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Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

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EXTENT: 3.57 linear feet

CREATOR: Affleck, Charles

DATES: 1833-1962

SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection contains a variety of items concerning the Civil War, numismatics, local history and businesses of Winchester-Frederick County, VA dating as far back as the early nineteenth century.

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Charles Affleck was born in Winchester, VA on May 3, 1896. After a career with General Mills in Atlanta, GA he retired to Winchester in 1951. Affleck, a noted expert on Numismatics, was an active member of the Winchester- Frederick County Historical Society and was the driving force in the society obtaining the Civil War diary of Mrs. Mary Greenhow Lee. He died on September 21, 1974, and is buried in Mt. Hebron Cemetery. 

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Quarles, Garland, Some Worthy Lives, Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society, 1988

CITE AS: Charles Affleck Collection, 36 WFCHS, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA.


BOX 1 Civil War A-J

15th New Jersey Regiment Volunteer Veteran’s Association, May 21-25, 1907, 1 booklet, 6 pages, printed

49th Pennsylvania Infantry -- Poll Book, Franklin County, PA, Oct., 1864, 1 booklet, manuscript      

An Act: To provide for election members of a convention and to convene the same, January 14, 1861, 2 pages, printed

Ashby, Turner Camp #22, UCV, Winchester, VA – By laws and rules booklet, 1892, 23 pages, printed

Ashby, Turner Camp #22, Winchester, VA – Miscellaneous Items, unnumbered leaves

Ashby Chapter U.D.C. #54, Winchester, VA – Miscellaneous Items, unnumbered leaves

Baker, Josiah S. – Statement of damages by the Confederate Army, July 23, 1861, 2 pages, manuscript

Battle Reenactment Brochures – First Winchester, May 26-7, 1962, 1 item, printed, Third Winchester, September 19, 1964, 2 items, printed

Brochures, Post Card – Civil War Centennial, 3 items, printed

Civil War – Miscellaneous items, unnumbered leaves

Confederate Bonds and Certificates by C. J. Affleck and D. M. Douglas, 22 pages, printed

Confederate Flags – 7 leaves, printed

Confederate Leaders – Steel Engravings, 14 items, printed

Correspondence to Charles Affleck from R. U. Darby II, October 31, 1960, November 4, 1960, concerning cannon as the property of the City of Winchester, 4 leaves, manuscript/typescript

Davis, Jefferson – unnumbered leaves

The Death of Gen’l Turner Ashby by John W. Martin, July, 1862, 1 leaf, manuscript, 2 leaves, typescript

Proclamation and Correspondence – Confederates States of American, 1861-1863, transcripts of originals, 30 leaves, typescript

Grabill, John H., Diary of, 33rd Virginia Infantry, June 6, 1861-June 6, 1862, 26 leaves, typescript

History of the Ladies Confederate Memorial Association, Winchester, VA, 1865-1904, 6 pages, printed

Immortals, Battles of the Stonewall Brigade, 1861-1865, 2 booklets, 3 pages each, printed

The Iron Horse Goes to War, Comic book, n. d., 7 pages, printed

Jackson, Thomas J. “Stonewall” – Miscellaneous items, unnumbered leaves

BOX 2 Civil War K-Z

McGuire House – 103 North Braddock, 6 leaves, typescript

Memories in Marble, The Story of Front Royal’s four Confederate Monuments by Laura Virginia Hale, 1956, 16 pages, printed

Miss Rutherford’s Scrapbook, History of the Ladies Memorial Association, April, 1924, 12 pages, printed

Montgomery, The Heart of the Confederacy, n. d., no author, 2 pages, printed

New England Veterans of the Shenandoah (Roster), 1883, 3 leaves, printed

News Clipping – unnumbered leaves

Ordinance to Amend the Constitution of Virginia, 1861, 4 leaves, printed

Prison Life During the Rebellion by Fritz Fuzzlebug, 1869, 26 pages, printed

Proclamation and Correspondence, Confederate States of American, 1861-1873, 30 leaves, typescript

 “Some Things for Which the South Did Not Fight” by Henry Tucker Graham, 1946, 7 pages, printed

Syllabus for course on Southern secession, no school, n. d., 11 leaves, printed

Southern Battlefield – On or near the Nashville, Chattanooga, and St. Louis Railroad, n. d., 23 pages, printed

Stonewall Cemetery, Winchester, VA – Address of John T. Morgan, June 6, 1879, 10 pages, printed

Stonewall Cemetery – Flags used on graves, n.d., 2 items

Stonewall Jackson’ Headquarters, Winchester, VA, unnumbered leaves

“Jeb Stuart, a Character Sketch” by H. H. Smith, n. d., 33 pages, printed

“The Things That Endured”, no author, n. d., 8 pages, printed

Virginia Battlefield Brochures from the National Park Service, 2 brochures, printed

Virginia Civil War Commission – Centennial Newsletter, March, 1965, 3 pages, printed

Warren Rifles Museum, Front Royal, VA – Dedication program, June 28, 1959, 2 items, printed

“West Point of the Confederacy” by John S. Wise, 1889, 6 pages, printed

Winchester Currency by Charles Affleck, 7 pages, typescript and printed

Winchester-Frederick County Civil War Commission programs, June 15, 1963, 9 items, printed

Women of the Confederacy Monument brochure, no author, n. d., 1 item, printed

BOX 3 Local History A-Ha

Abram’s Delight – furnishings, 8 leaves, typescript

Address to the Citizens of Frederick County, VA (on liquor traffic), n.d., 3 pages, printed

Affleck, Charles – miscellaneous items, unnumbered leaves

American Flags – 2 items, printed

American Revolution – Recruiting poster (not an original), n.d, 3 leaves, printed 

Apple Blossom Brochures, 1963, 5 items, 1964, 1 item, 1965, 3 items, 1971, 4 items, printed

Association Against the Prohibition Amendment – Second Face-the Facts Conference Dinner Program, Washington, D.C., February 22, 1926, 1 booklet printed

Brown, Stuart – Campaign advertisements, 6 items, printed

Byrd – U. S. Senator Campaign bumper sticker, 1 item, printed

Centenary Reformed Church – Winchester, VA, Easter Service program, March 18, 1894, 2 pages, printed

Chandler Family – 7 leaves, typescript

D.A.R. Handbook, 1935-1936, unnumbered leaves, printed

Diary – 1855, author unknown, 1 booklet, manuscript

Drawings – artist unknown, 2 leaves, manuscript

Drinking Cups – Beck’s Baking Corp. and Browning-Hamilton Company, n. d., 2 items, printed

Election Notice Broadside, 1887 – 1 leaf, printed

Election Tickets, 1877-1889, 6 leaves, printed

Episcopal Female Institute – Programs, printed

Intermediate Soiree, February 27, 1908, 2 pages

Commencement Exercises, June 4. 1902, 2 pages

Explanatory Tour of Historic Shrines and Landmarks in Winchester, Virginia, n.d., 3 items, (2 pages each), printed

Facsimile of (George) Washington’s Accounts From June, 1775 to June 1783, 1841, 1 book, printed

Fort Loudoun Seminary – Miscellaneous items, 6 items

Application for Admission – Virginia Henkel, November 19, 1912, 1 leaf, printed, manuscript

Catalog, 1912-1913, 1 booklet, 70 pages, printed

Receipts – November 15, 1915, May 25, 197, November 20, 1917, November 19, 1919, 4 leaves, printed

Frederick County Road Law, 1884, 8 pages, printed

Glascock Genealogy Notes – 8 leaves, manuscript

Grace Lutheran Church – miscellaneous items, 1917, 1930, 4 items, ,typescript, printed, manuscript

Handley Fund Report, 1918, 77 pages, printed

BOX 4 Local History Hi-R 

Historic Winchester Brochure, n.d., 2 leaves, printed

Historic Winchester and Shenandoah Valley, 1956-1966, 7 items, each item 7 pages, printed

 “Historic Winchester Welcomes You!” prints, 1932 – 10 leaves, printed

“Historic Winchester Welcomes You!” printing plate, L. Neal Woods, 1932, 1 item

“History of the Presbytery of Winchester with Complete Roll of Ministers and Churches”, 1794-1944, 7 pages, printed

Hiram Lodge #21, A.F. & A. M., Account Book, 1846-1859, 1 item, manuscript

Hotel Evans – Menus, 10 items, printed

Hollingsworth Family – 3 items, printed
       Hollingsworth Family Genealogical Chart, 1630-1930
       Valentine Hollingsworth, The Immigrant by Edward W. Couch
       Cartmell History excerpt, 2 leaves

Iron Worker Magazine, Summer, 1955 (contains an article on Winchester), 2 items (16 pages each), printed

Kurtz Family – 3 items,
        “Miss Lucy of Winchester” by Arnold Kriegbaum
         Letter to Miss Lucy from Mrs. C. E. Daniels, June 24 (no year), 1 leaf, manuscript
         Letter to wife and children from husband (all parties unknown,, date unknown), 1  
         page, manuscript (photocopy)

Lutheran Church, Virginia – 8 items, printed

Madison Lodge No. 6, I.O.O.F., Winchester,VA, April 30,1899, 3 pages, printed

Maps of Winchester and surrounding area – 4 items, printed

Message from the President of the United States, 1840, 6 pages, printed

Milestones in West Virginia History, n.d., 1 booklet, 14 pages, printed

Miller, Godfrey Home, 28 South Loudoun Street – Estimate of cost to open and operate Godfrey Miller Home, October 26, 1946, 8 leaves, typescript

Miller, John G. – Act for the relief of John G. Miller, late sheriff of Frederick County, VA, 1866. 1 leaf, manuscript

Miller, John G. – Memo book, 1886-1887, 1 booklet, manuscript and printed

Miller, William S., D.D.S. – 2 items, printed

Miscellaneous Items – Local history, unnumbered leaves

News Clippings – unnumbered leaves

Numismatic Information – unnumbered leaves, printed

BOX 5 Local History O-Z

Parker Lot Company, 4 items, manuscript and typescript

1st Board Meeting Minutes, n.d., 1 booklet, manuscript

Stock Certificate for E. Boling Boyd, June , 1894, 1 leaf, printed

Certificate of Corporation, March 16, 1889, 1 leaf, typescript

Correspondence, June, 9, 1890, 5 leaves, manuscript

Pi Eta Delta Debating Society, May 11, 1883, 2 leaves, 1 envelope, printed

Poetry – various authors, unnumbered leaves, printed

Purcell, Clark H. Campaign, October 21, 1895, 6 leaves, printed

Purcell, John Campaign, 1881, 4 leaves, printed

Rouss Fire Company – brochures and programs, 1916-1964, 19 items, printed

Rustic Tavern – Blank menu, n.d., 1 leaf, printed

Second Virginia Infantry Regiment, United States Volunteers (Spanish-American War), 1898, no author, 16 pages, printed

Sesqui-Centennial Anniversary Celebration of Winchester Presbytery, September 26-27, 1944, 2 pages, printed

School Pamphlets – Massanutten Military Academy, n.d., and Marion Junior College, 1873, 2 pages, printed

School Report Cards, 1836-1905,  – 8 , leaves, printed and manuscript

Nannie Rea, July 1, 1860, Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Powell Female Seminary, 1 leaf

Alfred Henkel, City Public Schools, 1899, 1 leaf

Alfred Henkel, Shenandoah Valley Academy, September, 1905, 1 leaf

 [?] A. Miller, Winchester Academy, 1836, 3 leaves      

Willie Miller, City Pubic Schools, June 13, 1890, 1 leaf

William Dearmont, City Public Schools, June 18, 1892, 1 leaf

Shenandoah Valley and its Approaches, n.d., 68 pages, printed

Shenandoah Valley—miscellaneous items, unnumbered leaves

Shenandoah Valley Academy – Senate Bill 236 (land sale), February 21, 1938, 2 pages, printed

Steck, J. M. – Selective Service Certificate, May 19, 1917, 1 leaf, printed

Taylor, George – Receipt to Dr. Baker for music lessons, October-January, 1868, 1 leaf, manuscript

“To the Public” by A. S. Tidball, 1833, 61 pages, printed

Union Hose Team – article from The Fireman’s Standard, Boston, MA, October 1, 1895, 10 pages, printed

Virginia Highway Marker Booklet, 1929, 111 pages, printed

Virginia History – Miscellaneous items, unnumbered leaves

Virginia State Firemen’s Association – 11th Annual Convention of the July 7-9, 1897, 1 leaf, printed

Washington, George – Miscellaneous tributes, unnumbered leaves, printed

Washington’s Office – unnumbered leaves

White Sulphur Springs – leaf from book by Dr. J. J. Moorman, 1877., 4 pages, printed

Winchester Baseball Club Banquet, September 28, 1908, 1 item, printed

Winchester and Berry’s Ferry Turnpike, Stock Receipt, 1854, 1 leaf, printed

Winchester Bi-Centennial Place Mats, 1952, 8 items, printed

Winchester, VA brochures, n.d., 10 items, printed

Winchester Co-operative Building Association, 1891, 1 booklet, printed

Winchester and the Shenandoah Valley pamphlet, 1888, 30 pages, printed

Winchester-Frederick County Organization, 1960, 5 leaves, printed

Winchester Inn brochures, n.d., 2 items, printed

Winchester-Frederick County Organizations Directory, 1960, 5 leaves, typescript

Winchester Lodge #867 – Banquet Invitation, January 1, 1919, 2 pages, printed

Winchester, VA picture book, 1906, 4 pages, printed

Winchester Police Department Annual Banquet Program, February 20, 1964, 1 item, printed

Winchester and the Shenandoah Valley pamphlet, 1888, 30 pages, printed

Winchester Tire Company, Stock Certificate, 1922, 1 leaf, printed


31st Militia Regiment Muster Fines (1859-1861), includes Sheriff’s belt in the which the muster fine slips were kept, unnumbered leaves, manuscript

BOX 6 Businesses A-Le

Banks notes, paper money, 1959-1900, unnumbered leaves, manuscript and printed

Billheads, Letterheads – unnumbered leaves, manuscript and printed

Billheads, Letterheads – unnumbered leaves, manuscript and printed

Billheads, Letterheads – unnumbered leaves, manuscript and printed

Business Cards – unnumbered leaves, printed

Calling Cards – unnumbered leaves, printed

Calling Cards – unnumbered leaves, printed

Commercial and Savings Bank, Winchester, VA – Notebook (blank), 1937, 1 booklet, printed

Dearmont, Washington -- Insurance Policy, Insurance Company of the Valley of Virginia, June 1, 1867, two leaves, printed

R. G. Dunn and Company, -- Business listing, Winchester, VA, 1891, 2 leaves, manuscript

Henry Print Shop – Labels, unnumbered leaves, printed

Henry Print Shop – Miscellaneous printed items, unnumbered leaves, printed

Invitations, unnumbered leaves, printed

Legal Documents – unnumbered leaves, printed and manuscript

Letters – unnumbered leaves, printed and manuscript 

BOX 7 Business Li-Z

Licenses – 2 leaves, printed

  1. J. Lisman and Company – Railroad bonds, stocks, and other investments book, 1899, 1 booklet, printed

Miller Family Bank Books, 1853-1904, unnumbered leaves, printed and manuscript

  1. F. Miller’s Sons, Druggist, 1894 – Handy Cash Book (blank), 1 item, printed

Miller, Godfrey and Company – Bills, unnumbered leaves, printed and manuscript

Miller, Mathias -- Insurance Policy, Equity Improvement Company of Winchester, VA, September 10, 1892, includes policy, plan of organization booklet, and two payment receipts, 4 items, printed and manuscript

Margaret Miller – Insurance Policy, Mutual Insurance Society of Virginia, December 31, 1852, 2 leaves, printed and manuscript

Miscellaneous Items, -- unnumbered leaves, printed

Plays – Billheads and Broadsides, -- unnumbered leaves, printed

Receipts – unnumbered leaves

Sales Broadsides – unnumbered leaves, printed

Tickets, Admissions – unnumbered leaves, printed

Tickets – Railroad, unnumbered leaves, printed

Toll Gate Receipts – unnumbered leaves, printed

Warning to Water Consumers – Broadside, n.d., 1 leaf, printed

Union Bank of Winchester – Notebook, owned by Dr. W. A. Bell, n.d., 1 booklet, printed and manuscript

Zirkle, William – Insurance Policy from Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia, 1852, 1 page, printed

BOX 8 Printing Stamps

South End Fire Company, 13x8.5x2                                         Old Courthouse, 5x12x2         
Coal Delivery Wagon, 2x5x2                                                    Racing Horse, 2x5.5x2
Confederate $50 Bill, 5.5x12.5x5                                             Horse, 9.5x13x2
One-horse Carriage, 2x5.5x2                                                   Ice Wagon, 2x4x2
Stone Building, 5x6.5x2                                                            Chickens(2), 4x5x2
Horse Drawn Hearse, 2.5x5x2.5                                              Horse, 3x4x2
Horse being shoed, 4x4.5x2                                                     Horse drinking, 4x8x2
Virginia and Confederate Flag, 5.5x5x2                                    Confederate flag, 2x5.5x2.5
Virginia and Confederate Flag, 3x5x2


Miller, Godfrey -- Certificates awarded to him from Winchester Academy, Shenandoah Valley Academy, 1889-1893, 15 leaves, printed and manuscript