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EXTENT: 2.34 linear feet

DATE: 1806-1960

ALTERNATIVE FORM AVAILABLE: The Genealogical Society of Utah digitized selected materials in this collection in 2007 [discs 010-09 to 010-11]. Not available online. The Stewart Bell Jr. Archives has digitized a number of photographs from this collection and may be accessed online through http://handley.pastperfectonline.com

SCOPE AND CONTENT: The Daniel Conrad Family Papers contains the personal papers of Daniel Conrad and his immediate family, including financial records, correspondence, diaries, notes and writings, and other ephemera. The collection also includes sketches done by Captain Robert Y. Conrad. Also included in the collection are a number of genealogical materials concerning the Conrad family.

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL:  Daniel Conrad was born in Winchester, Virginia on October 6, 1771 to Frederick and Maria C. Ley Conrad. After studying medicine in London and Edinburgh he returned to Winchester, where he opened a large and successful medical practice. Shortly after returning from Europe Conrad married Rebecca Holmes, daughter of Colonel Joseph Holmes. They had four children, with only two surviving to adulthood.

Conrad purchased several lots of land in Winchester and built a house known as the “Conrad House.” Conrad died in this house in 1806 and is buried in the graveyard of the Reformed Church. The lot on which the house stood is now the Winchester-Frederick County Judicial Center and adjoining parking lots.

Conrad’s eldest surviving son, David Holmes Conrad (1800 – 1877) practiced law in Martinsburg, Virginia (later West Virginia). He married Nancy Addison Carr, daughter of Judge Dabney Carr. Their two sons, Henry Tucker Conrad and Holmes Addison Conrad, both joined Company D of the Second Infantry Division of the Confederate Army, part of the famous Stonewall Brigade. Both died at the First Battle of Manassas on July 21, 1861.

Daniel Conrad’s younger son, Robert Young Conrad (1805 – 1875), attended Winchester Academy and, briefly, the West Point Military Academy. Robert made his career in politics, serving as the representative for Frederick, Jefferson, and Clarke Counties in the Virginia Senate from 1840 – 1844. He later represented Winchester and Frederick County in the Virginia Secession Convention. While he was strongly opposed to secession, he nevertheless found himself at odds with the Federal troops who occupied his house and the City of Winchester during the Civil War. His political career faltered in the period of reconstruction.

Robert married Elizabeth Whiting Powell of Loudoun County. Their nine children were Daniel Burr, Powell, Katherine B., Holmes, Robert Y., Sally Harrison, Charles Frederick, Frank E., and Cuthbert Powell. Robert Young Conrad died in 1875 and is buried in Mt. Hebron Cemetery.

Daniel Burr Conrad (1831 – 1898) was a medical doctor in the service of the U.S. Navy. He was dismissed in 1861 and became a surgeon attached to the Confederate Navy. In 1871 he married Susan M. Davis of Frederick County and continued to practice medicine. He became superintendent of the insane asylum in Richmond and then Western State Hospital in Staunton.

Powell Conrad (d. 1862) practiced law. He later served as an engineer in the Confederate Army. He died of typhoid fever. Robert Y. Conrad died in 1857 while preparing to enter theological seminary. Holmes Conrad (1840 – 1915) was lawyer. During the Civil War he enlisted in the First Virginia Cavalry, C.S.A. He later entered politics, representing Frederick County in the House of Delegates for the session of 1881-2.  He was also the first chairman of the Handley Board of Trustees. Charles Frederick, an engineer, joined the 11th Virginia Cavalry, C.S.A, and later worked for the Lehigh Valley Railroad Company and as an inspector of surveys for the U. S. Government. Francis E. Conrad (1847 – 1900) was a lawyer and engineer, served in the Confederate Army, and later worked as a civil engineer in Alabama, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Cuthbert Powell (1849 – 1892) studied at the University of Virginia and later taught at Arkansas University before entering business in Kansas City, Missouri.

Katherine B. Conrad (1836 – 1902) resided in Winchester. She was active in a variety of religious and educational causes. She worked as a nurse during the Civil War and following the end of the war she established a School for Colored Cooks. In connection with this school she administered the local distribution of funds provided by the Slater Trust of Boston, which had been established to educate former enslaved girls and women. She was also a founding member of the Confederate Memorial Association. The house built for her by her family still stands on Amherst Street in Winchester. Sally Harrison Conrad (1842 – 1908) married Archibald Magill Fauntleroy was a physician. He served as a surgeon for the Confederate Army and later continued to practice medicine in Staunton, Virginia.

Robert Young Conrad (1884 – 1918), the son of Holmes Conrad and his second wife, Georgia Bryan. He attended the Shenandoah Valley Academy, the Virginia Military Institute, and University of Virginia, where he studied law. He joined his father’s law practice. Conrad served as Captain of Company I, 116th Infantry Regiment of the 19th Division during World War I. He was killed at Verdun on October 8, 1918 and is buried in France. Mt. Hebron Cemetery contains a memorial marker.  He and his wife, Helen Wiley McLoughlin, had one daughter, who was born after the death of her father. The child, named Robert Y. Young, was known as “Bobbie”

RELATED MATERIAL: Holmes Conrad Collection, 893 THL; John Conrad Collection, 635 THL; Conrad and Tucker Law Firm Records, 401 WFCHS. The Donald Strosnider Collection, 1712 WFCHS, contains silhouettes of members of the Conrad family.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Quarles, Garland R. Some Worthy Lives, Winchester, VA: Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society, 1988; J. E. Norris, History of the Lower Shenandoah Valley Counties of Frederick, Berkeley, Jefferson, and Clarke,… Chicago, Illinois: A. Warner & Co., Publishers,1890; Obituary of Katherine B. Conrad, Winchester Evening Star, November 24, 1902.                                 

CITE AS: Daniel Conrad Family Papers, 1186 WFCHS/THL, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, Virginia.




Conrad Bible Records, 1 leaf manuscript, 2 leaves printed (photocopy), 19 leaves manuscript (photocopy)

Conrad Family Histories, 1 leaf typescript (copy), 8 leaves typescript (photocopy)

Conrad Family Wills, 1 leaf manuscript (photocopy), 24 leaves typescript (photocopy)

Conrad, Frederick – “Frederick Conrad of Frederick County, Virginia”, Genealogy Newsletter, Vol. 1, No. 2, pgs. 44-45, 2 leaves, typescript (photocopy)

Conrad Genealogy, 3 pages manuscript, 6 leaves typescript, 4 leaves manuscript, 6 leaves typescript (copy), 7 leaves typescript (photocopy), 9 leaves printed (photocopy)

Conrad, Heriott (mother of Dr. James R. and Daniel Conrad) – Notes and legal papers, 3 pages manuscript

Conrad, Dr. Daniel – Biography 1771-1806, 1 leaf manuscript, 3 leaves type/manuscript (photocopy), 2 leaves typescript (copy)

Conrad, Dr. Daniel – Conrad Residence Lease 1812, 1 item

Conrad, Dr. Daniel – Obituary, 2 leaf typescript, 4 pages printed

Conrad, Dr. Daniel Burr – Book Review, Confederate Commando and Fleet Surgeon, Dr. Daniel Burr Conrad, by John Worth Lynn, “The Civil War News”, November, 2001, 1 leaf, printed (photocopy)

Conrad, Rebecca – Indenture of property to Farmers Bank of Virginia, Nov. 30, 1812, 4 pages manuscript

Conrad, Dr. James R. – Accounts and receipts, 1864-1881, 18 leaves manuscript, 31 leaves manuscript on printed form, 1 book manuscript, 1 postcard, 18 pages manuscript

Conrad, Dr. James R. – Correspondence regarding his service and connected illness, 1847-1879, 7 pages manuscript, 2 leaves manuscript

Conrad, Dr. James R. – Deeds and indentures, 3 pages manuscript, 1 leaf manuscript

Conrad, David Holmes – Diary, 1831-1837, 1 item manuscript

Conrad, David Holmes – Legal and political notes, 1821-1845, 3 pages manuscript, 1 leaf manuscript

Conrad, David Holmes – “History of Winchester” 1870, published in the Winchester Star, having been published in the Winchester Times, 7 pages printed, 3 leaves typescript (copy)

Conrad, David Holmes – “I Well Remember”: Recollections of St. Louis 1819-1823, parts 1 and 2 – Missouri Historical Review, Oct. 1995 and Jan. 1996, published by the State Historical Society of Missouri, Columbia, 2 items printed

Conrad, David Holmes – Speeches, 1851-1856, 1 item printed

BOX 2: Robert Y. Conrad (1805 – 1875)

Conrad, Robert Young (1805-1875) – Biography, 1 leaf typescript

Conrad, Robert Young – Miscellaneous papers, 1825-1895, 6 pages manuscript on printed form, 5 pages manuscript, 2 postcards, 2 leaves manuscript

Conrad, Robert Y. – Oration, July 4,1827, Kent Street Presbyterian Church, Winchester, VA, 1 item published (Not digitized)                                                                                            

“Robert Young Conrad and the Ordeal of Secession” by David F. Riggs, Virginia Magazine, Jan.1978, 1 item printed (photocopy)

Conrad, Robert Y. – Will, May 1875, 3 pages manuscript

Conrad, Robert Y. and Son – Business Cards, 4 items printed

Correspondence – Conrad, Robert Y. to his daughter, Kate Conrad, 1852-1856, 5 items (The following items are not digitized. Do not publish in entirety without permission from the Virginia Museum of History and Culture, Richmond, Va.)
Nov. 10, 1862,  4 leaves, manuscript (photocopy), transcript, 4 leaves, typescript                             
Feb. 15, 1853,  2 leaves, manuscript (photocopy), transcript, 4 leaves, typescript          
Nov. 3, 1854,   1 leaf, manuscript (photocopy),transcript, 1 leaf, typescript                                     
May 6, 1854,    1 leaf, manuscript (photocopy), transcript, 1 leaf, typescript                                                   
June 30, 1856   2 leaves, manuscript (photocopy),transcript, 2 leaves, typescript

Correspondence – Conrad, Robert Y. to his daughter Kate, 18570-1874, 6 items (The following items are not digitized. Do not publish in entirety without permission from the Virginia Museum of History and Culture, Richmond, Va.)    
Nov. 14, 1857, 1 leaf, manuscript (photocopy), transcript, 1 leaf, typescript                                
June 13, 1861, 3 leaves, manuscript (photocopy). transcript, 2 leaves, typescript
July 15, 1861, 4 leaves, manuscript (photocopy), transcript, 5 leaves, typescript              
Jan. 11, 1874, 2 leaves, manuscript (photocopy), transcript, 2 leaves, typescript             
Oct 18, no year, 2 leaves, manuscript (photocopy), transcript, 2 leaves, typescript                           
Undated,1 leaf, manuscript (photocopy), transcript, 1 leaf, typescript    

Court Cases – 1852-1869, 3 items (folder contains the following):
Perry vs. Longacre, 1852, 3 items manuscript
Stephens and Stephens, devisees before petition of Wall and others, June 1869, 2 items manuscript
Wilson, John vs. Peter Coontz, no date, 1 item manuscript

Conrad, Robert Y. and Son – Law cases, 6 folders, 1 leaf manuscript, 1 small notebook (folder contains the following):
Chase and Co. vs. McAurthur and Co., 12 pages manuscript
Coontz vs. Cooper’s [Sanctions] ca.1840-1860’s, 4 pages manuscript
Coontz, William vs. John Wilson, ca. Sept. 1830, 2 items manuscript
Lupton, John vs. James H. Kemp – Agreement, 4 pages manuscript
Hopkins and Bros. vs. Richardson – Reply Robert Y. Conrad, Aug.[1846], 6 pages Manuscript
Neil’s heirs, May 4, 1831, 18 pages manuscript

Lockhart vs. Wilson, Chancery Court Suit, Oct. 1797, 1 item, 13 pages manuscript

Hoffman, David – Baltimore plat, Nov. 10, 1834, 1 item, 4 pages manuscript

BOX 3: Daniel Burr Conrad (1831 – 1898)

Carson, M. Barrett – Recipe Notebook, 1 item manuscript

Davis, Dr. William A. – Correspondence, 1839-1864, 9 items manuscript

Cook Book – Annie M. Davis, 1 item manuscript

Conrad-Armistead Diary, 1826 (back of diary says Mary A. Armistead),1 item manuscript

Conrad, Dr. Daniel Burr – Biography, 5 leaves typescript (photocopy), 1 leaf print (photocopy)

Conrad, Dr. Daniel Burr – Account Book, July 1, 1882. 37 pages manuscript

Conrad, Dr. Daniel Burr – booklet about religious experience; inscribed “For D.B. Conrad from his Mother,” 9 pages manuscript, no date

Correspondence – To Daniel Burr Conrad from his mother Mrs. Robert Y. Conrad, February 25, 1850, 2 pages, manuscript

Genealogy – Barnard, 5 leaves printed

Genealogy – Brooke, 6 leaves typescript (copy), photocopy

Genealogy – Harrison and Powell, 1 leaf manuscript (photocopy), 1 leaf typescript (copy), photocopy

Genealogy – Peyton, 1 leaf typescript (copy), photocopy, 1 leaf, manuscript (photocopy)

Book – “Poems, Selected From the Works of Peter Pindar” 1804, given to Margaret J. Peyton from her cousin R. Conrad, Feb. 2, 1809, 1 item printed (Not digitized)                                            

“M.S. of the Late Mrs. Walls – In the Handwriting of My Niece, Sallie Conrad, Who has Copied the Original for Me – D.H.C.” Sept. 20, 1792, from Annual Papers, Winchester, VA Historical Society, 1930, 10 leaves printed (photocopy), 12 pages manuscript, 24 leaves manuscript (Not digitized)

Published Reminiscences, 17 leaves printed, photocopy (folder contains the following):
“Organization of the Stonewall Brigade How It Was So Named,” Winchester Times, June 11, 1891
“History of First Fight and Organization of Stonewall Brigade – How It Was So Named” United Service, vol. VII, no. 5, May 1892
“The Boarding, Capturing, and Burning of the Gunboat Underwriter” United Service, vol. VII, no. 6, June 1892
“Reminiscences of Fort Warren – 1861,” Blue and Gray, Jan.1895

“With Buchanan on the Tennessee,” by D.B. Conrad, Blue and Gray, vol. IV, no. 2, Aug. 1894

“School of Mines of the University of Missouri Catalogue 1891-92”

BOX 4: Powell Conrad (d. 1862)

Conrad, Powell – Powell Family Genealogy, 3 items, 8 leaves typescript (copy), 9 leaves typescript (photocopy), 3 pages typescript (photocopy)

Conrad, Powell – Correspondence Regarding John Brown and Secession, 1859-1861, 12 pages manuscript

Conrad, Powell – General Correspondence and Political Notes, 1855-56, 1 envelope manuscript, 3 pages manuscript, 5 leaves manuscript

Conrad, Powell – Account Book with notes, (? – 1862), 1 bound book

BOX 5: Capt. Robert Y. Conrad (1884 – 1918)

Account ledger of Robert Y. Conrad while a cadet at VMI, 1902, 1 item, bound manuscript

Conrad, Robert Y. –Bills and receipts, 1907, 9 leaves manuscript on printed form

Conrad, Robert Y. – Commissioned Officer of the National Guard Oath, June 28,1916, 1 item, 9 leaves manuscript on printed form

Conrad, Robert Y. – Correspondence, 1899-1905, 41 items

Conrad, Robert Y. – Correspondence, 1906-1907, 45 items

Conrad, Robert Y. – Correspondence, 1908-1909, 88 items

Conrad, Robert Y. – Correspondence, 1910-1915, 44 items

Conrad, Robert Y. – Correspondence, 1917, 40 items

Conrad, Robert Y. – Correspondence, Feb.-July, 1918, 61 items

Conrad, Robert Y. – Correspondence, August 1918, 71 items

Conrad, Robert Y. – Correspondence, Sept.1, 1918-Dec. 31,1918, 106 items

Conrad, Robert Y. – Epitaph and burial, 1918, 4 items

BOX 6: Capt. Robert Y. Conrad (1884 – 1918)

Conrad, Robert Y. – Invitations, 1914-1915, 8 items, 6 cards printed, 1 leaf printed, 1 envelope

Conrad, Robert Y. – Miscellaneous, 11 items, 1 booklet printed, 1 leaf typescript (copy), 3 leaves printed, 4 cards printed, 2 VMI (1903) cover

Conrad, Robert Y. – Miscellaneous military papers, 1918, 16 items, 1 booklet printed, 2 maps manuscript, 11 leaves printed, 1 leaf printed (photocopy), 1 page printed

Conrad, Robert Y. – Newspaper clippings, 1910-1927 (incomplete), 24 items

Conrad, Robert Y. – Poems, 6 items, The Recessional and Other Poems, by Rudyard Kipling, Akron: Saalfield Publishing Co., 3 leaves printed, 1 leaf typescript (copy), 1 page printed (Not digitized)

Conrad, Robert Y. – University of Virginia –Grades at law school, 1907, 2 items

Conrad, Robert Y. –“Captain Robert Y. Conrad”, The Mirror, Volume 1, Number 1, January 15, 1919, 1 page, printed

Conrad, Helen – Bible, 1881, printed

Conrad, Helen – Correspondence and miscellaneous papers, 1913-1934, 10 items, 2 pages manuscript, 1 card manuscript, 1 booklet printed, 3 envelopes, 2 leaves manuscript, 1 card printed

Conrad, Helen – Garden Club papers, 1926-1928, 30 items

Conrad, Helen – Programs –Area events of Winchester, 1920-1960 (incomplete), 9 items printed

Conrad, Bobbie – Miscellaneous scrapbook pages, 1917-1953 (incomplete), 19 items

Prayer book (found with Helen Conrad items), 1 item (Not digitized)

BOX 6a: Georgia Bryan Conrad (mother of Robert Y. Conrad)

Conrad, Georgia Bryan – Correspondence, 1918, 63 leaves typescript transcript, 1 card typescript

Book, Wm. D. O’Connor, Hamlet’s Note-Book , 1886, contains inscription “Georgia B. Conrad, 1887,” 1 item, 21 cm (Not digitized)

BOX 7: Capt. Robert Y. Conrad (1884 – 1918)

Items in Box 7 have not been digitized.

Sketches by Robert Y. Conrad (watercolor, graphite, pen and ink)
Robert Y. Conrad House at corner of Cork and Washington Streets, 1913, 1186-4
Black knight on black horse, 1186-5
Unfinished - fountain and front entrance of house, 1186-6
Front view of Virginia home with large pillars, 1186-7
Large home with small porch at front entrance, 1186-8
Flowering trees, daffodils beside a stream, church in background, 1186-9
Ruins of old church, black and white, 1186-10
Person sitting beside farm pond, May 7, 1916, in pencil; incomplete drawing on inside fold, 1186-11
View of sea and castle through large window, 1186-12
Street scene with Moorish building, 1186-13
Street scene with Moorish building (different version), 1186-14
Large figure of World War I soldier with ruins of town small in background; verso, tall trees beside a stream, 1186-15
View of town with large church plus a mountain in background, 1186-16
Mountain view with large church by a lake in foreground, 1186-17
View of bridge over a river, 1186-18
Cypress tree-lined river bank with bridge in background, 1186-19
Pond and trees in front of large buildings which look French, 1186-20
Village scene; verso, man's head in profile, 1186-21
Bridge over a stream and large church towers in background, 1186-22
Very old gray stone school or church buildings, 1186-23
Ruins of staircase with large cypress trees and blossoming trees in background, 1186-24
Man in purple Elizabethan clothes, 1186-25
Man in black Elizabethan clothes with spear, 1186-26
Dhows with colored sails on a palm tree-lined river, 1186-27
Dhows with white sails on palm tree-lined river; verso, tree-lined stream with rotunda in distance, 1186-28
Boat on a river with large ancient structure in background, 1186-29
Man, woman, and child standing in rowboat near landing on a river, 1186-30
Tree-lined path, blue mountains in distance; verso, masonry bridge over stream with          cypress trees lining road, 1186-31
Formal lawn with elaborate urns and statue around border, 1186-32
Farm gate and hilly field, 1186-33
Unfinished shore or lake scene with dark cloudy sky, 1186-34
Large pond with farm buildings and trees in background, 1186-35
Winding river with trees and hill with fortress in background, 1186-36
Long white building with red roof beside stream, 1186-37
Farm scene with ruins of old mill; verso, boat tied up at river bank, 1186-38
Two watercolors on one sheet - top, view of tree-shaded courtyard with three people; bottom, unfinished seashore landscape, 1186-19
Two watercolors on one sheet -top, person in small boat on river with two large thatched-roof buildings on bank; bottom, tall tree with mottled brown and gray bark in foreground and gray mountains in background, 1186-40

Commission from the Commonwealth of Virginia to Robert Y. Conrad, Captain, Company I, 2nd Regiment, Infantry, Virginia, December 11, 1913

PHOTOGRAPHS: This collection also includes a number of photographs from an album of Conrad photos kept by John Hendrick.  Photographs and other images belonging to this collection may be accessed online through http://handley.pastperfectonline.com/