Loretta Moten Coates & Earl H. Coates Jr. Collection

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives Room
Handley Regional Library
Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

P.O. Box 58, Winchester, VA 22604
(540) 662-9041 ext. 17

1706 THL

SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains a variety of items concerning the family of Loretta Moten Coates and Earl H. Coates Jr., the early years of Douglas School of Winchester, VA and its principal Powell W. Gibson, and other allied families.

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BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Loretta Moten Coates is the daughter of Blanche Gibson Moten and Walker Moten and the granddaughter of Powell W. Gibson, principal of Douglas School, Winchester, VA from 1915-1940. She graduated from Douglas School in 1956, and worked as a secretary at the school until the school was closed in 1966. Earl H. Coates Jr. was born in New Jersey before moving to Winchester. He and his wife are active members of Mount Carmel Baptist Church in Winchester, VA.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Taken from the collection

CITE AS: Loretta Moten Coates and Earl H. Coates Jr. Collection #1706, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library


Coates, Earl Jr. – Biography, 2 pages, printed

Coates, Earl H. Jr. – Certificates, 1963-1985, 7 items, printed

Coates, Earl H. Jr. – News clippings, unnumbered leaves, printed

Coates, Loretta Moten – Notes for her resume, 1 envelope, manuscript

Douglas Graded School – Commencement Invitation, June 11, 1918, 1 leaf, printed (this item and a red and green ribbon are glued to black paper, on the reverse side of the black paper are glued on the following item: Flyer for "Abie’s Irish Rose", n. d., annotated with "Bris took me to this"; Admission tickets to Open Track and Field Meet, Howard University, may 8, 1926 and Manassas Colored Horse Show, n.d.; Flyer for "One Night Cabaret" shaped like a dollar bill, n.d.)

Douglas School – Copy of newspaper article on the laying of the cornerstone for Douglas School, Winchester Evening Star, September 6, 1927, 3 leaves, typescript

Douglas School – Essay on the Fifth Anniversary of Douglas School, 1927-1977 by Blanche G. Moten, 1 leaf, manuscript

Douglas School – Commencement Invitations, 1925, 1927 ( this folder also contains
invitations to events at The F.C.C.C., Frederick, Maryland, 1927;

Storer College, 1925; Phi Beta Sigma, Soiree De Plaisir, 1925,

(2 copies)

Douglas School – Miscellaneous Items, 3 items
Douglas Alumni Association News Letter, September, 1975, 1 leaf, typescript

News clipping on Douglas addition, n.d.

Program – Douglas Dedication Ceremony and Alumni Open House, October 2. 1999, 2 pages, printed

Douglas School – "Twenty-One Years of Progress, 1941-1962", by Kirk N. Gaskin, June 11, 1962, 5 leaves, mimeograph

Gibson Elementary School – Dedication Service, October 30, 1960, 1 item, 2 pages, printed

Gibson, Blanche G. – Program of "Pageant, The New Era", May 30, 1923, 1 leaf, printed

Gibson, Powell W. – "Adaptation of Professional Training to Conditions in Rural

School, June 19, 1912, 3 leaves, typescript

Gibson, Powell W. – Biographies, n.d., 5 items. printed/typescript

Gibson, Powell W. – Certificate for Free Tuition Scholarship, Carnegie College, Nov. 22, 1909, 1 leaf, printed

Gibson, Powell W. – Poetry, Ode to Frederick Douglass, n.d., 1 leaf, typescript

Gibson, Willard P. – 3 items, printed

Goodloe, S. S. – Biography, 1 leaf, printed

House – 119 East Lane (home of Powell W. Gibson), Architectural Inventory, 1976, 2 leaves, printed (photocopy)

House – 118 East Lane, The Habitat Herald, Autumn, 1999 (contains an article on Powell w. Gibson’s home), 4 pages, printed

Moten, Blanche G. – "My First Teaching Experience, n.d., 1 page, typescript

Negro Makers of History by Carter Woodson, 2 pages, printed


Coates, Earl H. Jr. – Certificate from the President of the United States of America, thanking Mr. Coates for his service on the Selective Service Local Draft Board No. 45, Virginia, August 28, 1974, 1 leaf, printed

Gibson, Powell W. – Broadside for "Jake Among the Indian", June, 27, 1913

Broadside for "The King of the Mandingoes", February 11, 1921
(2 copies)