RIchard Evelyn Byrd Collection

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives Room
Handley Regional Library
Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

P.O. Box 58, Winchester, VA 22604
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EXTENT: 1.47 linear feet

DATES: 1907-1997

SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains correspondence, photographs, news clippings, awards, newsletters, speeches and other materials relevant to Admiral Richard E. Byrd (1880-1979) and his expeditions to Antarctica. Also included is an atlas called Polar Regions, which provides an in-depth comparison of the two Polar Regions.

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Richard Evelyn Byrd was born in Winchester, VA on Oct. 25, 1881, son of Richard Evelyn Byrd II and Eleanor Bolling Flood. At the early age of 12, having a thirst for adventure, he persuaded his parents to permit him to make an unattended trip around the world. After two years at Virginia Military Institute and one year at the University of Virginia, he was admitted to the U.S. Naval Academy on May 28, 1908. He became interested in exploration, especially of the Atlantic and the two poles. His Antarctic expeditions are well known. While he was a Navy ensign, he was married on Jan. 20, 1915 to Marie Donaldson Ames of Boston. They had four children. Admiral Byrd died in his sleep on March 11, 1957.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Quarles, Garland. Some Worthy Lives. Winchester, VA: Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society, 1988.

CITE AS: Richard E. Byrd Collection, 28 WFCHS, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA.




Bookplate of Richard Evelyn Byrd

March Music – “Return of Commander Byrd Military March for Piano” by Claude Hackelton, The Boston Music Company, Boston, MA, n.d. (1930s), 3 pages, printed; “North to the Future, Musical Reflections on Alaska’s History”, 2 leaves, typescript 

Plaque, U.S.S. Richard E. Byrd, from the crew in memory of RADM Richard E. Byrd, 1 item

1907—Speech, Richard Evelyn Byrd, June 10, 1907, "What Have the Public Schools Done for the Negro and What Can They Do?" 1 item, printed

1926—Celebration of Byrd's flight, June 23, 1926, 5 items
Invitation, 1 leaf, printed
Entrance ticket, 1 leaf, printed
Envelope, manuscript
Letters of correspondence, 2 leaves, typescript

1926—"Conquerors of the North Pole," pamphlet, compliments of John Wanamaker, Philadelphia, 1 item, printed

1926-1930—Newspaper articles, unnumbered items, printed (photocopy)

1927—Newspaper articles, transatlantic flight, June 30, 1927, 6 items, printed

1930—"Highlights of the Byrd Antarctic Expedition, produced by the Tide Water Oil Company NY, 1 item, printed; 1 leaf, typescript

1930—South Pole Picture Book, by Captain Ashley McKinley [1930], published by Samuel Miller, New York, 1 item, printed

1930—Handley High School homecoming honoring Byrd, June 22, 1930
Program, 2 copies, 1 leaf, typescript
Souvenir coins: 1 gold color, with envelope, 1 silver color, 2 items

1936—Movie ad, "Discovery," 3 copies, 1 leaf, printed

1936—Honors and awards presented to Richard E. Byrd, catalog of items sold by Sotheby's, 1 item, printed; 14 loose pages, printed

1936—Correspondence to Rotary Club of Winchester, May 10, 1936, 1 leaf, manuscript (photocopy)

1956—Address to 65th Continental Congress of National Society—D.A.R.

1971 – Commemorative Richard Byrd Medal, Gallery of Great American, 1 item

Photographs of Admiral Byrd and his expeditions, unnumbered items, black and white photographs, 1927-1957

Photographs of Admiral Byrd and his expeditions, available from the National Archives, National Geographic Society, and other institutions, 81 leaves, photocopies, 1927-1957

Magazine articles, 8 items, unnumbered pages, printed, 1930-1957

BOX 2 

News clippings and magazine articles, unnumbered pages, printed (photocopy), 1962-present 

1928-1930—“The Work of the Byrd Antarctic Expedition 1928-1930,” written by W.L.G. Joerg for the American Geographical Society (1930); 1 item, 70 pages, printed

1930 – National Geographic magazine –“The Conquest of Antarctica by Air” by Richard Evelyn Byrd, pgs. 127-227; “Admiral Byrd Receives New Honor from Society”, pgs. 228-238, August, 1930, Volume 43, Number 2.

1974—The Iron Worker—“Richard Evelyn Byrd—Polar Explorer,” 1 item, printed

1978—Polar Regions Atlas, Central Intelligence Agency, May 1978, 1 item, printed

1979—50th anniversary flight to the South Pole, October 10, 1979 — Resolution of Appreciation and Commemoration by Frederick County Board of Supervisors, 3 leaves, typescript

1979—50th anniversary flight to the South Pole, commemorative medals, 1 item

1979—50th anniversary flight to the South Pole — National Science Foundation
Antarctic Journal:
1977—September, December
1978—March/June, September, October, December
Memorandum, 7 pages, printed
Mosaic, Volume 9, No. 5, September/October 1978

1979—50th anniversary flight to the South Pole, 1979
Program of event held by Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society, November 15, 1979, 1 item, printed
Biographical sketch of Richard E. Byrd, 1 page, printed
Addresses of special guests, 5 leaves, manuscript (photocopy)
Antarctican Society newsletter, 1979-1980, No. 3, January, 1 item, 8 pages, printed
Antarctican Society envelope, 1 item, printed
Air and Space, newsletter of National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Volume 3, No. 1, September-October 1979, 1 item, 6 pages, printed

1979—Gould, Laurence McKinley - biographical sketch and newspaper article, published in a supplement to the Cosmos Club Bulletin, 1979, 4 pages, printed (photocopy); 1 leaf, printed

1980—Byrd statue, Winchester, 3 items, Sketch, 1 leaf (photocopy); Scale Drawing, Oct. 27, 1981, 1 leaf; news articles, 2 items, 4 leaves, printed (photocopy)

1980—Richard E. Byrd Memorial Fund stationery, envelopes, [1980], 10 sheets of stationery, 3 envelopes

1985—Children's tributes to Byrd, 2 items, printed

1994—"Richard E. Byrd and the Legacy of Polar Exploration," lecture series, September-October 1994, schedule of lectures, 1 page, printed

1997—Byrd statue, Winchester, dedication program, July 14, 1997, 5 items, 4 pages, printed

BOX 2A—Books

Discovery, by Richard E. Byrd, 1935, G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York
Little America, by Richard E. Byrd, 1930, G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York

BOX 3 

Scrapbook of news articles covering Admiral Byrd’s Expedition to Antarctic, 1928-1930 

MAPCASE 1, DRAWER 17 (Oversized) 

Telegrams between Richard E. Byrd and citizens of Winchester, 1926

Proposed statue rendering

Posters of 50th anniversary, first flight to the South Pole, 2 items, printed

50th anniversary flight to the South Pole—calendar, published by the United States Antarctic Research Program, 1979, 2 items, printed