Linda Childress                        769769    Dropped      02/02/2016      Pleasant Childress, PVT.        NC

                                                                From Assoc.

Name (Last, First)                 Member    Status       Effective         Ancestor Rank                      State of

                                                No.                                                                                                      Service


Stimson, Emily Morrison        791526     Deceased    02/10/2006      Amos Francis, PVT                 CT

Stuart, Betty Meade               513475     Deceased    04/14/2006      Richard Meade, LTC              VA

Sutton, Linda Morrison          656527     Deceased    08/31/2006      Benjamin Mathews, PVT        VA

                                                                 1 Supplemental:                 Edward Morrison, PVT          VA

Swecker, Margaret Mitchell    430291     Deceased    10/09/2002      George Byrd, LT                    VA

Tate, Mary Elouise Brett         747819     Resigned    11/30/2009      Isaac Lane, LT                        NY, NC

*Tindall, Hannah Raymond    505936     Deceased    03/08/2010 *Former Associate Member (no appl.)      

Trussel, Elizabeth Lucas         321570      Deceased   06/06/2010      Edward Lucas, Lt.                  VA

Umphrey, Marther Garner      860354      Deceased   12/07/2015      George Menefee, Sol.             GA

Viens, Lily Ann V.                 699051      Deceased   05/30/2010      William Bramble, Cpt.            VT

Walch, Doris Hayden             777761      Transfer     05/04/2016      Samuel Warren, Pvt.               MA

White, Anna Rae Rudacille    856896      Resigned   09/21/2011      John Rudesisilla, Soldier         VA

Whitesell, Elizabeth                698353      Deceased   12/15/2010      John Teasley,                           GA

Williams, Margaret Louise      404639      Deceased   06/24/2014      Simon Copenhaver, Cpt.         PA

**Associate Member of Fort Loudoun Chapter

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives
Handley Regional Library
Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

P.O. Box 58, Winchester, VA 22604
(540) 662-9041 ext. 17