Margaretta Barton Colt Collection

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives Room
Handley Regional Library
Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

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1472 THL

Scope and Content: This collection is comprised of the research material, used by Margaretta Barton Colt for her book, Defend the Valley. Items in the collection contain material about the soldiers and the family members featured in the book and include photocopies of service records from the U.S. National Archives, genealogical data, research notes, and correspondence. Also included is the original manuscript of Defend the Valley, and writing and research material from Harris S. Colt, Margaretta’s husband.
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Biographical/Historical: Margaretta Barton Colt was the co-proprietor of The Military Bookman in New York City from 1976 - 2003. She also worked as a researcher and picture editor for Time, Inc. and American Heritage.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Taken from the collection and Defend the Valley by Margaretta Barton Colt

Cite As: Margaretta Barton Colt Collection, 1472 THL, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA.




NOTE: The book is located in Archives Reading Room, 975.5 Col

BOX 2 -- Correspondence

Correspondence – May, 1980; 1987

Correspondence – 1988

Correspondence – January 1989-July 3, 1989

Correspondence – August 1989-December, 1989

Correspondence – January 1990-June 1990

Correspondence – July 1990-December, 1990

Correspondence – 1991

Correspondence – 1992-1994

Correspondence – Thank You Letters, 1984-1988

Correspondence – Thank You Letters, 1989-1997

BOX 3 Research Notes – Defend the Valley

Research Notes – Captions

Research Notes – Disease

Research Notes – Epilogue

Research Notes – Homes

Research Notes -- Introduction

Research Notes – Maps

Research Notes – Permission to Publish

Research Notes – Photographs, Part I

Research Notes – Photographs, Part II

Research Notes -- Places

BOX 3A Research Notes and Reviews and Articles Defend the Valley

Research Notes – Slavery

Research Notes – Winchester and the Shenandoah Valley

Research Notes – Working notes

Reviews and Articles

BOX 4 Military Research

Military Research – Book Excerpts

Military Research – College

Military Research – Eyewitness Accounts, A-H

Military Research – Eyewitness Accounts, I-Z

Military Research – Southern Historical Society Papers

BOX 5 Military Records

Avirett, James B. -- 7th VA Cavalry Chaplain, 2 leaves manuscript (photocopy)

Baldwin, Cornelius H. -- 33rd VA Infantry, 20 leaves manuscript (photocopy)

Baldwin, Robert Frederick, -- 31st VA Militia, surgeon, 49 leaves manuscript (photocopy

Barton, Bolling Walker -- 1st Foreign Battalion, Tucker’s Regiment

Barton, Charles M -- Cutshaw’s Company, Virginia Light Artillery

Barton, David R – Cutshaw’s Company, Virginia Light Artillery.

Barton, Randolph J. -- 33rd Virginia Infantry

Barton, Robert T. -- Rockbridge Artillery

Barton, William S. -- Company F, 2nd Virginia Infantry

Burwell, Lewis2 -- leaves manuscript (photocopy)

Burwell, Robert -- 2nd VA Infantry, Co. F, 29 leaves manuscript (photocopy

Clark, Frank P. -- 2nd VA Quartermaster, 93 leaves manuscript (photocopy

Clark, William L. Jr. -- 2nd VA Infantry, Co. F, 5 leaves manuscript (photocopy)

Conrad, C. Powell -- Cavalry, 27 leaves manuscript (photocopy)

Conrad, Daniel B. -- 2nd VA Infantry, surgeon, 6 leaves manuscript (photocopy

Cutshaw, Wilfred E. -- 45 leaves manuscript (photocopy)

Davis, Charles Bernard -- VA Cavalry, 3 leaves manuscript (photocopy)

Davis, William A. -- Surgeon, 32 leaves manuscript (photocopy

Epps, Nicholas W. – 5th Florida Infantry, Co. E, printed (photocopy)

Jones, Beverly Randolph -- 33rd VA 1st Rockbridge, 13 leaves manuscript (photocopy

Jones, Charles Marshall -- 6 leaves manuscript (photocopy)

Jones, Francis B. -- Major, 2nd Virginia Infantry

Jones, James Fitzgerald -- 124 leaves manuscript (photocopy

Marshall, Thomas -- Major, 7th Virginian Cavalry

McDonald, Angus -- 115 leaves manuscript (photocopy)

Sherrad, Joseph L -- 11th VA Cavalry, Co. D, 10 leaves manuscript (photocopy)

Shippery, William – 1st VA Cavalry, Co. A, 6 leaves manuscript (photocopy

Well, John W. -- 33rd VA, doctor, 12 leaves manuscript (photocopy)

BOX 6 Families and People

Baldwin Family

Barton Family

Barton Family – Genealogical Charts

Barton, Bolling

Barton, Bolling

Barton, Charles M.

Barton, David Rittenhouse (1837-1862)

Barton, David Walker (1800-1863)

Barton, Fannie (mother)

Barton, Joseph W.

Barton, Randolph J.

Barton, Randolph J.

Barton, Robert R.

Barton, Robert T.

Barton, Robert T.

Barton, William M.

Barton, William S.

Bolling Family

Cary Family

Census Records

Clark, Peyton

Conrad, Susan Davis – Invitation to a ball, October

Duer Family

Fairfax, William Henry

Jones Family

Jones, Francis B. – Pre-war to 1861

Jones, Francis B. – 1861- to death after the Battle of Gaines Mill, Julu, 1862

Jones, A. C. R.

Jones, William Srothers

Lee, Agnes

Marshall Family

Marshall, Thomas

Randolph Family

Shields, Charles H.

Williams, Philip

Miscellaneous People

Box 7 Harris S. Colt

Appomattox Article by Harris S. Colt

1862 Diary of Francis B. Jones, edited by Harris S. Colt

Research Notes – Harris S. Colt

BOX 8 Miscellaneous Items

Jefferson Davis Was Not A Traitor Comrade J. Ogden Murray, 1 booklet, 7 pages, printed

Miscellaneous Items

News Clippings

Official Guide to the Confederate Government from 1961 to 1865 at Richmond, 1 booklet, 17 pages, printed

Ranges of Parrott Guns and Notes for Practice, 1 booklet, 15 pages, printed

Loose items


Genealogical Chart of the Paxton-Marshall Family, 1 leaf, printed

Index to Genealogical Chart of the Paxton-Marshall Family, negative of original, 1 leaf.

Genealogical Chart of the Paxton-Marshall Family, negative of the original, 1leaf

Index to the Genealogical Chart of the Paxton-Marshall Family, 5 leaves, Photostat of the negative